You Can If You Think You Can Normal Vincent Peale s philosophy of positive thinking has had an unprecedented influence on millions of people throughout the world

  • Title: You Can If You Think You Can
  • Author: Norman Vincent Peale
  • ISBN: 9780671765910
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • Normal Vincent Peale s philosophy of positive thinking has had an unprecedented influence on millions of people throughout the world.

    • You Can If You Think You Can - Norman Vincent Peale
      454 Norman Vincent Peale
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    1. Norman Vincent Peale

      Dr Norman Vincent Peale 1898 1993 was a minister and author most notably of The Power of Positive Thinking and a progenitor of the theory of positive thinking.Peale was born in Bowersville, Ohio He graduated from Bellefontaine High School, Bellefontaine, Ohio He has earned degrees at Ohio Wesleyan University where he became a brother of the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta and Boston University School of Theology.Raised as a Methodist and ordained as a Methodist minister in 1922, Peale changed his religious affiliation to the Reformed Church in America in 1932 and began a 52 year tenure as pastor of Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan During that time the church s membership grew from 600 to over 5000, and he became one of New York City s most famous preachers.

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    1. I am an atheist, and admit, I absolutely loved this book authored by a preacher. You can if you think you can is a message I think everyone should have emblazened on their wall, and after having doing so, they should read this book. It is very motivational with a plethora of motivational stories, such as that of Walt Disney. Before reading this marvelous book, I had no idea Walt Disney was living in an old, abandoned garage infested with rats, where he got the idea of Mickey Mouse, after being r [...]

    2. One of the most motivating books I've ever read. Has the potential to change your life. I came into it not expecting much, just rhyming couplet, bumper sticker Christianity. I had far underestimated Peale's impact. Perhaps it's because I had seen Guideposts as being rather too simplistic and two-dimensional in the past. But I've had a mind-shift since the last time I read Guideposts, and I think I'm seeing Peale differently than I would have before. I used to be of the mistaken perspective that [...]

    3. I wasn't disappointed reading this book. It was worth every minute. The writing comes across as personalized and directed at you. The wealth of experiences and testimonies used to convey messages allow for a fast read without losing the message. Some readers may find the numerous encounters narrated distracting, but it really shouldn't be an issue. Three take-homes with this one:1) You can do anything with the right mental and attitudinal habits2) There are infinite resources at your disposal if [...]

    4. I read this book many years ago and after reading this I felt like I could do anything. If anyone ever has a doubt in themselves, read this book! It's amazing!

    5. ~ من خلال قراءتي لكتب التغيير والتطوير الشخصية، للمؤلفين الأمريكين العمالقة، كالمخاضر الأمريكي (زيج زيجلار)، والمحاضر (أنتوني روبنز)، وغيرهم كانوا كثيراً ما يـشيدون بالمحاضر الأمريكي (نورمان فينسنت بيل)، (١٨٩٨-١٩٩٣م)، وأنه أحد أهم الشخصيات التي تُساعد الفرد على التخلص من ال [...]

    6. Norman Vincent Peale is arguably the creator of the positive thinking/motivational genre many years ago. His earlier book, The Power of Positive Thinking, turned me into an instant fan of the teachings and philosophy of this encouraging, positive preacher. You Can if You Think You Can is, obviously, along the same lines, but offers more specific examples and ways to apply them yourself. The classic Peale wit and wisdom is ever present. I return to this book every several months and read it again [...]

    7. This book Turned my life around. Went from being such a negative to a positive person. I didn't realize how much of the way I thought in my mind had an effect on my behaviors, and the way I performed in sports.I played professional baseball at the Double-AA level. Went from striking out a lot to becoming a consistent hitter.Totally Recommend this book!

    8. الكتاب عن كيفية تعامل مع النفس و تثقيفه، عندما تفكر بالاخطاء والعجز .الكاتب يسرد لك قصص عن أشخاص مرو بتجارب ويعطيك بعض النصائح لتحول تغير من نفسك وتفكير بشكل سليم و إيجابي رغم ضروف الذي واجهتها .عموماً أنا استمتعت بقراءت الكتاب لأن اُسلوب الكاتب اكثر واقعيه وروحية .

    9. Didn't make much headway on the paperback so switched to the audio version and that was far more enjoyable! Lots of recurring themes in this book that I've read / learnt from others. What was enjoyable was that its by Dr Peale himself and I always like listening to the actual author as somehow and in this case it energises the book. although the messages are quite familiar I still found the book to be most uplifting and a great tonic whilst running to boost your confidence and strengthen your fo [...]

    10. This is a quaint little book. The author admits right at the outset that he has nothing new to say. Still, the work is not without its plus points. YCIYTIC is basically a collection of anecdotes emphasizing Peale's philosophy of positive thinking. Its not sophisticated or backed by scientific research like present-day motivational books. The book's USP is Peale's sincerity. He clearly believes in what he preaches. The frequent references to religion and faith are a downer though.

    11. Know. Think. Believe. The three principles addressed in this book that are elaborated and emphasized to a great breadth and, width, and depth. "You can if you think you can", though is thusly so important to feeling good now, and attracting all your life's dreams and desires and ultimately manifesting about the reality you have always been hoping for. Have faith, and remember "Quitters never win, and winners never quit." -Norman V. Peale

    12. Wonderful book. I love reading Dr Peale's books as his language is so simple and when you are reading the book you feel like he is next to you and talking to you through the pages whereas some other books I read were so disappointing and felt like the authors were talking at me not talking to me.I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a self-help, body & mind, body & spirit book. Worth every single penny, treat yourself as this is one of the best.

    13. این کتاب را به امید افروختن شعله های شوق و انگیزه زندگی در انسانها و ایجاد این باور که در وجودشان قابلیت هایی ذاتی هست که می توانند از آن برای بهبود زندگی استفاده کنند تحریر کرده ام نورمن وینسنت پیل یکی از کتابهاییکه واقعا به انسان انگیزه میدهد.

    14. I read this growing up, probably why I always have liked self help type books. I've read a couple of Peale's books, and enjoyed them, and they have helped me realize that anything is possible, and nothing is as bad as it seems.

    15. Interesting insight. Great reading. Wonderful suggestions. All the characteristics of a well researched book. I learned many wonderful things that I can and will use to help fulfill my purpose and dreams in life.

    16. NVP will always lift your spirit. For those who "hate" self-help or 'personal growth' books it would be nothing but motivational lines, but the truth is you can find proof of what he says in your own life, over and over. Basics of life.

    17. Tangential and meandering, if this book had a point it was lost in an endless number of stories meant to convey something but which really just made the whole operation seem bloated.Writing and though patterns are also outdated and show a clear lack of connection to modern world

    18. I have become a fan of Norman Vincent Peale. Loved his stories interjected into each chapter to show the power of our thoughts, "You Can if You Think You Can"! It is really that simple!

    19. I read this book in the 90s and it's very inspiring and motivating. From time to time I browse through the pages I high-lighted for a quick boost. Great Writer.

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