The Second Ship For sixty years the National Laboratory in Los Alamos New Mexico has been investigating the powerful technologies of a damaged alien ship an effort dubbed the Rho Project Now the American governm

  • Title: The Second Ship
  • Author: Richard Phillips
  • ISBN: 9780981546261
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • For sixty years, the National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, has been investigating the powerful technologies of a damaged alien ship, an effort dubbed the Rho Project Now, the American government is ready to share the Rho Project discoveries with the world But as the world scrambles to adopt the alien technologies, three high schoolers make another shocking discoFor sixty years, the National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, has been investigating the powerful technologies of a damaged alien ship, an effort dubbed the Rho Project Now, the American government is ready to share the Rho Project discoveries with the world But as the world scrambles to adopt the alien technologies, three high schoolers make another shocking discovery hidden inside a cave in the New Mexico wilderness lies another alien ship As the friends explore the second ship, they begin to unravel a decades long secret involving an extraterrestrial war, government cover ups, and secret experimentation using alien technology on humans A battle has begun, and the secrets of the second ship may be the key to humanity s last chance for survival.

    • The Second Ship by Richard Phillips
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    1. Richard Phillips

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.Richard Phillips is a ex Army Officer, graduate from West Point, and has a Master of Science degree in Physics from the Naval Post Graduate School He was a researcher at Lawrence Liver and Los Alamos National Laboratories for the U.S military, before becoming a full time writer.

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    1. I'm bailing on this. I feel like I'm in Pleasantville - these kids do not act like kids. They don't talk like kids, they don't interact like kids, they are just 1950s paper dolls doing wholesome things. And no matter how good the science supposedly is later in the book, I CANNOT deal with really horrible characterization. You know those kids in school who were so weirdly Mayberry that you actually avoided them because they kind of weirded you out a bit? Yeah. I don't want to spend a book (never [...]

    2. To Readers who adored this book: I apologize for rating this book so low and disliking it. I'm the wrong audience even though I frequently read teen and YA books. I'm a retired old lady, so don't mind me. Move along.As for the rest of the readers who attempted this book and who also rated it low, this is why I disliked it:This is the most boring book I've picked up since college 20 years ago. I haven't experience writing so blankly functional since I was learning to read. The jokes that had Jenn [...]

    3. Gah. The book was fairly hard for me to get into until the last 30 or so pages. Then I couldn't tear through it fast enough. Alas, the rest is awaiting in two sequels. One major thing I enjoyed: the incredible intelligence of the two girls and boy. Love computer science and math genius girls!

    4. A slightly clumsy, but ultimately interesting SciFi entry. There were several times when I was screaming to myself, "Where is this author's editor, and why was this not edited????" when the text showed weird phrases being used repeatedly or when there was a really long, awkward metaphor going on that should have been pared down or cut out entirely. Also, there was way too much "Nerd vs. Jock" stuff going on, which shows the age of the author and how he doesn't understand that there has been a pa [...]

    5. The dialog felt like something out of an 80s after-school special.People in 2012 don't talk like they do in this book, and I found that to be a huge distraction.So it's sort of this innocent "kids find a space ship" story, but then there's lots of secret agent-types moving around, people talking all old-tymeyd then, out of nowhere, rape scene!Then we're back to teenagers talking about basketball games and backyard BBQs in this weird throwback dialog.It's just totally bizarre and it made me wish [...]

    6. Exceptional first book in the Rho Agenda series! I was grabbed in the Prologue and wasn't let go. Great reading for young people, sci-fi buffs and UFO fans, amazing yet made plausible, some perhaps even probable, BUT you do not have to be a fan of sci-fi to thoroughly enjoy this book, it covers so many genres. Richard Phillips is an author to be reckoned with, absolutely incredible. He knows exactly what he is saying and knows how to say it.For those readers who are UFOnauts, it all begins in Gr [...]

    7. Writing is not for everyone. In recent years, I've abandoned my snobbish tastes in reading to read more thrillers as often that's about all I have the available concentration for during the brief time I have to read before falling asleep. I keep running again and again into these thrillers that have fairly interesting premises with terrible execution (either poorly plotted or overly simplistic). Given the author's bio, I would expect much more than what you end up with. I just wish some of these [...]

    8. The Second Ship is a bizarre pastiche of "Golden Age"-style science fiction writing (think 1950's b-movie dialog and equally hollow characterizations), pulp-novel action heroes (think Don Pendleton), and semi-modern science (think semi-modern science). It reads like Young Adult fiction until you hit the occasional rape or beheading.Still, how bad could it be if I got through it and decided to purchase the sequel to see what would happen next? I lost count of the number of times I thought to myse [...]

    9. No one talks like this. It reads like it was written by a child with a thesaurus. Maybe it was, I don't know. Or possibly by a machine using some kind of algorithm. If either was true I'd give it more stars, but I can only assume this was written by a human adult person, in which case, Nope.

    10. This book reads like Encyclopedia Brown meets Nancy Drew times two.The technology is fascinating and well-fleshed out. The concepts are fantastic (though some we have seen before) Where this novel loses so many points is in the actual writing.Trite and cliché, the book plods along with the feeling that the reader is reading a high-tech novel for teens. They aren't going to get the tech, but the dialogue panders to the lowest common denominator.I do not think this was the intent, but I also do n [...]

    11. Sometimes I confuse high visibility of a book for quality. This series kept popping up on and blogs which inspired me to purchase the whole series when they went on sale. The basic premise sounded intriguing and I was ready for another science fiction series. Where to begin with the problems in this book. Trite, obvious, and tired dialog that seemed to lack any sense of originality and showcases a very weak command of storytelling. Often it read like a pre-teen book from the 80s and nothing abo [...]

    12. 3 stars might be a bit generous but I can't say that I got no pleasure from this book. it moved along okay no stuttering and stalling although at times the juvenile nature of it made me unsure if I was reading a book about kids for kids or something aimed at a different audience. The goody goody wholesome Waltons style family thing didn't bother me at all, I presume people like this still exist even though to a lot of readers it appears to be a bigger fiction than the actual subject matter. Anyw [...]

    13. Couldn't get into this book for one glaring reason that somehow everyone else has missed the main antagonist is called Donald r Stephenson!!! If I was Stephen r Donaldson I would be trying to find this Richard Phillips bloke and pimp slap him all over the floor. My guess is Phillips read the gap series ( best sci-fi ever! ) and saw this as some kind of misguided homage to a far superior author. The writing is childish, the characters one dimensional. I want my three bucks back!

    14. I have a new favorite author. Not only did Richard Phillips come up with an engaging plot, he used a wide range of different points of view that did not sound forced, even when switching from a middle aged NSA agent to a teenage girl to a crazy man in the dessert. The main characters of the story were teenagers, and they acted like it, but not in an annoying way. What really sold me was the science. I love science fiction novels, but I get fed up with poorly described science or "scientific theo [...]

    15. As I read this book I was projecting ratings from 2 stars to 5. I decided on three and I do recommend the book. It being the first of a trilogy that I haven't read (but plan too) I will say it got off to a good start.What was most negative to me was the quality of writing in the first half of the book. Characters seemed so plastic and the over all feel of the book reminded me of a b rate movie. But it improved as the story developed . This is one of those books that you may want to put down, but [...]

    16. The Audiobook has a good narrator and the story moves quickly, so if this is your cuppa, give it a shot. Typically, I rate abandoned books as ones, but here it is my personal bias that makes for a DNF. I don't care for Universal Point of View head hopping, or a large modern cast. The only authors that can get those past have been King and Crichton. Happy listening.

    17. After reading around fifty pages of The Second Ship, I came to realize that it was less a novel than a collection of clichés done up to look like a novel. One can only cringe so many times per page before throwing in the towel.

    18. 1,5 SterneStarker Einstieg, leider bleibt mir die Geschichte aber hauptsächlich durch einen holprigen Schreibstil, oftmals unecht und gezwungen wirkende Dialoge, blasse und nervige Charaktere und eine Handlung, die einfach nicht an Fahrt aufnehmen wollte und bestenfalls kurzzeitig interessant war, in Erinnerung. Werde die Reihe mit Sicherheit nicht weiter verfolgen.

    19. In all the mentions of this novel and peripheral encounters I had with it prior to reading, it somehow eluded me that it’s what I would consider ‘YA’ material- the polarizing Young Adult label that either terrifies or ensnares readers in droves. Fortunately, it is undoubtably SF as well, and carries the theme of danger lying in wait alongside graciously given gift-horses. As stated in the publisher’s jacket summary, it is about the recovery of alien technology from crash-landed UFOs. The [...]

    20. We’ve all heard theories about what may or may not have happened at Rosewell, New Mexico in 1948. Some believe the remnants of an alien ship from that incident have been keep secret by the government. What almost no one knows is that after Rosewell, there was another event and another ship. This time though, the government managed to completely contain the rumours. Sixty years later, three teenagers find and explore the craft. Even today, the alien technology is far beyond our comprehension. I [...]

    21. If you like GOOD science fiction you will like this series. The character development was outstanding. You knew who they were, what they cared about and just enough twists in their characters to be believable. The story was well defined and escalated at the appropriate pace to keep you engaged and wondering - where is he taking me next? The plot line for the trilogy was well thought and progressed from one book to the next as it should. If I hadn't bought all three at once and just read the firs [...]

    22. There seem to be quite a few negative reviews this book on GR. As is often the case , I instead found this book entertaining. I haven't read much YA fiction in a while but this was a well written story, without the usual whining teenaged that many YA novels seem to have. The author clearly used The Tommyknockers as a jumping off point for the plot, but I enjoyed the direction the story took. I can see how this isn't a book for everyone, but the world would be a pretty boring place if we all like [...]

    23. This book was very slow going. I love how smart the main characters are but the book didn't get really interesting until the last 20% of the book. Don't think i'll be reading the rest of the books in the series.

    24. A great idea for a novel! Not only did one alien spacecraft crash on Earth near Roswell, a second ship crashed as well. The second ship came to rest in a cave and set up a camoflauged barrier that has prevented it from being discovered. Until now. Three teenaged friends accidentally discover the ship and discover a way to "link" to the ship through mysterious headbands they find inside. The three friends soon begin to develop strange powers.Meanwhile, at the first ship, a scientist has finally m [...]

    25. The Second Ship by Richard Phillips is the first book in the Rho Agenda. As it was sent unsolicited and as it has such strong Christian undertones, I wasn't expecting to like it. Despite those two hits against it before I even opened the book, the first novel is pretty good.The book follows three teens, Jennifer, Heather and Mark, who find a ship crashed in the hills just outside of the National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico. After their initial encounter the begin to bond with the ship a [...]

    26. My rating would probably be 3 1/2 stars rather than 4 if i could give that score, but this is certainly an enjoyable book. The premise - no surprise from the title - is that there was a second ship at Roswell, one that wasn't discovered.The science is generally pretty "hard", meaning that most of it is theoretically possible, even if much of it is well beyond our current capabilities. There were a few times when my suspension of disbelief was stretched, but not too many. The plot mostly moves al [...]

    27. While the book did seem to drag at some points and there seemed to be a lot packed into this first book I am totally hooked on the series. Brother and sister, Mark and Jennifer, along with their best friend Heather discover an alien ship and after experimenting with the technology they start to develop all sorts of special abilities. So while at first a lot of what they seem able to do seems unbelievable for teenagers you will quickly get sucked into their adventures as they try to warn the NSA [...]

    28. Putting forth a recommendation for Second Ship by Richard Phillips. It is the first book of the Rho Agenda and it rocks. I am still trying to decide who's writing it most reminds me of and I am going to having go with a mix of Robert Hienlien, Dean Koontz, and Tom Clancy. It is a mix of hard science fiction, YA, spy-action, and intrigue. It is set in Northern New Mexico which is a part of the world I am familiar with, having lived there a few years. Richard Phillips has written the area well, ev [...]

    29. Picked this up for free as part of the Kindle owner's library. It's a quick, easy read. It's a new take on the "spaceship in Roswell, NM" story in which three teenagers find a second ship that seems to have had some quarrel with the one the government's been hiding all these years.Is it any good? It's really readable, it's fast-paced. But it's got some really tired prose[the attacker] was good, but not good enough.And the characters are pretty one-dimensional -- they're either perfect saints or [...]

    30. I've seen a lot of reviews that say it's geared for Teen or YA, but being in my mid forties I enjoyed it. It seems that if a story isn't "Gritty" or "Dark" then some people think it must be for teenagers. I don't agree. I guess I'm more of the Star Trek mindset where a Sci-Fi story can have fun and include happy people. While at times the story is a bit Juvenal (it does center around teenagers,) there are other times where the story involves killing with some blood and gore described. There's ta [...]

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