Scarlet Moon A Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood The True Face of Love Ruth s grandmother lives in the forest banished there for the evil that the townsfolk believed she practiced But if studying the stars learning about nature and dreaming of fl

  • Title: Scarlet Moon: A Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood
  • Author: Debbie Viguié
  • ISBN: 9780689867163
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
  • The True Face of Love Ruth s grandmother lives in the forest, banished there for the evil that the townsfolk believed she practiced But if studying the stars, learning about nature, and dreaming of flying is evil, then Ruth is guilty of it too Whenever Ruth took food and supplies to her grandmother, she would sit with the old woman for hours, listening and learning.WhThe True Face of LoveRuth s grandmother lives in the forest, banished there for the evil that the townsfolk believed she practiced But if studying the stars, learning about nature, and dreaming of flying is evil, then Ruth is guilty of it too Whenever Ruth took food and supplies to her grandmother, she would sit with the old woman for hours, listening and learning.When she wasn t in the woods, Ruth was learning the trade of her father, a blacksmith, now that her brother would never return from the Crusades.Amidst those dark days, a new man enters Ruth s life William is a noble with a hot temper and a bad name, and he makes her shiver But the young man is prey to his heritage, a curse placed on his family ages ago, and each male of the family has strange blood running in his veins Now Ruth must come face to face with his destiny at Grandma s house

    • Scarlet Moon: A Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood ¦ Debbie Viguié
      194 Debbie Viguié
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    1. Debbie Viguié

      Debbie Vigui is the New York Times Bestselling author of than three dozen novels including the Wicked series co authored with Nancy Holder In addition to her epic dark fantasy work Debbie also writes thrillers including The Psalm 23 Mysteries, the Kiss trilogy, and the Witch Hunt trilogy Debbie also plays a recurring character on the audio drama, Doctor Geek s Laboratory When Debbie isn t busy writing or acting she enjoys spending time with her husband, Scott, visiting theme parks.

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    1. 1.5 stars. I liked Stephan!! I wanted a awesome brother\sister relationship where Stephan helps her figure out what to do about William and is there for her and protective and awesomeBut no. Just kill off the brother and all the potential for greatness. Thanks a lot.So I like the idea of the wolf being a were wolf, or something really similar, but I wish that it would have been more of a mystery to figure out. As it is, you can tell by reading the back cover and by page 3. Real subtle. I wanted [...]

    2. I generally enjoy re-tellings of fairy tales, so was excited to hear about this young adult version of the Red Riding Hood story. I regreat to say, I was wrong. This is your basic Harlequin romance with a werewolf in it. Poor, but feisty young woman meets rich, handsome man and they fall instantly in lust. But wait he has a terrible, deep, dark secret - once a month, he turns into a wolf and rips people's throats out - gasp! But he's so handsome and charming and he bites her lips when he kisses [...]

    3. I loved other books in the Once upon a time series, but this one No just no. Red riding hood is my favorite fairytale, but it is my least favorite fairy tales to read retellings of, Why? Because everyone thinks it is a bright idea to make the wolf love interest!!! ( Author, "Hmm, I am writing a books based on Red Riding Hood, and I need a love interest for Red. Hmmm let me see, There was this woodsman guy, who came in and saved Red and her Grandmother and left without a reward, he just wanted to [...]

    4. 2-6-08Debbie Viguie is an established author with several books under her belt and she is the co-author of a successful book series called Wicked. She has her bachelor of arts degree in creative writing, and she says she has been writing most of her life. Most of her books fall into the fiction/fantasy genre and that is precisely where her book Scarlet Moon can be found. Scarlet Moon, along with her book Midnight Pearls, is part of the 'Once Upon a Time Series' published by Simon Pulse. This is [...]

    5. This is a retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood, a story that I have never really been that found of. However, I actually loved this book! It really brought the whole fairy tale to life, and gave the characters so much more depth. Ruth isn’t your typical girl. She is very pretty, but knows how to fight. She has a love of learning and nature, but works as a blacksmith. William is a great character and you really feel for him and the trails he has to live through. They have great chemistry tog [...]

    6. Hahahaha!!I'm sorry, but this is the second "Little Red Riding Hood" retelling I've read whose synopsis ends with "facing their destiny at Grandmother's house" and I think it is the most hilarious thing ever. When I think of my grandmother's house, I do not envision any "showdowns" happening. Funny stuff. Anyway Scarlet Moon is a really neat retelling of a fairy tale that you don't know much about. Besides the obvious "don't talk to strangers" lesson in "Little Red", we don't know much about the [...]

    7. Once Upon a Time SeriesOkay I'm all for retelling classics but the story and ending seemed soooooo stretched to me! Duke William's family has been werewolves for generations and the secret has been closely guarded. But William meets Ruth (a female blacksmith during the Crusades) and the next day he spills the beans! I would like to think that a dark secret that big would take longer than a couple glances and witty exchanges to come to light, but maybe that's just me. Here's my other pet peeve an [...]

    8. Reviewed onKathryn Cooper Writes I love the Once Upon a Time Fairytales! They are so much fun to read. Some I give 4 stars, and some I give 5. This one was a 5 star book! It was such a fun read.Ruth was so entertaining to read about. She had learned so much in her life. William was so cute. Their relationship was the best. The romance was amazing and took my breath away. There were a few cheesy romance lines, but I loved them.Scarlet Moon was a book I loved! I wished it wasn’t such a short rea [...]

    9. I felt like I was reading someone's fanfiction. Throw together some moderately gory murders, a prince who spends half the novel unclothed running through the forest, a lunatic grandmother, a confusing heroine and several repetitive descriptions and what do you get? Why, Scarlet Moon, of course! The author attempted to set the "horror novel mood" by giving many descriptions of bloody deaths and dark forests, but failed. It was comical. My sisters and I refer to this novel as "The Bloody Moon". If [...]

    10. The story is set during the crusades and centers around Ruth. Ruth's brother and cousin leave to fight shortly after she has been attacked by a wolf with unusual eyes. Without the boys to help RUth's father, the blacksmith, is short handed. Ruth works as his apprentice. Years pass and only her cousin returns from the war, but it has changed him for the worse. Ruth meets the nearby Lord and they fall in love. They have to overcome many challenges to be together, namely the fact that William is th [...]

    11. Okay, so I read more of this than I did Beauty Sleep (part of the Once Upon a Time series), but although it was worthy of 2 stars rather than 1, I still had some serious issues with the development of the story. I loved that Ruth was a blacksmith and her badass Grandmother Giselle, but that was sort of it. When the Wolf was revealed to be [SPOILER] William, to us the reader, it was then revealed to Ruth a few pages afterwards and it felt just like a rehashing of the information we'd just been gi [...]

    12. This is a wonderfully written Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood filled with love and Romance as well as a touch of mystery and some unexpected twists and surprises that will keep you entertained and interested throughout the story. All the characters are very well written as well as all the different relationships that are present throughout the story. I particularly enjoyed reading about the relationship between Ruth and William and seeing how it developed.

    13. 3.5 starsA very intriguing book! From the beginning crazy scene where Ruth got attacked (and nearly killer) by a wolf, to the final scenes were all was revealed about what had caused the murders in the forest, this book held my attention.The one thing that I didn't care all that much for was the romance -- it just seemed to happen a little too quickly. Still, I enjoyed Scarlet Moon and, if you enjoy Fairytale Retellings, I think you might too.

    14. I really liked this retelling of Red Riding Hood. There were no big surprises in it, but I loved the story anyway. There was plenty of romance and passion but it was still a clean love story which was nice. Some of the dialog between the two main characters got a bit cheesy during the romance scenes, but I was able to ignore it. Overall I thought it was a fun, quick read.

    15. Scarlet Moon is probably one of my top three favorites in the "Once Upon a Time Series" of retellings! I love this unique, fresh twist on "Little Red Riding Hood." Don't let the Little Red Riding Hood thing scare youis one is VERY romantic!

    16. This book wasOK. Short and quick read but felt kindah? I didn't have it in me to write a summary because I didn't know what to leave out without making the story sound uneventful. I noticed this is from a series called Once Upon a Time and the tone reminds me very much of the TV series of the same name. Very similar elements. Wolf is a werewolf, Granny knows what's up, and they snuck Peter and the Wolf in this story, like the TV show did.The answers to the stories questions didn't seem complex e [...]

    17. I was going to give it 3 stars because it wasn't really very good. But the end was so ridiculous it dropped to 2 stars. It was really violent and didn't make much sense.It was like the book was accidentally published before all the details which would tie it together and let is make sense could be added. Also the people were complete idiots. *Spoiler Alert* No one, not even the one who could turn into a wolf, recognized that the toothmarks on the victims were made by human teeth and not an anima [...]

    18. The writing was poor, the romance unbelievable, and frankly, it was just too gory for me. "She tasted so sweet." Really? Just yuck. I think after having my mind blown in the first season of the Once Upon a Time TV show (where Red is ALSO THE WOLF !!!!!!!!) I keep hoping for some originality with this fairytale, but it isn't to be here. The wolf is the love interest and, as others before me have said, it just isn't cool. Most of the books in this series I just love, but this goes in the pile of n [...]

    19. This was the trashiest and stupidest Red Riding Hood retelling I have ever read. If you want quality fairy tale retellings, I recommend The Lunar Chronicles.

    20. This was by far my favorite telling of Red Riding Hood (of the 3 I have read). Here is why:- I think the wolf being the romantic interest of Red Riding Hood makes the most sense for the story. I can't really get on board with it being any other way.- I loved the spookiness the woods had to them, like the trees were alive and could speak to Ruth. Thumbs up.- This is a given, but the time period, of course, how it was in its own time and the world the author built for this story was perfection.- T [...]

    21. Total let down. Ruth starts as a super strong character but turns into a total froofroo with William. Really disappointed that her character ends up being so one dimensional. Also the ending was totally forced, like oh yeah I don't want him to be a wolf anymore and so I'm going to make up some bullshit ending with no real basis for why what I'm going to do is going to work but TA DA happy ending, even though it was already happy.

    22. "Scarlet Moon" is a retelling of "Little Red Riding Hood." In terms of historical context, it takes place during one of the crusades (I'm guessing during King Richard the Lionheart's reign, though it's never mentioned). It's about Ruth who is a female blacksmith after her brother has to go to war. When she was a child, she was attacked by a wolf. Years later, she is attacked once again by the same wolf. In the meantime, she falls madly in love with a wealthy man, William, who eventually reveals [...]

    23. The ending is so lame. And the story is actually building towards nothing. We already know the identity of the wolf in the beginning of the book and I actually don't see the point of this story Such a shame, because Red Riding Hood is a great storyso on thedailyprophecy---Oh man, this was disappointing. Red Riding Hood is a great concept, but Viguié didn’t do this tale any justice. The story has no real point; it seemed so useless. We know the identity of the wolf from the beginning (it’s a [...]

    24. Some of these comments are just downright ferocious. I had no problem putting this book down or growing weary with the characters. On the contrary, I enjoyed every second of it! Yes, it was predictable but also unpredictable; it's not so much the destination but more the journey that matters when it comes to books.The story is about Ruth, a young woman living with painful reminders of her past. When she was younger, a wolf attacked her, scarring her legs for life. The memory stayed with her for [...]

    25. This was my second read in the Once Upon a Time series, my first being The Diamond Secret: A Retelling of "Anastasia", and I wasn't particularly impressed by this one.Scarlet Moon's premise was promising - a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood with werewolves, a bit of magic and a heroine that grows up as a female blacksmith against the grain (set during the Crusades, blacksmithing isn't a woman's job).Unfortunately, it failed for me in execution. I predicted most of the major plot surprises, an [...]

    26. Ruth is Little Red Riding Hood. But she's not little. She's been working in her father's blacksmith shop since her brother and cousin left for the Crusades 9 years ago, and she's pretty tough. But because of a wolf bite in the woods 9 years ago, she's always afraid of entering the woods - which she must do to visit Grandmother. Grandmother lives in the forest ever since the local villagers started to think she was a witch because of her interest in herbs and nature.Then she meets Lord William, t [...]

    27. Viguie is not my favorite author in this series by far, but this book is woven so intricately with themes that I cannot help but applaud her. I love books that suck you in, connect you to the characters, surprise you, and leave you thinking.I was very sad to see many reviews quit on this book after a favorite character did not reappear or the romance heated up for less than one PG-13 page total. (He kissed her neck. They both admitted a need for self-control. Oh man, now they're hugging tightly. [...]

    28. I was introduced to this book when I was puttering around the teen section of the library, looking for a graphic novel to devour on the bus ride home. I stopped to talk with one of our Teen Librarians about finding some edible vampire tales for one of my friends that I recommend books to, mainly because I was getting tired of plowing through the candy floss crud that makes up a good chunk of teen literature on my own. When I mentioned my unquenchable thirst for fairy tales, especially re-written [...]

    29. Ruth was attacked by a wolf as a young girl. When her brother goes off to fight the crusades, she takes his place with her father as a blacksmith. If this doesn't make her unusual enough, she likes visiting her grandmother, who lives in the woods because she was banished by the townspeople for being a witch. And then there's the young earl, William, who takes a strong, quick fancy to Ruth despite knowing her for a full five minutes. Yeah, it reads as oddly rushed and disjointed at it sounds.I re [...]

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