The Threshing Circle A young couple arrive on the Greek island of Crete and begin prying into the execution of a beautiful English woman during the German occupation sixty years before They enter a labyrinth of forbidden

  • Title: The Threshing Circle
  • Author: Neil Grimmett
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  • Page: 321
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  • A young couple arrive on the Greek island of Crete and begin prying into the execution of a beautiful English woman during the German occupation sixty years before They enter a labyrinth of forbidden love, betrayals, murder, greed and vendettas, old and new Then they disappear A feisty Scottish woman and an irascible, Zorba like Greek form a reluctant allegiance in a deA young couple arrive on the Greek island of Crete and begin prying into the execution of a beautiful English woman during the German occupation sixty years before They enter a labyrinth of forbidden love, betrayals, murder, greed and vendettas, old and new Then they disappear A feisty Scottish woman and an irascible, Zorba like Greek form a reluctant allegiance in a desperate attempt to find and rescue them They both have very different motives for their involvement Their search will take them to hidden rituals, ceremonies, remote gatherings, famous monasteries and villages abandoned after decades of vendettas To the remote island of Gavdos and finally back to a place that, Even God does not know exists They will encounter characters good and evil some modern and pragmatic, others ancient and magical All the time they are being stalked by the sons of man who seeks to complete the crimes of his father and sate his own greed and insane desire for vengeance These men are animal than human and have been raised in the remote mountains for the sole purpose of carrying out the brutal will of their father The mystery of the real, hidden Crete runs deep, and THE THRESHING CIRCLE explores some of the myths and romance while not shying away from its often violent nature By the end choices will have to be made If such actions are really possible on an island where many Cretans still believe that The Cycle of Blood , can never stop flowing.

    • The Threshing Circle By Neil Grimmett
      321 Neil Grimmett
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      Neil Grimmett has had over eighty five short stories published In the UK by among others London Magazine, Stand, Panurge, Iron, Ambit, Postscripts Magazine, Pretext etc Australia, Quadrant, South Africa, New Contrast Plus stories in the leading journals of Singapore, India, France, Canada, and the USA, where he has appeared in Fiction, The Yale Review, DoubleTake, The southern Humanities Review, Green Mountains Review, Descant, The Southern Review, West Branch and Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine He has appeared online in Blackbird, Plum Ruby Review, Tatlin s Tower, Web Del Sol, In Posse Review, m.a.g Word Riot, Blue Moon Review, 3AM, Gangway, Eclectica, The Cortland Review, Segue, The Dublin Quarterly , Ducts, Sugar Mule, Mysterical E, Thuglit and over thirty others His stories have also appeared in the anthologies ENGLAND CALLING, BOOK OF VOICES and Italy s ISBN s Top International Stories He has made the storySouth Million Writers Notable Short Story list for the last three years In addition, he has won the Write On poetry award, 7 Oppenheim John Downes Awards, 5 major British Arts Council Awards, a Royal Society of Authors award and was just awarded a major grant from the Royal Literary Fund He has been signed over the last ten years by twelve of the leading literary agents in both the UK and USA His current agent is Jon Elek at United Agents who is just going out with his 2nd literary thriller, THE HOARD.His first, THE THRESHING CIRCLE, has just been published on KDP Select.

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    1. This excellent story takes place on the island of Crete. Kirsty is a Scottish woman who left home to run a kafenion on the island following a divorce. A beautiful girl, Eleni, and her new husband, Patrick, come for their honeymoon and old memories are stirred up. Memories and enmities. Treachery and betrayal during WWII echo down the years and Eleni, with a half-Greek mother, is drawn in. Kirsty is determined to find the couple when they disappear in strange circumstances.This is a tightly-writt [...]

    2. Aloni, a Thresing Circle of Harvest Dancing and Death HarvestingNormally I am a quick reader; however, I spent two weeks with THE THRESHING CIRCLE. Not because it was labourious or confusing, quite the opposite. I read slowly, two or three chapters a time, to truly soak in page after page steeped in Cretan culture. I had wished to allow my mental painting to grasp as finely as possible the rich details that Neil Grimmett weaves into this thrilling tapestry with a native fluidity.Although more th [...]

    3. **4.5 stars***Thank you to the author for the review copy.A young couple arrive on the Greek island of Crete and begin prying into the execution of a beautiful English woman during the German occupation sixty years before. They enter a labyrinth of forbidden love, betrayals, murder, greed and vendettas, old and new.So I wasnt quite sure what to expect going into this one – what I found was a wonderfully addictive story (I read it off and on in a single day), an absolutely tremendous sense of p [...]

    4. A web of deceit, lies and ultimate betrayalOh my, what a read! I have to say, I skipped sleep because I couldn't bear not knowing what would come next. I know my review will not do the story justice, so, I will just try my best. I have read very good books this year, but this is actually the first book that had the 'wow' factor for me and stayed with me a little bit longer after I finished it.The background is Crete today, but the root of the story is Crete, May 1942 when a young English artist, [...]

    5. I received the book from the author for an honest review. This was absolutely a fantastic read. From the beginning the author drew you into this plot; tailored to hold you captive till the very last page. His ability to paint pictures with words making it alive and believable is simply outstanding. Every character, every place and every scene had your interest as this mystery / thriller reveals more of the human frailty, the greed, betrayal and their way of seeing things. The island of Crete liv [...]

    6. A mermaid with a forked tailBritish author Neil Grimmett has been writing short stories and winning awards for same for many years. Born in Birmingham and now living in Somerset, Grimmett has traveled extensively in Greece and Spain and that sense of place comes through with distinction and acute attention to detail of place and culture in this is debut full length novel THE THRESHING CIRCLE. It is a mystery thriller of betrayal, murder, vendetta, kidnapping and other chilling incidents that tak [...]

    7. I really had no expectations going into this book, and it completely blew me away! It's the best fiction I've read in years. There are probably more, but the other books I can remember responding to this intensely were by Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, and Cormack McCarthy. In short, this dude is frickin' amazing! The characters, the way the story is woven together, the foreshadowing, the carefully placed questions in the reader's mind… all masterfully done. And the writing is so beautiful, I wanted to [...]

    8. 4.5 starsABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date February 19, 2014A young couple arrive on the Greek island of Crete and begin prying into the execution of a beautiful English woman during the German occupation sixty years before. They enter a labyrinth of forbidden love, betrayals, murder, greed and vendettas, old and new. Then they disappear. A feisty Scottish woman and an irascible, Zorba-like Greek form a reluctant allegiance in a desperate attempt to find and rescue them. They both have very different [...]

    9. **I received the Kindle version in return for an honest review.In Neil Grimmett's taut thriller, the arrival of a young British couple on the island of Crete re-ignites a vendetta with its roots in the darkest days of WW II. It falls to Kirsty, a Scottish woman who owns a cafe, and Barba Yiorgos, a local bigger-than-life personality, to unravel decades worth of tangled secrets and half-truths and prevent a bloody history from repeating itself. While I gave the book five stars, I had a serious lo [...]

    10. Set on the Greek island of Crete, this thriller looks first at life during the hated Nazi German occupation and then at modern day in 2004. We are early in no doubt that this book contrasts outsiders with islanders, and that lives will be lost.An English girl stuck on Crete during the war falls in love with a Cretan freedom fighter and one of the local women smilingly gives her a gift of red silk, but on this is a picture of a mermaid with forked tail, which implies a loose woman. Not knowing th [...]

    11. "A Modern Day Greek Classic"This is an astounding, never to be forgotten story written by Author Neil Grimmett. In today's world, Crete is a popular tourist attraction for the British Isles and Europe cultures. Even before and during the Second World War it was also a place where many foreigners took up residence. On May 17, 1942, in a high mountain village, Marianna, an English woman dwells with her infant daughter, Athena. Her husband, Michaelis, is a member of the Cretan Freedom Fighters hidi [...]

    12. Some authors can transport you straight into the location, environment and setting their story takes place in. Grimmett does that exceptionally well. You can almost feel yourself wandering the dusty roads of Crete, smelling the salty sea air and soaking in the atmosphere.This tale starts in the past and the events of one night trickle like a ripple of water through time all the way into the present. Secrets once thought buried forever are suddenly alive and well and strutting through town.One of [...]

    13. I loved this novel because it was full of extremes and loaded with Cretan culture, a certain darkness and yet exhilarating romances that titillate the reader.The story begins with an extremely beautiful English woman, Marianne, falling in love with a married Cretan man, although she believed him to be single, has a baby girl by him, when he has to return to fighting Germans. As a vengeance for their misconduct, she is revealed to the Germans, who decide to make her an example to the locals popul [...]

    14. I wasn't really sure what to think about this book. It sounded interesting from the beginning. I was completely surprised by what I read. It starts off in 1942 in a small village in Crete. A young English woman is married to a Cretan soldier. What she doesn't know is that he is married to another Cretan woman. She thinks the people of the village have accepted her when they give her a gift. She shows it to her husband when he slips away from his patrol to see her. Little does he know that the pe [...]

    15. I was provided with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.There are some books that create a tremendous anticipation in you as the reader, even before you pick the book up for reading. This was one such book. The blurb and the thoughts of the other readers here, all made me certain that this book was going to be special and worthy of being cherished. True to this, the book proved to be brilliantly captivating and made me finish it in one go straight.The story is enticingly [...]

    16. This novel, Neil Grimmett’s debut full length thriller, reads like a work of a seasoned author rather than the usual tentative, raw and untidy efforts we so often suffer in the modern vanity-publishing world. This is thanks, no doubt, to him having worked his way through the traditional short story mill where the very best authors hone their skills.Set in two time periods and primarily on Crete, it tells a complex story of love, betrayal and generation spanning vendettas which start during the [...]

    17. This is an excellent thrilling story spanning three generations, several families and a smattering of Greek mythology. The prologue starts nearing the end of the second world war when two young loves, Michaelis and Marianna, have their lives lost and torn apart in a most appalling way by the treachery and deception of one of Michaelis's relatives. This deep seated deceit and need for retribution has been harboured by the families of Chania on the island of Crete for over sixty years and grown in [...]

    18. The Threshing Circle, by Neil Grimmett, is a story as cryptic and intriguing as its characters, set in a modern world imbued with the blood and depths of history, and flowing with glorious scenery, haunting images, and the winds of change.The story takes place on Crete, tying past and present through the fates of a beautiful Englishwoman during the Second World War, and the equally beautiful tourist who reminds people of her. The tourist is on vacation with her husband, but restaurant owner Kirs [...]

    19. The Threshing Circle is a powerfully intense novel of betrayal, deceit, and murder that spans several generations and threatens the lives of any who dare to uncover the truth.Hatred and revenge left a young mother dead and her husband heartbroken and now, even in present day, those who know the truth will stop at nothing to conceal this merciless crime. So, when a young English couple arrives on the Island of Crete and begin poking around, they wind up missing. But, not before befriending and Sc [...]

    20. The Threshing Circle is a mystery thriller of murder and betrayal that takes place on the Greek island of Crete. It begins with the execution of an English woman during the German occupation of Crete in World War I. Years later, a young couple, Patrick and Eleni, visits Crete to learn more about the execution. (Interestingly, Eleni bears an uncanny resemblance to the woman who was murdered.) When those two end up missing, two more characters take up the search and try to figure out what is going [...]

    21. A Greek tale of kidnapping, vendetta, and tragic loveThis thrilling mystery gives the reader facts about the turbulent history of Crete while unraveling a poignant tale of love and betrayal. The threshing circle was once a place where farmers prepared grains from their harvest, staged plays for entertainment, and the bloody arena were enemies fought, perhaps to the death. In modern day the enemies are cleverly hidden but the battle is just as dangerous.The talented author takes his readers on a [...]

    22. Firstly, my thanks to the author, Neil Grimmett, for allowing me the opportunity to read this wonderful book. I promised him an honest review and find myself eager and happy to do so. I was transported to Crete, to a culture that I have never truly understood but have loved reading about in history. This book, The Threshing Circle, is an amalgamation of betrayal, love lost and found, mysteries that defy man's ability to accept the unknown, and mostly a tale of hatred that knows no forgiveness, o [...]

    23. An intricately crafted and immersive thriller set on the beautiful and mysterious island of Crete, The Threshing Circle by Neil Grimmett (@pensworthy) is a wonderful read, perfect for the beach, a rainy day, while traveling — any time, really. My review is based on a copy of the book provided by the author for that purpose. Some stories are so universal the basic elements can be lifted from one locale and placed in another with little lost in the process. Not so with The Threshing Circle, whic [...]

    24. 3.5 stars. Overall I found this to be a well-paced story with some fairly exciting, attention-grabbing moments interwoven throughout. Unfortunately however, I also found myself growing alternately confused and grossed out at various points during the storyline, which is what prevents me from giving it a higher rating than three and a half stars.During the German occupation of Crete in WWII, a beautiful Englishwoman is executed by Nazi soldiers. Decades later a young couple arrive on the island a [...]

    25. The Threshing Circle Neil Grimmett Review from jeannie zelos book reviewsSo – this is a bit outside my usual genre but I like that every now and then. Keeps things fresh. Of course the Greek element intriuged me, its somewhere I always wanted to go since I was a child. One day.Anyway – The Threshing Cirlce is more than just a suspense novel. It's got snippets of history interwoven with a fictional tale of a forbidden love – but as ever Love won't be denied but it comes at a terrible cost t [...]

    26. ‘They’re like the pieces in a mosaic: until they’re all set in place, there’s no clear picture.’Set in Crete, ‘The Threshing Circle’ involves betrayal, kidnapping, murder, revenge and vendetta. While mostly set in 2004, this particular cycle of blood began in 1942, during the German occupation when a young woman named Marianna was murdered. In 2004, a young couple named Patrick and Eleni arrive on Crete – as tourists they say – but they seem very interested in the story of Mari [...]

    27. The Threshing Circle is a very compelling mystery/thriller that will resonate with readers long after finishing that final page. Although, toward the beginning, I found it a bit hard to get into, I couldn't have enjoyed it much more once I did. I loved the different layers involved in the story. It isn't the expected liner plot in one dimension, but a story that needs to be unraveled - something that readers are sure to enjoy doing.If there's one thing I love, it's settings that take me far awa [...]

    28. A mystery unfolds around a Scottish ex-pat who runs a kafenion in Crete as she is pulled into the story of a member of the Crete Resistance in 1942 and his love. 62 years after the English Woman married to Kapetanios Michaelis is betrayed to the Germans, a woman appears in Crete who is her duplicate. Death, kidnapping, betrayal, bribery, and even love are found in this story of a family vendetta that Kirsty finds herself dragged into.This book started out a little slow to me, but picked up about [...]

    29. This novel is well outside my normal preferred genres, but I do like to step outside my comfort zone from time to time. In fact I do read thrillers but normally psychological ones. How shall I describe this thriller, well it is very intense with evil bloody scenes and sexual violence, you have been warned. Everything the author has written is relevant to the storyline though as this complex mystery is set in Crete, a country that has a long history of occupation by other nations. It is this hist [...]

    30. Cause and effect; a man, a woman, betrayal, a red silk chemise, murder and family honor.The prologue will suck you in and have you gasping as it ends.The mystery surrounds the death of a wife and child, beginning in 1942 to some 60 years later when a couple, Eleni and Patrick go in search of the truth and disappears.Their disappearance sets Kirsty McIntyre and Barba Yiogos on a journey to not only find the couple but also to unravel the secrets of the past.Betrayal knows no end and the reader wi [...]

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