Decent Exposure When a nice girl asks twelve men to get naked is it decent exposure or indecent exploitation Emma Tremayne has left her high powered PR job and moved to the Lake District She was expecting to find so

  • Title: Decent Exposure
  • Author: Phillipa Ashley
  • ISBN: 9780755334612
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a nice girl asks twelve men to get naked, is it decent exposure or indecent exploitation Emma Tremayne has left her high powered PR job and moved to the Lake District She was expecting to find some much needed peace and quiet, not to end up cavorting on a hillside with a naked guy Emma thinks she s being community minded when she agrees to help the local mountain reWhen a nice girl asks twelve men to get naked, is it decent exposure or indecent exploitation Emma Tremayne has left her high powered PR job and moved to the Lake District She was expecting to find some much needed peace and quiet, not to end up cavorting on a hillside with a naked guy Emma thinks she s being community minded when she agrees to help the local mountain rescue team put together a tasteful nude calendar in order to fundraise for their new headquarters Unfortunately, quite a lot of the community seems to mind what she s up to Including the extremely handsome Mr July, Will, who appears to have got completely the wrong impression about Emma s intentions So how does she convince him that he s than just Flavour of the Month Sassy, funny and smart, Decent Exposure is a gorgeous read from a sparkling new voice in romantic fiction.

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      261 Phillipa Ashley
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    1. Phillipa Ashley

      Phillipa Ashley is an award winning author of 17 novels under three pen names Her best selling new Cornish Cafe series is available in e book and paperback now.The first in a brand new series Christmas on the Little Cornish Isles the Driftwood Inn was published on September 18th.She also writes the Oxford Blue series as Pippa Croft.

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    1. 2.5 starsRead this for 12 Tasks of the Festive Season:Task the Eighth: The Movie Ticket:- Read a book that has been adapted to a holiday movie.This book was made into the movie 12 Men of Christmas. I caught it on tv a couple years ago and instantly thought of it for this challenge, correctly guessing it started off as a book. This may make me a turncoat but I liked the movie better :/ However, it starred Kristin Chenoweth and had Anna Chlumsky, who I now love from Veep, so it was ahead of the ga [...]

    2. Phillipa Ashley is a funny, entertainingly romantic author that will have readers sighing and believing in love.Let me just start by stating that I love this book. I need to get all of my gushing out of the way. I have nothing but praises to dish out because this is exactly what I expect in my romance books. Dating Mr. December is a wonderfully, well written love story. Emma Tremayne is a PR officer working for the Lake District’s tourist board and her first assignment is to help the mountain [...]

    3. I didn't know that this book had been previously published in the UK and even had a Lifetime movie made based on it called 12 Men of Christmas. It was a delightful surprise to find out since I enjoyed the book and had the pleasure of featuring a guest post by the author just a few days ago.Emma Tremayne starts the story off by trying to convince the local mountain rescue team to do a fund raiser featuring the men in a nude calendar. While most of the crew is ready to give it a go, Will Tennant d [...]

    4. There is such a desolate wasteland for a good Chick Lit book this time of the year, that the timing on this release couldn't have been better. I didn't realize that this book was the inspiration for a Lifetime movie (The Twelve Men of Christmas) until I started to write this review. I kept thinking that this story would make an excellent movie and some one beat me to it! Now, I will have to go track down a copy. It stars Kristin Chenoweth as EJ (Emma) and is set in NYC, but I think the main plot [...]

    5. So this is the book that knocked me out of my Hallmark movie type book phase. The fact that the plot line was painfully predictable wouldn't have been a problem, who is ever shocked by the ending of a Hallmark movie? The writing was clunky, the sentences insulted my intelligence and I got a headache from all of the involuntary eye rolling I couldn't stop myself from doing. I started this book in 2010 but ended it in 2011 and can say it is the worst book I read all year. Even though it is the fir [...]

    6. The writing was almost painfully bad. The characters seemed confused - not just from chapter to chapter, but from page to page and even sentence to sentence. The only reason I even finished this book is because I've been leaving so many books unfinished recently. I felt like I needed to break the streak. ;-)Seriously, don't read this if you are over 18 years old. The mood swings and manufactured drama are just not understandable unless you're still in high school. Unfortunately, it's written abo [...]

    7. The plot - city girl meets rugged and handsome outdoor guy - is sprinkled with twists and misunderstandings which keep you turning the pages. The characters are well-drawn, so you keep rooting for them to sort it all out, although there were moments when I thought 'oh just speak to each other!''Decent Exposure is a light romantic read for a rainy afternoon, with fabulous descriptions of life in a tight-knit Lake District community and a very sexy male lead.The only bit I really disliked was the [...]

    8. 3.5*This was actually better than I expected. The author does a decent job of creating characters with some depth. There was some mis-communication here, but for the most part I thought the misunderstanding had a reasonable foundation. Will's reluctance to talk about his motives or his past were already well-established before Emma arrived on the scene. Emma's inability to trust was understandable given her past history and Will's reputation.

    9. I really enjoy this book!! I have the UK edition (Decent Exposure) and it's a book I pick up and re-read from time to time. So, getting the US edition was a must! It's a fun, sexy read with characters that have lots of heart. It makes me *almost* want to take up abseiling/repelling! (Maybe with Will there with me, that its!)

    10. Author Phillipa Ashley studied English and Literature at Oxford University before working as a journalist and freelance writer. She didn't start writing fiction until 2005 when she joined an internet creative writing site. Other titles include: It Should Have Been Me, Just Say Yes, and Wish You Were Here. She resides in Staffordshire Village in England with her husband and daughter. Emma Tremayne wasn't expecting a move from London to the Lake District, but she had no choice. After a disastrous [...]

    11. I think I would have liked this book a lot more if there weren't regional speech differences creating a chasm of WTF? between me and the characters. I've read plenty of books by authors who don't live in the US and I rarely have a tough time with the vocabulary quirks that come from them living on one continent and me on another. This book got me, though. It got me good.Now, this has nothing to do with the writing style, the plot (which I actually enjoyed. And there weren't even any werewolves. [...]

    12. 3,5Sıkılmadan çabucak okuyacağınız hoş romantik bir komedi. Benim hoşuma gitti kitap özelliklede yazarın ilk çıkan kitabı olduğunu düşünürsek gayet iyiydi.Emma halkla ilişkiler alanında çalışıyor ve Dağcılık kurtarma ekibinin yeni bir merkeze ihtiyacı var ve para bulunması gerekiyor Emma da takvim satma fikrini ortaya atıyor kitabın adındaki ahlaksız teklif burdan ileri gelmiş herhalde takvimin her ayında kurtarmadaki bir erkeğin çıplak işte aletleriyle vs [...]

    13. Got this one at Border's going out of business sale for a little over a dollar. Cover looked fun, book jacket looked moderately interesting, so I got it. Thank goodness I only paid a dollar, because I would not have been pleased if I had paid the full price of $9.99. It started out really slow and didn't get much better although I had some hope for it. It's a classic love tale, you know how it's going to end, and the stuff in the middle isn't really that interesting. There's some sex thrown in, [...]

    14. I chose this book because of the cute Hallmark Movie, 12 Men of Christmas that starred Kristen Chenoweth. Well this is a first for me: I enjoyed the movie much more than I did the book. I got through the book because of the movie. The book was not bad it was actually enjoyable. It was just a little hard to follow sometimes because of the language/slang the author used because the book takes place in the UK. So sometimes I felt a little lost.All in all I enjoyed this romantic Christmas book.

    15. I love nothing better than a good Brit chick lit that I can't put down. It's been eons since one made me disappear from the real world. I loved Emma - like any girl that's been jilted and scared to love again, yet totally vulnerable to it. And Will- he was perfectly written as a true guy with heart. I only wished this book had been longer, Emma and Wills courtship longerI got sad when I realized it was over. I'll probably read it again. And maybe again. I need recommendations of similarly writte [...]

    16. It is extraordinarily difficult writing a review for a RomCom book- because it is, as I mentioned in the last review of Devil Served Tortellini, brainless and pure fluff. That is, not much thought process. Decent Exposure is an archetypal RomCom: protagonists who don't get along, thrown together in an outrageous project, physical sparks fly, some angst thrown in for good measure in between, and a happy ending. It started out funnier but it made way for romantic fluff.

    17. This book is not my taste at all (cheesy romance) but I have time on my hands, and it was free so I read it anyway. It was cute at times and I found myself rooting for the misunderstood Mr. December but the plot lacks any substance aside from the characters longing to have sex and trying to suppress the urgesI guess that's the genre? I don't see the appeal. Throw a murder in there and sign me up!

    18. I gave up on this one after about 50 pages, because . . . no. The point-of-view literally shifted from paragraph to paragraph. Why would that happen? And there would be entire sentences that would make me think "Do I not understand this because it's filled with Britishisms, or do I not understand it because this sequence of words doesn't make any sense at all?"

    19. Sparks fly all over the place in this book. It is set in the Lake District and contains some interesting characters as the cover blurb would suggest. The hero in this book is absolutely wonderful, from everything I read I have ended up with a mental picture of Mr Perfect. But, like everyone, he does have his flaws.A great read for lovers of passionate romance.

    20. Well, I loved this in its UK guise Decent Exposure, and I love it no less with its bright and breezy US cover and new title. It's fun, and it's romantic. Phillipa Ashley has a great ear and eye for her characters, and wanting to know what happened to them kept me engaged. This is an accomplished romantic novel, and as such, strictly for pleasure!

    21. **3.5 starsFun, frothy, precisely the quick British chick lit read I needed. The banter (and early hostility/misunderstanding) between Emma and Will made me think of Liz and Darcy, but with an updated modern vibe. Totally fun.

    22. 2.5 Stars. Emma Tremayne is out of her element but determined to survive. Fired after discovered that her boyfriend was cheating on her with her boss, Emma fled London and everything it meant -- success and a fast-paced job with an elite PR firm -- to the lake district and a job with the tourism board of Bannerdale, the small-town atmosphere a constant reminder of the life she lost. Her most difficult task yet involves the local mountain rescue team, whose base is in desperate need of updates an [...]

    23. As Dating Mr. December opens, Emma Tremayne is trying to convince the local mountain rescue team that a "nudie" calendar - featuring the team members - would be just the fund raiser they need to earn enough money for much-needed renovations to their rescue station. She's got just about everyone convinced, except Will Tennant, one of the senior members of the team. He thinks it will turn their team into a laughingstock. After everyone else on the team votes to do the calendar, Will reluctantly ag [...]

    24. As i am reading Dating Mr. December I realize this sounds a lot like a movie i watched last year on Lifetime, called the 12 Men of Christmas. Boy, whew nothing new in the world huh, so I kept reading, then I'm like no really this is like word for word, "Holy Crap she stole the idea from the movie," then I was like "Holy Crap did she know they stole her book and made it into a t.v. movie." Why yes my loves I love to talk to myself while reading.Then I did some research,because this was too freaky [...]

    25. Dating Mr. DecemberAuthor: Phillipa AshleyCharacters: 3 out of 5Plot: 4 out of 5Overall: 3 out of 5Description: (Author Website) When a nice girl asks twelve men to get naked, it’s sure to cause a scandal…Emma Tremayne leaves her high-powered PR job and moves to the Lake District looking for peace, quiet-and celibacy. So perhaps it’s not the best idea when, in the spirit of “community-mindedness,” she agrees to help the local mountain rescue team fund raise by putting together a “tas [...]

    26. Phillipa Ashley's Dating Mr. December is a classic nice-girl-meets-supposedly-bad-boy storyline, sprinkling in a few new details for flavor. Will is broody and difficult, but also devastatingly handsome and charismatic; Emma is serious and hurt -- a bit timid from her recent heartbreak -- but also wildly attracted to Will. It's a recipe for . . . well, not disaster. But entertaining foibles, sure.Going into the novel, I'll admit I was expecting something a little more holiday themed. Will is "Mr [...]

    27. Let's say this upfront: This is not a Christmas book. It doesn't even take place anywhere near Christmas (I think in the middle of the book it's May). The title and cover are misleading; I mean, I understand that the main male character IS Mr. December, but that has absolutely no bearing on the rest of the book. So. With that said, this wasn't a bad chick-lit/romance novel. I enjoyed it more than most, until closer to the end when it got extremely sappy. That is when the woman and the man are bo [...]

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