In The Spotlight A Rockstar Romance Sky Erikson twenty one year old goody goody finally leaves her cruel life behind her and move in with her older sister Lake the only other person who knows the hell she lived in She knew her sister

  • Title: In The Spotlight: A Rockstar Romance
  • Author: J.L. Ostle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sky Erikson, twenty one year old goody, goody finally leaves her cruel life behind her and move in with her older sister Lake, the only other person who knows the hell she lived in She knew her sister lived with a couple of guys from a band she manages Risen Knights, but when she accidentally meets Dominic, the lead guitarist of the band well like meeting him whenSky Erikson, twenty one year old goody, goody finally leaves her cruel life behind her and move in with her older sister Lake, the only other person who knows the hell she lived in She knew her sister lived with a couple of guys from a band she manages Risen Knights, but when she accidentally meets Dominic, the lead guitarist of the band well like meeting him when being on all fours with her ass in the air, she wasn t expecting to feel this electric pull towards him Dominic is a player, but when he meets her in his kitchen on the floor, her tight ass in front of his face he knew he wanted her, but finding out she is Lake s younger sister was one thing, but finding out she is a virgin is another Dominic only has one rule and that s never to sleep with a virgin He tries to keep his distance but after their lead singer doesn t show up to a gig, Sky takes her spot, in doing so he starts to see her in a new light Seeing a side to her he never expected Now being spotted and offered an opportunity of a lifetime, the catch being Sky has to be their new lead singer Life as a rock star wasn t in her plans but how could she say no Now having life in the spotlight, feelings get stronger, new people trying to pull them a part, the past waiting to destroy it all New adult contemporary romance with mature content Recommended for 17 due to mature language and adult situations.

    • In The Spotlight: A Rockstar Romance : J.L. Ostle
      174 J.L. Ostle
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    1. J.L. Ostle

      J.L Ostle was born in Antrim, Northern Ireland, now living in Carlisle, England J.L Ostle is a full time mother looking after her cute, active little boy When she she hasn t got her head stuck in a book or writing, she s watching movies, or doing activities with her friends and their children

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    1. Disgusting manwhore.Heroine saw him with OWs, even witnessed as OW gave him bj.What a girl/woman would wanna be with such as*hole?Disrespectful toward female gender.

    2. I rarely get to the end of a book that I don't like and therefore I don't rate it, especially if I didn't read at least 60% of it. But this one I finished and I don't like my rating but I try to be honest with my reviews and therefore the one star.The book didn't start bad. At the beginning I thought this will be a 3stars-rating, but towards the end there were more and more things that annoyed me:- The heroine is uber naive (borderline to stupid). - There was too much "whoring" around by H and h [...]

    3. 3.5 StarsI just can't resist a rock star romance. So when I saw this book and its synopsis, I knew I had to read this.It started out really good. I love the 'forbidden' kinda love stories. But it really wasn't like what I expected. In the middle of the story I found it pretty boring. The heroine, Sky was too naïve.And then there were her crazy and controlling parents. God seriously they were psychos! Who the fuck made their own blood like a sex slave?!They really pissed me off!The ending was go [...]

    4. I have been reading J.L. Ostle books since her very first book came out and In the Spotlight was actually the best book that she has written so far. Once you open the first page and start reading you will not be able to stop till the very last page. Sky Emeraldson is shy, quiet and keeps to herself but she is ready to be more independent at twenty-one. She is on her way to go live with her sister,Lake. Where she will finally be away from her controlling parents and the hell she lived in. When sh [...]

    5. Yes!! I loved this book! I read a lot so my standards are set pretty high. Ms. Ostle went far and beyond those! I was sucked into this book and couldn't put it down. There was an element of suspense throughout the entire story, which I wasn't expecting! Sky is a timid, shy girl who is innocent and learning how to live her life. So whenever she moves in with her sister things get interesting for Sky. She is thrown into the middle of an up and coming rock band. Not only is she living with her sist [...]

    6. I must admit I have a soft spot for rock star romances. There is just something about them and J.L. Ostle truly captured this in this book for me. In The Spotlight was my first J.L. Ostle book and I can say it will not be my last. Wanting a fresh start, Sky Erikson, decides to move forward. Step one is moving in with her sister. What she did not expect? Little does she know her sister has some very interesting roommates! When she meets Dominic, the lead singer of the band her sister manages, she [...]

    7. 1 Stars. So I knew going in that the author was overly descriptive and spent most of the story telling vs showing. I was also wiling to put up with the some of the other story snags readers complained about. I thought I could put up with it because I really liked the description. I was wrong. I didn't make it past the first chapter. I might have survived longer but I just read another book when the author did the same thing. Set up a scene don't describe things to death. Part of reading is using [...]

    8. J. L. Ostle has outdone herself again, right from the start i was hooked, i found that i couldnt put the book down and honestly i didnt want to either.Dominic is a bad boy but that is all part of his charm, if i met him i definitely wouldnt be turning him away. I also love how she managed to get one of my favourite actors and two of my favourite programmes in there making it seem like it was designed just for me.Thank you for another brilliant read and i look forward to your next endevour.

    9. Rock me softly !!!I love a good rock and roll love story and Sky and Dominic's story doesn't disappoint. Their story is sweet and lacks the usual sexual down and dirty details but, is still captivating. The good girl, bad boy rocker theme has been used to death but, Ms Ostle has found a way to breathe life into this over used theme. This book leaned more towards PG 13 but, if you are looking for a well told story, then this is the book for you. Great Read!!!!

    10. This story has an interesting storyline and a diverse cast of characters. Sky is a shy girl who gets the chance of a lifetime when she becomes the lead singer of the Risen Knights. Dominic is the lead guitarist who just can't stay away from her. An enjoyable book that you won't be able to put down.

    11. first time reading anything by this author. I enjoyed the book. sky and Dominic had great chemistry. I wished would have been about them a little more,her wasting time with Jensen is where I lost interest. when she was with him there wasn't much about the band or Dominic. the abuse part was sad that her parents took advantage of them the way they did. decent read.

    12. Awesome bookGreat book. really enjoyed reading it. good storyline and characters. I like the flow of the book. the growth of the characters. and of course the happy ever after. definitely recommending

    13. Mix the rock star lifestyle with a girl who has been kept from the world as we know it and you'll get an experience you'll never forget. Sky's is sweet and naive. But will life in the fast lane be too fast for her to enjoy the ride? Or will she embrace all that she's experiencing?

    14. Great quick read Control, that is what Sky and Lakes life was made of. Once they discovered life on the outside they bloomed. Great, crazy kind of story with love and living in the spotlight.

    15. Miss Ostle outdid herself with this one. I loved it and couldn't put it away. Even when finished I'm still thinking about it.

    16. OMGI couldn't put the book down! Sky is amazing. I fell in love with Dominic. He is my hero. If your looking for a great read this is the book you want.

    17. Really enjoyedThis hooked me from the very beginning. It was very well written with good character dialogue that kept you reading. Well done

    18. Really wanted moreFantastic read love it. Would of loved to have read more about sky and Dominic. Definitely recommend. Would love to read a book about the other band members.

    19. Great bookThis was my first book by this author. Well written and I really liked it. Just thought the ending was a little rushed. Would recommend.

    20. Rock star romance with heart. I fell in love with each character. The choices Sky had to struggle through were so rough. Wish the story would continue on!

    21. I give this book a 4.5. I'm a little shocked by the reviews that claim the writing is "mediocre." They're so wrong! This is a style different from the "old" romances. It's more what I consider the "new adult style." More popular with a generation raised on computers, movies and TV. I find it very immediate and brings me right into the story.Really loved Skye and her struggles. Loved Dominic and all the supporting characters. I have to agree with the other comments, though, that having Skye and D [...]

    22. absolutely loved this storyWow where do i begin, Sky's story gave me so many emotions. J. L Ostle did excellent with story. I don't like being a spoiler but I can say this is a must read

    23. I like the idea behind this but I could not connect with the main characters. h was not consistent at all and ranged from scared and submissive to completely crazy and no boundaries. H was not really any better and was so immature and not assertive at all.

    24. AwesomeI completely fell in love with the characters I wanted more this book could become a series it's that's good. Other than wanting more the book was perfection.

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