Charing Cross Road The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street This editions contains both Charling Cross Road The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street Charing Cross Road is a charming record of bibliophilia cultural difference and imaginative sympathy For yea

  • Title: 84 Charing Cross Road & The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street
  • Author: Helene Hanff
  • ISBN: 9780860074380
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • This editions contains both 84 Charling Cross Road The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street84, Charing Cross Road is a charming record of bibliophilia, cultural difference, and imaginative sympathy For 20 years, an outspoken New York writer and a rather restrained London bookseller carried on an increasingly touching correspondence In her first letter to Marks CThis editions contains both 84 Charling Cross Road The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street84, Charing Cross Road is a charming record of bibliophilia, cultural difference, and imaginative sympathy For 20 years, an outspoken New York writer and a rather restrained London bookseller carried on an increasingly touching correspondence In her first letter to Marks Co Helene Hanff encloses a wish list, but warns, The phrase antiquarian booksellers scares me somewhat, as I equate antique with expensive Twenty days later, on October 25, 1949, a correspondent identified only as FPD let Hanff know that works by Hazlitt and Robert Louis Stevenson would be coming under separate cover When they arrive, Hanff is ecstatic but unsure she ll ever conquer bilingual arithmetic By early December 1949, Hanff is suddenly worried that the six pound ham she s sent off to augment British rations will arrive in a kosher office But only when FPD turns out to have an actual name, Frank Doel, does the real fun begin Two years later, Hanff is outraged that Marks Co has dared to send an abridged Pepys diary i enclose two limp singles, i will make do with this thing till you find me a real Pepys THEN i will rip up this ersatz book, page by page, AND WRAP THINGS IN IT Nonetheless, her postscript asks whether they want fresh or powdered eggs for Christmas Soon they re sharing news of Frank s family and Hanff s career.

    • 84 Charing Cross Road & The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street - Helene Hanff
      290 Helene Hanff
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    About "Helene Hanff"

    1. Helene Hanff

      Helene Hanff April 15, 1916 April 9, 1997 was an American writer Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she is best known as the author of the book 84 Charing Cross Road, which became the basis for a play, teleplay, and film of the same name.Her career, which saw her move from writing unproduced plays to helping create some of the earliest television dramas to becoming a kind of professional New Yorker, goes far beyond the charm of that one book She called her 1961 memoir Underfoot in Show Business, and it chronicled the struggle of an ambitious young playwright to make it in the world of New York theatre in the 1940s and 1950s She worked in publicists offices and spent summers on the straw hat circuit along the East Coast of the United States, writing plays that were admired by some of Broadway s leading producers but which somehow never saw the light of day.She wrote and edited scripts for a variety of early television dramas produced out of New York, all the while continuing to try and move from being what she called one of the 999 out of 1,000 who don t become Noel Coward When the bulk of television production moved to California, her work slowly dried up, and she turned to writing for magazines and, eventually, to the books that made her reputation.First published in 1970, the epistolary work 84 Charing Cross Road chronicles her 20 years of correspondence with Frank Doel, the chief buyer for Marks Co a London bookshop, on which she depended for the obscure classics and British literature titles around which her passion for self education revolved She became intimately involved in the lives of the shop s staff, sending them food parcels during England s post war shortages and sharing with them details of her life in Manhattan.Due to financial difficulties and an aversion to travel, she put off visiting her English friends until too late Doel died in December 1968 from peritonitis from a burst appendix, and the bookshop eventually closed Hanff did finally visit Charing Cross Road and the empty but still standing shop in the summer of 1971, a trip recorded in her 1973 book The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street.In the 1987 film of 84 Charing Cross Road, Hanff was played by Anne Bancroft, while Anthony Hopkins took the part of Frank Doel Anne Jackson had earlier played Hanff in a 1975 adaptation of the book for British television Ellen Burstyn recreated the role on Broadway in 1982 at the Nederlander Theater in New York City.She later put her obsession with British scholar Sir Arthur Quiller Couch to use in a book called Q s Legacy Other books include Apple of My Eye, an idiosyncratic guide to New York City, and A Letter from New York 1992 , which reprinted talks she gave on the BBC s Woman s Hour between 1978 and 1985.Hanff was never shy about her fondness for cigarettes and martinis, but nevertheless lived to be 80, dying of diabetes in 1997 in New York City The apartment building where she lived at 305 E 72nd Street has been named Charing Cross House in her honor A bronze plaque next to the front door commemorates her residence and authorship of the book.

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    1. I lived in London from 2004 to 2008 and still have a house there. I continue to travel to London regularly from Dubai. I call these trips my "sanity check"; they transport me from my 'dream' world back to the 'real' world. One of my favourite haunts in London is Charing Cross Road. It's been the home to booksellers selling second-hand and rare books for decades. Long before the American writer Helene Hanff immortalised the street in 84 Charing Cross Road, the area enjoyed a storied association w [...]

    2. This charming book is a record of the correspondence between an American author, Helen Hanff, and antiquarian bookshop in London called Marks & Co. This correspondence begun after Hanff saw an advert for them, where they declared themselves as specialists in acquiring out of print books. Her first letter was sent to them in 1949. In it she declared herself to be a badly off writer who had a taste for old books. With the letter was a list of books that she had been unable to source in New Yor [...]

    3. I first read 84 Charing Cross Road and its sequel, The Duchess of Bloomsbury, some years ago. In 2015, I had the opportunity to watch the darling, witty film adaptation, and a reread has been on the cards ever since. During September, I decided to pick it up once more.The beautifully presented Sphere edition which I own contains both of the aforementioned, and from the very beginning, the entirety was so very comforting. My initial feeling on dipping back into its pages was one of sheer delight, [...]

    4. I know it's kind of pathetic that I continue to re-read books, but I was at a low point several weeks ago and needed something to help cheer me up.84, Charing Cross Road is a charming book, and as I was reading, my fellow bus and metro passengers may have been wondering why I was smiling so much. Actually, my volume has two parts: The first is 84, Charing Cross Road and the second is The Duchess of Bloombury Street. The former is the correspondence between Helene Hanff (a lover of used books) an [...]

    5. I first read 84, Charing Cross Road back in the 70s. It is timeless. I came across this paperback and couldn't resist reading again. It is a beautiful, classic memoir of friendship and bibliophilia, twenty years of correspondence between Helene Hanff, an American writer in New York, and Marks & Co. antiquarian booksellers in Charing Cross Road, London where Frank Doel became her main correspondent. Letters, books and quips crossed the ocean from 1949 until 1969 and a friendship flourished as [...]

    6. ‘An unmitigated delight from cover to cover’ it says on the cover of my book, and that is exactly what it is. This little volume is divided into two parts: The first part is the epistolary story (it’s not a novel; it’s too short plus it’s not fiction) - a letter exchange between Helene Hanff, book collector living in New York, and the manager of a second-hand book shop in London (and some of the people in his vicinity) lasting over twenty years. The second part, The Duchess of Bloomsbu [...]

    7. This is one of my favorite books of all time. Helene Hanff is so very funny, and I am always moved by the friendship that develops through letters between her and a used book seller. I also love her obvious affection for books and reading; she is definitely a kindred spirit. This is the book I was reading (for the first time) 20+ years ago in the story Kitri wrote about me on her GoodReads page. For those not in the know, as I sat on the floor finishing the last few letters, I became the center [...]

    8. Reading this is like sitting in a cafe with a good friend from way back, eating Pavlova cake and letting the afternoon slide by, with cognac and coffee. Absolutely charming, witty, elegant and funny little book. Quite a bit nostalgic as well. Loved everything about it!

    9. “If you happen to pass by 84 Charing Cross Road, kiss it for me! I owe it so much.”Even though the bookshop itself is long gone, you can rest assured that I will be walking by where it stood next time I am in London. I shall buy a new copy of 84 Charing Cross Road and I shall leave it there for someone to find, a reminder of just how much Helene Hanff, even at a distance, loved the place.You see, I feel like I too owe it quite a lot. If it weren’t for the bookshop and the wonderful people [...]

    10. It's always a curious indulgence to read other people's letters, more so if those people had come to know of each other through books and had grown to be friends due to a mutual taste in a particular brand of literature, even more so if the content of their letters isn't limited to trivia from their mutual lives, and even more so if the correspondence spans decades but isn't really obsessive-compulsive. A breezy read.

    11. This edition contains two books that were separately published. They are: 84, Charing Cross Road and Duchess of Bloomsbury Street. On 84 CHARING CROSS ROAD:This is a five star book. It contains some letters. And the letters were not written by some literary giants. In fact, the letters were exchanged between a 'script writer' for TV programs in New York and a person employed in a bookshop in London. The correspondence was mostly about the placement of orders for books. And the period was between [...]

    12. 84 Charing Cross Road documents twenty-year of correspondences between Helene Hanff and Frank Doel. Helene was an American writer while Frank the chief buyer of Marks & Co, an antiquarian bookseller located at the eponymous address in London, England. Starting out as a request for obscure classics, the book follows the blossoming relationship with Helene and the people of Marks & Co. Followed by The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street, a collection of diary entries of Helene’s trip to England [...]

    13. A perfect book for book collectors, especially those who are charmed by (or are old enough to remember) what life was like before the internet, in the days when the postman brought something more exciting than the latest package from (e.g. a letter from a friend), when books were properly described by booksellers for their customers far away, and when it was possible for a customer to build a relationship based on trust and confidence with a bookseller (far removed from what happens on Marketp [...]

    14. I must be the only person on the planet who hadn't already read this one, although I do remember hearing at least part of it serialised on the radio at some stage or other. On my Easter break, doing stuff that involves hanging around offices waiting to have the forms you filled in at home checked, it looked like the best option to fill in those empty hours. That's a bit scathing isn't it? Useful as a filler. Actually, and this, I'm sure, will come as no surprise to anyone, it's gawjus. It's snor [...]

    15. There isn't a thing I could say about this book that hasn't already been said. I loved it - every single word. Full review: jennoklikes/post/107981

    16. This slim book starts as a collection of letters exchanged between Helene Hanff and Frank Doel, but also other staff and family members, between 1949-1969. Helene is an American book lover and Frank Doel works for a London bookshop. The correspondence begins as Helene seeks clean, good copies of used books to add to her library that she cannot find near her New York home. She also wants to develop a literary link with England. Helene is a feisty, amusing correspondent and Frank is a rather more [...]

    17. This sat on my nightstand for a long time. I occasionally took it up and read another chapter. There was no urgency in it, but it was always a pleasure. I like her turn of phrase. I do not know enough about the times and the places and even the books she talks about, but I do love books, and London, and history, and that connects us. I should add that this book has two parts. I finished the first part, which is an exchange of letters between the author in New York and her London bookseller, a lo [...]

    18. I first saw the film based on this collection of letters and reminiscences, and years later was thrilled to find the book in a 2nd hand shop. The letters tell of the author's decades-long relationship with the bookshop in the title, as she collected "antiquarian" books (ie greats of English letters). In "The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street" we read how she finally got to London and met some of the people connected with the bookshop, as well as many others. In this section she admits that yes, she c [...]

    19. Da ich auf englisch gelesen habe fallen mir als erstes Adjektive wie "charming" und "delightful" ein. Dieses Buch ist ein unerwartetes kleines Juwel!Meine Ausgabe beinhaltet den Briefwechsel und die Fortsetzung "The duchess of Bloomsbury Street". Beides zieht einen von den ersten Sätzen an in den Bann. Es ist wirklich ein Jammer, dass offenbar viele Briefe verloren gegangen sind.Unbedingt lesenswert!

    20. A charming gem of a book.I love inscriptions on fly leaves and margins!A beautifully written book of letters from one book lover to another.Sadly by the time Helen visited London Frank Doel had died.Witty and charming.I loved the bit describing the dogs in Central Park.Makes me yearn to visit London again.

    21. I’d probably give this 3 1/2 stars, but 3 is fine also. This was an entertaining, easy, and quick read, based on a series of letters written between a woman in New York and the people who run a book shop in England.

    22. What a BEAUTIFUL book! I loved it, took a lot of notes and now I'm craving for English literature. What a book can do to you Read this book through BookCrossing (a RABCK from pinklady60) and passed it on after reading it

    23. NO SPOILERS!!!My edition of this book included two of Helene Hanff's writings – both 84 Charing Cross Road and also The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street, which did not at all appeal to me as much as the former did. I am only reviewing 84 Charing Cross Road, and the stars awarded relate only to the former title.The writing consists of letters between a young woman living in N.Y. and an antiquarian book-seller in London, of course on Charing Cross Road. The letters begin all proper and polite. Helen [...]

    24. Buku ini antara yang paling cepat saya habisi tahun ini. Beberapa hari tak berpisah dengannya, malah sempat mencatat nota panjang, hati berasa sangat lapang. Paling seronok, buku ini turut memuatkan diari Helene Hanff ketika melawat London, iaitu bukunya sebuah lagi: The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street.Buku ini membuat saya berfikir tentang banyak perkara mengenai tabiat membaca sendiri. Patutkah saya meneruskan membaca sebarang fiksyen, atau memburu bukan fiksyen yang jauh lebih penting? Patutkah [...]

    25. I've read no other reviews, have never watched the film and this version of the book continues from the original making it 230 pages.The first half is made up of the original letters send to and received mainly from a bookseller, Frank and his co-workers, at 84 Charing Cross Road to Helene Hanff in New York City. It's a cosy read which develops through time into friendships. Helene's romance is with books and with the idea of London, being very different from her own lifestyle. She may have desc [...]

    26. If I were in a good mood, I might say I liked this, but bleh. I mean, it was okay and I really liked some bits, but I think wrapping my thoughts together ends up in a good ol' two stars. :-P What I really liked: Because yeah, sure, I really liked some things in here! I REMAIN EVER THE OPTIMIST! 1. The LETTERS. I have a weak spot for letter-books.Daddy Long LegsandThe Guernsey Literary Potatoe Peel Pie Societyare two of my all time favourite books EVER and this book sounded SO good to me because [...]

    27. I remember seeing the film version of this book when I was a teenager in the 1980's and discovered the book recently in Waterstones and experienced a wave of nostalgia! The book is charming and follows the correspondence between a New York screen play writer and self confessed antiquarian book lover, Helene Hanff and Mr Frank Doel a partner in a second hand book shop at 84 Charing Cross Road in London called Marks & Co. We begin in 1949 and follow the realtionship between the two via very fu [...]

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