Runner In a crumbling futuristic society Earth is only a myth the technological advances of centuries have faded into distant memory and space travel depends on a fleet of run down unreliable ships Only

  • Title: Runner
  • Author: William C. Dietz
  • ISBN: 9780441014095
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a crumbling futuristic society, Earth is only a myth, the technological advances of centuries have faded into distant memory, and space travel depends on a fleet of run down, unreliable ships Only the brave or foolhardy undertake such risky journeys The brave, the foolhardy and the runners Jak Rebo is one such runner, whose current job is to deliver a future religiIn a crumbling futuristic society, Earth is only a myth, the technological advances of centuries have faded into distant memory, and space travel depends on a fleet of run down, unreliable ships Only the brave or foolhardy undertake such risky journeys The brave, the foolhardy and the runners Jak Rebo is one such runner, whose current job is to deliver a future religious leader to his people, while avoiding assassins If that s not enough, he gets involved with a very beautiful woman who holds the secret to instantaneous travel between star systems a secret that some would kill for.With death waiting at every port, Jak soon realizes that this time he is running for his life

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    About "William C. Dietz"

    1. William C. Dietz

      William Corey Dietz grew up in the Seattle area, spent time with the Navy and Marine Corps as a corpsman, graduated from the University of Washington and worked as a surgical technician, college instructor, and news writer Later he worked for US West in a number of different marketing communications and public relations related positions, before leaving to accept a job as Director of Public Relations and Marketing for international telephone company edge2net Dietz has been a full time writer since 2002.Among the works from Dietz is also the novel adaptation of the highly rated computer and video game Halo the book was titled The Flood and released in 2003.Dietz and his wife Marjorie live near the city of Gig Harbor in Washington State.

    800 thoughts on “Runner”

    1. An enjoyable action-adventure sci-fi novel situated in a post-intergalactic period where folks live in an increasingly medieval society where some of the technology still works but nobody can fix it. Otherwise more of an intrigue/spy/escape from the establishment novel centered around a courier delivering a young man to another world and the escapades trying to get past all the various folks trying to catch them. Good character development and a fun page-turner of a read for those that enjoy thi [...]

    2. A bit of a hidden gem. Good characters are lightly traced here, but its entirely forgivable since they only serve as pleasant vehicles for the real star: a hi-tech future skidding irretrievably into barbarism. Managing to parse fantasy and cyberpunk (with a well crafted Buddhism in space plot) the Author packages the potentially lumbering affair into an interesting blend of one part action, one part internecine religious warfare and one part societal commentary on progress; and surprisingly it w [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book. It was pretty much non-stop action and fairly exciting. Hard to put down.In the distant future, universal technology has crumbled, leaving humankind to exist in a kind of medieval/20th century existence, minus any real technology -- with the exception of a series of rapidly decreasing star ships that go from planet to planet, transporting what people they can, as they were programmed to do hundreds of years ago. It's a bit of a bizarre premise, but if you can accept i [...]

    4. In the far future, mankind has spread throughout the galaxy, via a system of portals between star systems. Now their location has been forgotten, so mankind is reverting back to a state where magic becomes very important, and each star system is on its own. The little interstellar travel that is left is handled by a rapidly diminishing fleet of aging ships. Only the brave, the foolhardy or professional couriers called runners make such journeys.Jak Rebo's mission is to deliver a young boy to a f [...]

    5. I haven't found a good book to read in awhile, so when I started reading this book I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. I like Dietz's style. The plot was sufficient to capture my attention and there was an appropriate amount of time spent describing the setting, not too much, but enough to allow me to visualize it. Set in a war torn futuristic universe featuring interplanetary travel, western type outlaws, and a religious overtone. Overall a fun read.The one thing I would have [...]

    6. Things seemed promising at the beginning. By the halfway point I started to wonder where the story was going. I persevered to the end, and was sorely disappointed. The story just ended when there was nothing else to say. There were no interesting revelations, and very little character ore relationship development. Blah.

    7. Okay, so this book is definitely not a bad read, it's quite the opposite. It's really something that draws you in and makes you use your imagination. Star 1 goes to writing style: It was pleasant, humorous at moments, and just very in tune with the characters. I thought it was descriptive and just was good. I can't really critique anything about it. Star 2 goes to characters: These people I mean, we have the usual, no? I had just finished reading another story where we have a ten year old charac [...]

    8. Runner, William Dietz (2)While I found nothing wrong with this book, it really does not stand out to me as a notable Sci-Fi story. All the words I associate with it are milquetoast: e.g. fine, ok, all right. There was one interesting concept – the idea that the technology in space ships had devolved and degenerated to such a point that the advanced machines could no longer be fixed and that travel between planets was oddly risky. The ‘runner’ of the title is the main character. He is part [...]

    9. Well imagined universe, but plodding and lacking something to bring it above an average rating for me. The book tends to tell rather than show. The various planets, the AI machines, the societies presented are rushed through and left me feeling that there was so much more beneath the surface. There are two main plot threads: 1) the quest to get a potential reincarnation of a holy man to a sacred city, 2) the need to escape the techno society who is seeking to use the knowledge of one of the char [...]

    10. Rebo, a professional courier, undertakes to deliver a lad who just might be the reincarnation of a great religious teacher to his sect's headquarters for evaluation. Along the way he picks up companions--notably a genetically altered woman who can perceive auras and speak with the dead--and both human and robotic pursuers in the course of practically nonstop ambushes, chases and escapes. Though this seemed a little long, that may just be because I read it in surges.but it features an engaging en [...]

    11. Genre: Science Fiction (space opera)A fast-paced action-adventure set in the crumbling remains of a star-spanning technological society. The hero is Jak Rebo, a sort of cross between James Bond and a post-man, the heroine is Lonni Narr a "sensitive" (i.e. a person with telepathic and telekinetic abilities that can see/communicate with the dead). The goal is to deliver this kid, Lee, to one of the core worlds where he will/should/might be recognized as the reincarnation of a big-name religious fi [...]

    12. I am writing this review over 2 years since reading the book so don't believe a word I say. Feb 26, just over two years later, I discovered a sequel "Logos Run" and devoured it. If you've read my review of "The Two Moons" then you may get the sense that Dietz, is first a scientist and second a science-fiction writer, that's just not true. He is science-fiction much like Asimov and enthralling from his scientific exploration to his activating of those utilizing his creations. More Dietz is defini [...]

    13. I don't love sci-fi as a genre, generally, but I came across this book for $1 at my local used bookstore, and thought I would give it a shot. It was imaginative (which I love), beautifully descriptive (another positive), and didn't get bogged down in the details. The dialogue was a bit stilted (seems to be a theme in everything I've read recently), but the story was enjoyable nonetheless. I haven't yet decided if I'll read the next books in the series, although I do feel somewhat driven to find [...]

    14. Summary: Really enjoyable SF caper, lots of interesting worlds, the plot is a little contrived, but well thought out and flows along nicely. There are a few things that simply don't work, but these are forgiveablePlotline: Good plot following the lives of 4 linked individuals and their dash across the galaxyPremise: This is the best part of the book, failing space ships, stargates and humanity fallen far below their past achievementsWriting: Simple, characteristic, engagingEnding: Oh yes, plenty [...]

    15. Strangely enough not as good as the second book (which I read first) and the manner in which the 'who is the real 'Nom Ma' question was finally dealt with wasn't very satisfying.This is basically a book about a couple of people trying to get from A to B while being chased by several groups and that may not sound too interesting/original but Dietz presents us with a very interesting world that's steampunky in nature with the supernatural woven into it as well.I will definitely read some more of D [...]

    16. A straight-forward story set in a universe built from elements based on Buddhist theology. Although there are some interesting ideas here, the writing is workmanlike, and certain aspects of the author's worldbuilding aren't very convincing. Characters are stock and fairly shallow. I was not impressed, obviously. Perhaps Dietz's military sci-fi is better.

    17. A fantastic sci-fi adventure that takes place thousands of years in the future, but doesn't get bogged down by trying to impress the reader with the technological advances in society. Quite the opposite, in fact. At any rate, a fun read and I'm already reading the sequel

    18. I would give this a 3 1/2 stars if I could. There are 2 main story lines and the more interesting one was not resloved.ough it looks like there is a sequel. Great imagining though of what happens to technology when men forget how to maintain it.

    19. Man, this book is super-fun! It won't make you think, but it's the equivalent of an awesome summer blockbuster. . . It does lean on a few tropes, but on the whole it's quite enjoyable! I recommend highly for a fun book!

    20. This is fantasy dressed up as science fiction. Hero gets loaded with quest; adds companions and magical objects along the way; kills baddies; achieves quest.

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