Fatal The darkest secrets lie just beneath the surfaceJohn Lescroart bestselling author of the Dismas Hardy series returns with a gripping one off thriller about a deadly love affair that will enthral fan

  • Title: Fatal
  • Author: John Lescroart
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  • The darkest secrets lie just beneath the surfaceJohn Lescroart, bestselling author of the Dismas Hardy series, returns with a gripping one off thriller about a deadly love affair that will enthral fans of Linwood Barclay and Harlan Coben.Kate is happily married to Ron with two children and a beautiful home in San Francisco But everything changes when Kate meets Peter.The darkest secrets lie just beneath the surfaceJohn Lescroart, bestselling author of the Dismas Hardy series, returns with a gripping one off thriller about a deadly love affair that will enthral fans of Linwood Barclay and Harlan Coben.Kate is happily married to Ron with two children and a beautiful home in San Francisco But everything changes when Kate meets Peter What begins as a passing fancy develops into a dangerous obsession and one intense, passionate encounter Confident that life can go back to normal, Kate never considers that Peter may not be so willing to move on Until a masked man fires a weapon into the crowd of a caf that Kate is in with her best friend This tragedy is just the first in a series of horrifying events that will show exactly how fatal the consequences of one mistake can be

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    1. John Lescroart

      John Lescroart born January 14, 1948 is an American author best known for two series of legal and crime thriller novels featuring the characters Dismas Hardy and Abe Glitsky.Lescroart was born in Houston, Texas, and graduated from Jun pero Serra High School, San Mateo, California Class of 1966 He then went on to earn a B.A in English with Honors at UC Berkeley in 1970 In addition to his novels, Lescroart has written several screenplays.

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    1. When Kate cheats on her husband, she only meant it to be a one time thing. However, Peter, the man she cheated with, has other ideas and his world disintegrates around him. Six months later, Peter winds up dead in the ocean of a gunshot woundOn the heels of reading You Will Know Me, I was in the mood for more domestic suspense so I picked this up when it showed up on Netgalley.Fatal is an interesting animal. The first half is set when Kate has an affair with Peter, right up until a terror attack [...]

    2. I have to admit, FATAL felt like a mishmash of a few too many ideas crammed in to one novel. It all starts with an in-your-face bold betrayal of marriage vows, followed by a random terrorist attack, that eventually morphs in to a predictable murder investigation. I get the message the author was trying to send - actions can have severe consequences - but there was something about it all that wasn't cohesive enough for me.From the opening of the story, I expected this to be a wild ride. We meet K [...]

    3. While I'm a big fan of John Lescroart's Dismas Hardy/Abe Glitzky series, this stand-alone didn't do very much for me. The book and I got off on the wrong foot right from the start when the main protagonist did something incredibly stupid just for the sake of setting the plot into motion, and once that happened I simply couldn't generate much sympathy for her or much enthusiasm for the plot.Kate Jameson is in her mid-forties, happily married to a great guy with two children and a generally wonder [...]

    4. It starts with thoughts of having an affair.Then it becomes having an affair.And the affair ends badly.Everything in-between those lines above is written by one of the Masters of psychological thrillers. Mr. Lescroart does it again with his latest release, “Fatal”, only the third standalone novel he has written outside of his series books. I have now read 26 of his novels, so yes, I am a fan.This book starts out strong and doesn’t let up. There are many connections between the characters i [...]

    5. This book felt like a "made for TV movie", it was okay but it could have been a lot better. The story itself was good but at times the book was a bit dull.

    6. First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, John Lescroart, and Atria Books for providing me with a copy of this book, which allows me to provide you with this review.Lescroart has made a name for himself, publishing over twenty legal thrillers with his collection of interconnected characters in the San Francisco area. Keeping with the Bay Area in this standalone novel, Lescroart shows readers why he remains a powerful writer no matter the characters he uses. After meeting at a dinner pa [...]

    7. 3.5 starsI think I've read almost every Dismas Hardy book John Lescroat has written and most of his other series’ books as well. And I found them uniformly good. So I was thrilled to get this stand alone book from netgalley. The plot concerns a married woman who acts on an attraction to a married man she meets at a dinner party. Her best friend, Beth, is a police detective who tries to talk her out of acting on her fantasy, to no avail. Given the premise, I had trouble liking Kate, the married [...]

    8. Fatal by John Lescroart is a 2016 Atria publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Any fan of John Lescroart should be aware this is not a Dismas mystery. In fact, this stand alone novel is a completely off the beaten path from Dismas, which is a good thing, in my opinion. I love to see an author step out away from the security of their trademark series, and write something that might be a little outside of their comfort zone, [...]

    9. "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." That time-honored line from Sir Walter Scott's "Marmion" kept running through my head as I read this book - a terrific standalone from the author of the popular Dismas Hardy series.The story revolves around three married couples - Kate and Ron, Peter and Jill and Bina and Geoff. The first two didn't know each other until they meet at a dinner party at the home of the third. But just one meeting was all it took for Kate to beco [...]

    10. New York Times Bestselling author, John Lescroartreturns followingThe Fall(2015) with a totally different type novel than his norm. FATAL, a standalone, the unexpected - the deadly consequences of a one-night stand.As you begin reading you will think you are embarking on another “The Affair”American television series (currently catching up with the last season); however, minus all the continuous down and dirty sex scenes. Set in San Francisco,a gripping domestic suspense of a woman who choos [...]

    11. Kate and Ron Jameson are happily married with two savvy teenagers and a nice house in San Francisco. Things take a turn, however, after a dinner party hosted by Ron's law partner, Geoff Cooke. At the party, Kate meets attorney Peter Ash and develops an insatiable desire to have sex with him. Without mentioning Peter's name Kate confides her obsession to her best friend, Beth Tully - who happens to be an SFPD detective - and is advised to forget about the man. Against Beth's advice - and her own [...]

    12. 2.5 stars. I like my crime thrillers dark and twisted. I want my crime thrillers to make me feel uncomfortable. Fatal was none of those things, if Fatal was made into a movie or tv show it would be on network tv and I like my crime thrillers to be of HBO, Showtime, or Netflix quality. Fatal was predictable I knew who the killer was before the victim even died it was just that predictable. I was really disappointed, I've heard great things about author John Lescroart but if his other books are an [...]

    13. Even one little, tiny mistake can prove to be fatal. Kate finds herself uncontrollably attracted to a married man. She herself is married, but she doesn't let that stop her. Before you know it, the situation spirals out of control. If Fatal had stuck with Kate's and her paramour's family, I think this would have been better. The terror attack and a lot of the characters, (Alan, Ginny, Laurie), felt as if they were not really necessary to the plot. I also felt as if there were too many twists and [...]

    14. I hate giving John Lescroart a 2-star rating but I need my Dismas Hardy. Fatal is the latest standalone novel that doesn't feature him that just didn't holdup for me. Sorry to get into my dislike of this novel so quickly but Damn! I started Fatal knowing without a doubt I would be entertained. I was wrong. Boy was I wrong.The novel begins with Kate who has an odd affection for a man she hardly knows. After meeting him at a mutual friends dinner party she can't stop thinking about him. Kate's lif [...]

    15. This stand-alone novel is a fine example of award-winning John Lescroat’s writing skills when it comes to crime thrillers. His formula of suspense, compelling characters and great pacing works yet again.Recently introduced at a couples’ dinner, Kate can’t take her mind off of Peter. Impulsively, she phones Peter for a dalliance. The consequences of their one-night stand upends their lives; family loyalties put in jeopardy. Then one day, Peter is found murdered. 8 years on the job, police i [...]

    16. This is a crackerjack mystery. It held my interest from beginning to end. The characters were believable and the plot moved along at a good pace. It opens with a married woman, Kate Jameson meeting Peter Ash(also married) at a dinner with mutual friends. She gets home and realizes that she is infatuated with him. She calls him and asks him to meet her at a hotel room. She is wearing a miniskirt showing her fabulous legs. But the consequences of this seduction will lead to three deaths. I did not [...]

    17. Thanks to Atria for this early copy!This is quite a different style book for JL. I'm a huge fan of his books & I think this moved up to one of my favorites. A compelling story of how one moment can have such consequences. Intertwined with multiple family issues it made for a fast paced entertaining read!

    18. This is a textbook example of a male writer who cannot write female characters (or, apparently, understand how women talk or act). The book begins with a seemingly happy housewife and mother who becomes obsessed with a man she meets at a dinner party. The first act begins with the woman confiding in a female friend in dialogue that has no resemblance to how women talk to each other. The dialogue isn't just wooden, it's incredible (and not in a good way). The female character then does a hard piv [...]

    19. In Fatal, Investigator Beth Tully has a daughter, a warrior’s heart, and very few friends she allows time. Kate Jameson is one of them, a married soccer mom, who has a dalliance with Peter Ash, a married, complex, and charismatic character, who turns up dead.Lescroart gives us a myriad of suspects: The victim’s disgruntled son; several sexual conquests, most notably Peter’s landlady and secretary; professional acquaintances; and even tosses in a dark and dangerous foreign client. Though sp [...]

    20. This story has how the lives of several people are impacted by three events:An affairA terrorist attackA homicideHow they tie together, if at all, is the main question while reading.Let's be clear, Peter Ash, who this story centers on, is messed up. One unusual proposition leads to him changing his whole view on life. And not necessarily for the better. The majority of the book is the detectives put on his case to solve his murder.Told in the third person, we get an eagle eye view of the investi [...]

    21. This was not as suspenseful of a page turner as it could have been. The victim by all accounts had something of a breakdown and evidently started sleeping around with a lot of women and understandably this damaged his relationship with his family to the point his kids hated him and his wife was divorcing him. Besides his family, other possible suspects would obviously be any husband of a wife he slept with or a woman scorned. While I wanted to find out the murderer to see justice done, it was cl [...]

    22. RATING: 3 STARS(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)(Review Not on Blog)Please note this is a standalone novelhas nothing to do with any of the series.I was very excited to see that Lescroart had a standalone novel! I love Lescroart's writing and I am going back to read the series chronological, so it was great to see Fatal was on its own. This novel does not seem like a John Lescroart novel. There was so much going on, first trying to sort out wheat this book isspense, mystery and literary gen [...]

    23. I loved this standalone by John Lescroart! I loved the characters, the story, the setting (in San Francisco) and the intricacy of the twisty and surprising plot. In this novel, Police Inspector Beth Tully and her best friend, Kate Jameson, are taking their weekly morning walk to the Golden Gate Bridge when Kate tells Beth that she and her husband, Ron; along with their friends, Geoffrey and Bina Cooke, had had a dinner party the previous weekend. Geoffrey and Ron are partners in their own law fi [...]

    24. My full review is on my website ireadnovels.wordpress and Twitter@favouritenovelsI just love reading about affairs.Kate confesses to her best friend Beth that she is obsessed with a married man. This clearly is a line of danger just waiting to happen wanting to see a married man, specially as Kate is a married wife herself to Ron. The married man Peter Ash that Kate was obsessed with happened to be on Google. Kate of course would have to careful incase her husband Ron looked at her ipad. Looking [...]

    25. Kate is happily married; she loves her husband. But when she meets Peter at a dinner party, she cannot get him out of her head. After a night of passion, she vows that it will never happen again. Six months later, after tragedy strikes, Peter winds up dead and soon, the police are left to untangle a web of deceit.Fatal is an upcoming standalone novel by John Lescroart (best known for his Dismas Hardy series). I was pulled in immediately when I read the synopsis for this book and it did not disap [...]

    26. This is a standalone novel, a departure from Lescroart's long time Dismas Hardy series, most of which I have read and enjoyed. It too is set in San Francisco and involves lawyers and cops but in a quite different way from the Hardy series. It is well plotted and well written. I thoroughly enjoyed it.Kate and Ron are invited to a dinner party hosted by friends where they meet Peter Ash and his wife Jill. After the party Kate becomes obsessed with the idea of having a fling with Peter even though [...]

    27. Three Events: Weaving the narrative of three people. Kate, Peter and Beth. What may have been intended to feel like a cohesive storyline felt like a mishmash of confusing ideas that never melded together, leaving “Fatal” by John Lescroart, to fall short.Kate is a supposedly happily married to Ron, living in San Francisco. There she meets Peter at a dinner party. Immediately thereafter she can’t stop thinking of him. In a fleeting moment, she makes what she realizes is a mistake. She sleeps [...]

    28. How can one ever imagine the consequences that might result from a single bad decision? There's no way that Kate could have known what she would set in motion when she decided to sleep with Peter Ash. Just once. After all -- no one else knew but the two of them. Right?Great characters and storytelling made this one that I could hardly put down. I loved that it was a standalone though I'm a fan of Lescroart's series as well. He has a great vocabulary and I really enjoyed the writing style. I was [...]

    29. He had put in the time, supported his wife, raised his difficult sons. Maybe the world still owed him. He had given his all, his energy and his passion, and for what? People don't seem to realize that this infidelity stuff has consequences. Fatal consequences. I have read several of Lescroart before and Fatal was indeed different from his others but it also was familiar in his main characters. Because of that I was totally engaged with this one. The narration starts with two old friends getting [...]

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