Rest In Pieces Mustang Ridges isn t a town a stripper or some old western movie She s a feisty single mom living in the small town of Lakeside Texas where money does buy happiness and keeping up appearances is m

  • Title: Rest In Pieces
  • Author: Katie Graykowski
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mustang Ridges isn t a town, a stripper, or some old western movie She s a feisty, single mom living in the small town of Lakeside, Texas where money does buy happiness and keeping up appearances is much important than the truth Six months ago on her thirtieth birthday, her husband decided that married life, fatherhood, and his job as the Lakeside Chief of Police weMustang Ridges isn t a town, a stripper, or some old western movie She s a feisty, single mom living in the small town of Lakeside, Texas where money does buy happiness and keeping up appearances is much important than the truth Six months ago on her thirtieth birthday, her husband decided that married life, fatherhood, and his job as the Lakeside Chief of Police weren t as exciting as a permanent vacation to Grand Cayman with his mistress and a million dollars in diamonds he stole from the police evidence lockup Mustang is a pariah in a Lakeside full of piranha But she refuses to leave this is her home, and she figures that if she can t join them, then she ll beat them at their own game With a little luck, some intimidation, and the help of her good friends Monica and Haley, Mustang presides over her own little slice of Lakeside, the Bee Creek Elementary Parent Teacher Organization All is quiet in Lakeside until Molly Miars, the kindergarten teacher, is found dead According to the new police chief, she overdosed on heroin That doesn t explain why her head was the only body part to make it to her funeral Mustang and her follow PTOers don t buy the heroin overdose for a second Vowing to do right by Molly, the PTO decides to investigate Quickly they find that Lakeside isn t the quiet, sleepy town it appears to be There is a dark side money laundering and drug trafficking When Mustang s name turns up on a contract killer s hit list, things go from bad to worse Can she and the PTO stay alive long enough to find out who killed Molly Miars

    • Rest In Pieces by Katie Graykowski
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    861 thoughts on “Rest In Pieces”

    1. Hated the endingI loved this book all the way through, until the ending. I hate books that leave you hanging and require purchasing more in a series to find out who the bad guys are and what was really the entire plot.

    2. This was a good book how ever I do wish the author had done more to make it more interesting. I look forward to reading more of this author's work

    3. Mystery and humor!! This book is a must read! You will read it in one sitting. I can't wait to read the next book.

    4. Sometimes we just need a good laugh and what's better than a good humorous cozy mystery? Now a good cozy needs a few must-haves: an outrageously far fetched, even farcical plot, several hilarious situations, a cast of crazy and (mostly) likeable characters and a very talented author to fix the mix. On rare occasions, when the stars are aligned and, well, all that fortuitous or even well planned stuff combine, that's when Cozy Magic happens, and it has certainly happened here!I just loved this bo [...]

    5. Really enjoyed this funny, witty mystery / choc lit book. Three friends try to outdo the local police force by looking into their friends death; suspecting that their friend was murdered and had not died from a drug overdose. Their sweet, kindergarten teacher friend could not possibly be a heroin addict. Their antics gets them into many pickles, but one of them usually finds a way out. Mustang, Hayley and Monica make a great team. I think this is a great beach or garden read. I recommend it to r [...]

    6. Fantastic StoryWho can resist a book who's main character is named Mustang Ridges!When the murder of a teacher stuns the community, it appears the victim wasn't well liked by everyone.Secrets run deep in this cozy mystery and I was kept guessing until the end.

    7. A Funny Mystery This group of ladies had me in stitches. I've decided that I'm going to be their new best friend. A must read for Katie Graykowski fans.

    8. This book was a surprise ton of fun. Mustang Ridges (yes that's her real name) reminds me alot of Darynda Jones' Charlie Davidson series but without the paranormal aspect. The ending was a little bit of a gentle letdown maybe but otherwise totally worth the time. A fun cozy mystery.

    9. Fun but predictableI had a little trouble getting used to the narrator, but settled in after a short while. Three friends become embroiled in a dangerous drug ring while trying to investigate the death of another friend.

    10. I loooved this book, couldn’t put it down but that ending!!! Really?? It’s like the author ran out of time and just ended it.

    11. I am new to the works Katie Graykowski has written. Rest in Pieces provided insight into a number of the books penned by an extremely talented author and a series that I haven’t read (but now want to read). I had no idea what to expect based on the title, but was quickly drawn in to a book filled with well-developed characters, a tightly woven plot and humor. The book flows seamlessly as a great mystery with a lot of humor the flows naturally. The main Character Mustang Ridges is a feisty, sin [...]

    12. NARRATOR: Pam DoughertyThis was a very funny book, read by the wonderful Pam Dougherty, who always 'makes' an audiobook in my opinion.Mustang Ridges (great name!) is part of the elementary school's PTA, along with two of her friends Monica and Haley. She is now a single Mum since her cheating husband (ex Chief of Police) ran off with his mistress and stolen diamonds, and is struggling on in a town that is quite snobby and looks down on her, although there seems to be a lot of secrets hidden unde [...]

    13. I love reading / listening to Katie Graykowski's audio-books! She writes with so much humor and quirkiness, yet they are murder mysteries too! This book is her best yet in my opinion. I laughed thru many parts. I just love the way the main character (Mustang) thinks. A friend of Mustang's turns up dead of a heroin overdose. It just doesn't make sense, so Mustang and her friends take it upon themselves to investigate the death. The laughs start from the very first chapter too! I want a Daman of m [...]

    14. I received a review copy from the author, who is a super nice gal. And this book is set in a fictionalized version of a town that I'm familiar with, so that was an added bonus of fun.However, I'm not in the right demographic to fully enjoy this book. It will appeal to Romance readers. It's a murder mystery with a more-than-healthy-dose of romance, written in a humorous romance style, with a Southern tone. I am simply not someone who enjoys the Romance genre.While I enjoyed the tone, I lost inter [...]

    15. This was a really good book. i laughed out loud through the whole book. Mustang, Haley and Monica are hilarious. Hopefully there will be many more in the PTO Murder Club series. Mustang and Monica are divorcees in a very affluent Texas town and Haley is their very wealthy best friend. When Molly, another friend that belongs to this group suddenly is found dead of a heroine overdose, the three best friends won't accept her cause of death and assume things are not right. afterall, Molly was a happ [...]

    16. Satisfying reading, unsatisfying endingThis was a BookBub suggested title which is how I came across it. I found it enjoyable and lighthearted for the most part. I do have two criticisms though. The first is that the humor, at times, was a bit overboard, but not to extremes. The second one and most annoying is the ending. Many questions are left unanswered. The whole point of a mystery is to keep reading and learn if your suspicions are correct. Did you figure out the whole mystery? A couple key [...]

    17. Great Book!This is a great book; this is the first book in the PTO Murder Club Mystery series by Katie Graykowski. Mustang Ridges is a single mom living in the small town of Lakeside, Texas. Mustang’s husband decided that the married life, fatherhood, and is job as the chief of police wasn’t as good as a permanent vacation to Grand Cayman with his mistress and a million dollars in diamonds he stole from the police evidence lockup. When a kindergarten teacher, Molly Miars is found dead, and h [...]

    18. Do you like murder mysteries solved by wacky ladies and their girlfriends? You got it here. Mustang Ridges (yep, that's her real name) plus her equally crazy cohorts/friends/PTO board members can't believe the kindergarten teacher would kill herself. When they discover only her head is in the coffin (don't ask) they know something's not right and determine to find out what happened.Fans of Stephanie Plum will enjoy this story. How those girls get themselves into such situations is LOL funny. Mus [...]

    19. Very enjoyable humorous mystery. Mustang(!), the first person narrator is funny and snarky and goes off on hilarious tangents, all while trying to hold together her life as a recently divorced mom. She doesn't really need to be investigating the death of the local kindergarten teacher, unlikely as death by heroin overdose may seem, but she and her fellow PTO board members, Haley and Monica, just can't leave it alone. Add the suspicious attentions of TWO attractive men, a bit of breaking and ente [...]

    20. ** I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **This was laugh out loud funny, and completely entertaining from chapter 1!Mustang, Hailey and Monica are all very good friends, and when their friend Molly dies all of a sudden, they find it very suspiciousd have to find out what really happened. As they investigate things just don't add up right, and they find out that the sleepy little town they live in is much more than meets the eye!! SUPER LOVED IT AND THE NARRATION [...]

    21. Funny cozyI wasn't quite sure what I was going to get when I bought this book, but I've read several other books by this author and I enjoyed them, so I decided to give it a try. The heroine is the somewhat ditzy head of the local PTO and she and her two best friends get into more trouble than you can imagine. I smiled in some places, laughed out loud in others and thoroughly enjoyed this book. I will definitely buy the next one.

    22. Perfect as you wait book!This book is very character driven, yet an easy read. I would define it as drama mystery with lots of comical overtones. This is a good book to read while you're having a pedicure or waiting in the doctor's office. Very easy to put away for a bit and easy to pick up where you left off.

    23. This is an awesome book from beginning to end. Mustang's life is very interesting it starts with her life being boring, then she decides to try and solve a crime with her best friends oh than she has the two hottest guys in town trying to date her. There is lots of humor in this book and I loved every minute of it. I hope to get more of Mustangs story.

    24. Good bookThis book will keep a smile on your face. Yes it is a murder mystery but will great humor thrown in. I truly enjoyable read. I can't wait for the next book in this series. Please Katie Graykowski write faster! I loved all the characters in this book. I really want to know what happens next.

    25. Great readingLoved the characters, mustang had a fresh personality, loved the interaction with her and her friends. There was a little language I could have done without, but the storyline was worth it. Looking forward to book 2 to find out if Ben is really a bad guy. I am rooting for him.

    26. Exciting and humorous.I enjoyed this book immensely. The story was very interesting, however I don't care that much for a series. It leaves to many unanswered questions. But I was very entertainedMustang is too much. I will refer to my sister's, I know they will love this book.

    27. Another laugh out loud story, with a mystery attachedI think I'm getting addicted to Katie Graykowki's stories. These are the types of books that you don't want to read while you have anything in your mouth. If you do, you can't be held responsible for anything that spits out. My only complaint is it leaves a cliffhanger, but that won't stop me from reading her books.

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