Member : SLN

The S.L.N. stands for Scalextric Enthusiasts Netherlands). We are a national club for slot car enthusiasts. At the moment, we are the biggest slot car club in the Netherlands.

Everybody can become a member of the S.L.N., you can do this by filling in the memberships form on the internet site of the S.L.N. and sending it through to the team of the S.L.N. by email.

If you have any questions the team of the S.L.N. is always willingly to try to answer them. So call them or send them an email. We also have a clubshop which is available on the internetsite. And all latest cars produced by the Scalextric brand is shown on the first page of the website of the S.L.N. Also there are references to other clubs and dealers of slot cars and slot items. These are not only focused on the Scalextric brand.

Our goals: