Lopsided How Having Breast Cancer Can Be Really Distracting A hilarious and wickedly irreverent look at life with cancerLopsided is not your ordinary cancer memoir Meredith Norton chronicles every step of her experience starting with her bizarre symptoms whil

  • Title: Lopsided: How Having Breast Cancer Can Be Really Distracting
  • Author: Meredith Norton
  • ISBN: 9780670019281
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A hilarious and wickedly irreverent look at life with cancerLopsided is not your ordinary cancer memoir Meredith Norton chronicles every step of her experience, starting with her bizarre symptoms while living in Paris to moving back home to California and living with her compulsive parents and their five television sets Irreverent and incredibly funny, Norton rails againA hilarious and wickedly irreverent look at life with cancerLopsided is not your ordinary cancer memoir Meredith Norton chronicles every step of her experience, starting with her bizarre symptoms while living in Paris to moving back home to California and living with her compulsive parents and their five television sets Irreverent and incredibly funny, Norton rails against self pity and victimhood and rants about the innumerable copies of Lance Armstrong s cancer survival book pressed on her by well meaning family and friends Alongside the harrowing portrait of her treatments, Norton offers equally amusing memories from her offbeat life We see her childhood time during a somewhat racist ski trip, a family reunion at a Florida alligator farm, and her life in a tree house with a neighbor, who, despite being vegan, hates mice enough to taxidermy them into miniature versions of racecar drivers, Jesus, a UPS delivery man, and Sally Jesse Raphael Like David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs, Norton s razor sharp wit is at once riotous and excruciating Lopsided is the remarkable debut of a masterful humorist.

    • Lopsided: How Having Breast Cancer Can Be Really Distracting - Meredith Norton
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    1. Meredith Norton

      This irreverent account of a battle with breast cancer is also a riotous memoir of family, friends, a life unusually lived.

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    1. This book made me laugh harder than I've laughed in a long time. I laughed so hard at points that it made me cry. I laughed through the first half of the book, and was engrossed in the whole thing. She is a smart ass who is great with irony (as the title implies).The narrative bounces around in ways that are hard to follow at times, but she gives great (and fun) insights into ordinary life and relationships over time with family and friends.You may have to have a smart ass sense of humor to real [...]

    2. I have weird feelings on this memoir. I have an academic interest in and addiction to women's disease narratives. I also love books that are funny. This book is both, to the point that I had to stop the audio book because I was laughing too much to listen well. For the first five CDs, the book was a 5/5 star kind of book. Then the last CD came along and she said something about a bully from her childhood being a "fourteen year old bulldyke" and I was like wait, what? Yeah. I don't know whether I [...]

    3. This book was so funny that I ended up working out for an extra 20 minutes. Unheard of for me. I just kept compulsively reading and reading and pedaling and ellipticalling.There have been complaints about how the author wanders off on tangents into unrelated, but funny, anecdotes of her life. To me, that was one of the reasons I kept reading. Maybe because that's how my brain works and it's nice to have validation that other people's brains work in the same way.All in all, an amusing and quick r [...]

    4. From a magazine review:"There we were," she concludes at the end of the 20-month ordeal she and her husband endured, "with the same annoying habits and bad manners, ungrateful, pessimistic, undisciplined, and bored. We were just as mediocre as when this whole drama began."Ungrateful, pessimistic, undisciplined, and bored. What can you say about a writer like this, except that she's fresh and adorable, and you hope she sticks around to produce at least another dozen surly, lovely books?-Michelle [...]

    5. One of the best memoirs I've read! This woman is funny, honest, irreverent, smart, and someone I would love to be friends with. For anyone who has been touched by breast cancer, I highly recommend this book.

    6. With smart-ass sass, Norton's memoir about her breast cancer treatment is humorous, sincere and intimate. This book has been more helpful and comforting than anything else I've read while undergoing treatment myself.

    7. If I were a professor grading this book it was get a B. It's a fairly solid work and Norton's personality definitely comes through but there is a wildly scattered plot. More than once I would have commented in the margin "a separate paragraph does NOT mean a completely separate and wholly unrelated anecdote, that is what multiple line breaks or those weird centered symbols/lines are for." Norton's personality, around which this memoir is centered can also become a little trying. She is a strong [...]

    8. Meredith Norton was living in France with her French husband and their new baby boy, Luca, when she noticed that one of her breasts was much larger than the other. Initially attributing the discrepancy to lactation and breast-feeding, Meredith decided to have it checked out while she was visiting friends and family in the states. After dealing with the French medical system during her pregnancy, Meredith was surprised by how seriously she was taken and how quickly she was diagnosed once she retu [...]

    9. I heard Meredith Norton on the radio a few weeks back getting interviewed about this book and reading passages of it. I was somewhere on 280 and I remember the moment so clearly that the side of the freeway wall is now, unforgettable. Her wit, humor and skewed perspectives were so funny and inspiring that I ordered the book almost as soon as I was not driving. Now that I have read the book, I am a tiny bit disappointed. Although I enjoyed it very much, in fact I laughed so loud in bed that Dutch [...]

    10. Meredith is trying to figure life out. She's a free spirit who is constantly following her whims. When she finally decides to settle down, she's in Paris with her husband and they have a child. Desperate for a change of scenery, Meredith and her baby boy fly to the US to spend time with her parents. While she's there, she pulls out her boob for her mother's inspection. Her mother's reaction scares Meredith into seeing a doctor. The good news is Meredith hasn't lost her sense of humor and allows [...]

    11. I loved this book written by an African-American breast cancer survivor who possesses the dry & dark humor that I also love. She is getting well-justified rave reviews. She, her husband, and young son were living in Paris when she was diagnosed. After some problems with French doctors, she returned to her family in the states to receive her treatment. She chronicles her cancer journey with side trips through her past life which are liberally sprinkled with humorous self-deprication. I really [...]

    12. Since I am battling breast cancer, I picked up this book to get a fellow-fighter's perspective. Parts of it I could relate to , like her description of her core biopsy. The first few chapters were pretty good, the rest of the book, not so much. I really struggled with the author's attitude. She is not very likeable and super self-absorbed. I also struggled with all the extra stuff in the bookl the flash backs that i really don't care about .

    13. Ah, Meredith Norton you are hilarious. This book was absolutely hysterical which made such a real book very readable. I don't mean real like she described every little procedure in medical terms (which a lot of these kinds of books have done) but real like your best friend was real when she told you about that one night stand she wished she hadn't had. I loved this.

    14. In an attempt to be witty, Norton often comes across as grumpy. Also, in an anecdote from being fourteen at summer camp, was it really necessary to refer to your bunk-mate as a 'bull dyke', with 'lesbian-style' pants? Are we to assume that she was out then, or if out now and it is written reflectively? Or were you just expanding on your previous description of her aggression?

    15. I would never have believed there was such a thing as a funny book about breast cancer, but I was wrong. This author is laugh-out-loud funny about an otherwise anything-but-funny situation. I hope she writes more books!

    16. A surprising book about cancer. It's not sad and depressing- it's funny.My only gripes are that Meredith is a little perverted. And she describes things too well. But I guess I should expect that in a book about breast cancer.

    17. The first half is hilarious and tragic. The last half isn't as interesting. However, I really admire the author and her spunk.

    18. What do you do when you live in France, married to a French national and return home to visit your family in California and receive terrible medical news? What do you do when your doctors tell you that your chance of surviving cancer is 40%? What do you do when your son is only 18-months-old and has little concept of what mommy is going through? For Meredith Norton, you face it with intelligence, humor and a strong family support system. Lopsided is a fresh, witty and at times brash memoir about [...]

    19. “What the F-U-K-C” is Going On?”“I have cancer.”“That explains your lame-ass party.”Thus it goes when Meredith Norton tells her best friend Rebecca about her recent diagnosis.“Lopsided: How Having Breast Cancer Can be Really Distracting” is Meredith Norton’s acclaimed memoir of her time in life as a young wife and mother living with her husband, Thibaut, in Paris and while on a trip back to the States to see family and friends is diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. Ear [...]

    20. In an half-hearted attempt to look at other cancer memoirs (everyone who gets cancer turns around and writes a book, just like me), I came across this one. I'm not doing a lot of reading on cancer. In fact, I'm doing frightfully little. My "dip" into the literature is scanty at best--but this one looked interesting.Then I looked up the author, and discovered she had died in 2013--five years after the book came out in 2008. I really stopped, unsure I'd read her memoir. But I tried a few pages any [...]

    21. The medical part of the story was interesting, dealing with choices about treatment, side effects, recurrence scares, people's reactions to her hair loss from chemo, and more. A major complication in my enjoyment of the book, however, was that she sure seemed to be a very disagreeable person. Spends a lot of time on how much she dislikes Lance Armstrong, fat people, many ex-boyfriends, teachers from her high school days, kids she later taught, Katherine Hepburn (!), people who don't get how bril [...]

    22. I wavered wildly between 3 and 4 stars. Meredith is a kick in the ass as a writer: irreverent, sarcastic, funny in all the inappropriate places. I would love to have a beer with this broad, but I would not want to stick around for the BBQ at her place. The memoir was witty and biting, but I found minimal depth to Meredith and her cancer. The sarcasm only carried her so far. Having just walked my beloved brother to the end with cancer- I wasn’t impressed with how not bothered with cancer Meredi [...]

    23. Most cancer books fall in one of two categories: 1. the sob story where the person dies, or 2. the uplifting tale of heroism where the person triumphs and gains wisdom and honor. And then there is the third category: 3. the person struggles and finds some glimmer of value, but in the end still wishes they'd never had cancer. This is the category that "Lopsided" falls into. I wouldn't go so far as to compare her to David Sedaris or Augusten Burroughs as other reviewers have - she's not THAT funny [...]

    24. "It is my firm belief that adversity only strips the insulation from the foundation. If the foundation is weak, corrupt, or solid, its nature is simply revealed. Few situations are so harrowing as to build or deplete character. You either have it, or you don't." - Meredith NortonNorton shows her character as being resilient, witty and one that continues to defy stereotype. Whether it be one of race, a person with an illness, or that of an American expat living in Paris. This book is laugh-out-lo [...]

    25. I downloaded this audiobook on a whim from the library. I'm glad I did - it was brilliantly funny and achingly poignant in turns. I literally laughed out loud many times, while riding the train or walking down the street. Strangers must have thought I was insane. Much more than a straightforward memoir of illness and recovery - though it was that too - this was a collection of memorable stories about the author, her friends and loved ones.(view spoiler)[Partway through listening to this book, I [...]

    26. The author of this memoir is a thirty-something African-American mother of an eleven-month-old son. After a privileged childhood in California and short stints at many varied jobs, she married a Frenchman and is living in Paris. While on a trip to America to visit her parents, she is diagnosed with a deadly form of breast cancer with a 40% chance of surviving the next five years. She tells the story of her fight against this disease, but this is not your typical cancer story. She manages, in a v [...]

    27. I'm not sure what I expected from this book (although it was promoted as Sedaris-like, so they had me there). That part disappoints, as Norton is not all that funny. Sardonic and narcissistic, yes, but NOT funny. Granted, the subject matter isn’t all that funny (breast cancer), and while I did appreciate her practical approach to her disease and treatment, I guess I expected a little more heart and a lot less sarcasm (and this is from someone who appreciates sarcasm, believe me). Her use of ex [...]

    28. I first heard of this breast cancer memoir a while ago and thought it sounded interesting, but I didn't *have* to read it until I spotted a different cover, featuring what was presumably its original title on another site. Once I'd seen that, I couldn't read it fast enough. (Check it out over the cut.) Meredith Norton is an American woman living in Paris with her French husband and baby son when she finds that what she though - and what a number of French doctors had told her - was an infected m [...]

    29. Watching my beloved grandmother pass away from breast cancer, and now watching my mother fight bone cancer which spread from her breast, this book was properly poignant message of hope and strength.At first I could not understand the humor Norton used in reliving her beginning in her battle with cancer, until I began smiling, laughing and relating to her struggles. It faced so many issues head on that I, a cancer survivor myself, began to place myself in my mother's shoes, knowing where happines [...]

    30. Oh! For hell's sakes! This was one of the funniest books I've ever read. I would give it five stars, but hold back on account of the language. If you'll be offended by some language, don't read this. If you want a laugh out loud book and don't mind phrases like, "It was the same chicken-shit balllessness" then you should read it.Meredith Norton chronicles her battle with breast cancer chemotherapy, mastectomy, radiation, more chemo, horrific side effects, everything! She also weaves in stories f [...]

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