Blackstone and the Heart of Darkness A sadistic killer is targeting teenage girls A horrific pattern is emerging with each new corpse horrendously mutilated in precisely the same way But the victims aren t just any girls They are the ch

  • Title: Blackstone and the Heart of Darkness
  • Author: Sally Spencer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A sadistic killer is targeting teenage girls A horrific pattern is emerging, with each new corpse horrendously mutilated in precisely the same way But the victims aren t just any girls They are the children of England s aristocracy Inspector Blackstone, of the Metropolitan Police, seems to be the only man in the country who stands a chance of catching the Northern SA sadistic killer is targeting teenage girls A horrific pattern is emerging, with each new corpse horrendously mutilated in precisely the same way But the victims aren t just any girls They are the children of England s aristocracy Inspector Blackstone, of the Metropolitan Police, seems to be the only man in the country who stands a chance of catching the Northern Slasher Can Blackstone find the killer before he chooses his next victim When Blackstone receives a letter from an old army comrade, he is plunged into the middle of an even darker horror Blackstone and the Heart of Darkness is the next thrilling instalment in the Blackstone detective series Praise for Sally Spencer Vivid characters, a dazzling plot, authentic period details, and plenty of surprising twists make this latest effort by Sally Spencer an outstanding choice for historical mystery fans Booklist This new series from the author of the Chief Inspector Woodend novels features a nicely captured Victorian ethos, solid prose, and winning subplot diversions Anne Perry fans and devotees of Victorian era mysteries will enjoy this new historical For most collections Library Journal Sally Spencer worked as a teacher both in England and Iran where she witnessed the fall of the Shah She now writes full time Endeavour Press is the UK s leading independent publisher of digital books.

    • Blackstone and the Heart of Darkness - Sally Spencer
      160 Sally Spencer
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    About "Sally Spencer"

    1. Sally Spencer

      A pseudonym used by Alan Rustage.Sally Spencer is a pen name, first adopted when the author actually called Alan Rustage was writing sagas and it was almost obligatory that a woman s name appeared on the cover other authors like Emma Blair and Mary Jane Staples are also men.Before becoming a full time writer, he was a teacher In 1978 79 he was working in Iran and witnessed the fall of the Shah see the Blog for what it was like to live through a revolution He got used to having rifles and, one occasion, a rocket launcher pointed at him by both soldiers and revolutionaries, but he was never entirely comfortable with it.He lived in Madrid for over twenty years, and still considers it the most interesting and exciting city he has ever visited, but for the last few years he has opted for a quieter life in the seaside town of Calpe, on the Costa Blanca.His first series of books were historical sagas set in Cheshire where he grew up and London They were very popular with his English readers, but his American readers find the dialect something of a strain.He has written twenty books featuring DCI Woodend a character based partly on a furniture dealer he used to play dominoes with and ten so far about Woodend s proteg Monika Paniatowski His DI Sam Blackstone books are set in Victorian Edwardian London, New York and Russia, and the Inspector Paco Ruiz books have as their backdrop the Spanish Civil War Alan is a competitive games player who likes bridge and pub quizzes It is only by enforcing iron discipline that he doesn t play video games all the time.He now lives on Spain s Costa Blanca.

    507 thoughts on “Blackstone and the Heart of Darkness”

    1. Two lines merging into one.The strange case of two different lines of investigation turning into one. Showcasing the actual conditions present during the early twentieth century. Great story and mystery.

    2. When I acquired my Kindle copy of this book in October 2015, there were two things that for some reason I did not know. Firstly that it is the sixth in a series, and I had not read any of the previous five, and that the author is not a lady called Sally Spencer!Having said that I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book which in some ways reminded me of the writings of Edward Marston, set in a slightly earlier era, but with similar language. Sam Blackstone is one of Scotland Yard’s mist [...]

    3. Interesting lead characters, but they needed more fleshing out. Patterson was the most well-done. It seemed thatthe crime Patterson was following was connected to the other one about the mutilated girls. The author pointed us in that direction with Huggins and Bickersdale possibly being the lout and the nicely dressed gentleman who stopped the lout from attacking one of the madam's girls. But it wasn't clearly delineated. And who were all the young girls who were killed instead of the upper clas [...]

    4. I wish I had started with the first entry in the series but even starting here was an enjoyable experience. The characters are interesting but I wish more time had been spent with Dr Carr. There are enough proofing mistakes that you will notice them but not so many that it detracts from the story or joy of reading this tale. Another reviewer made the same content particularly mentioning the often used "Torn" in place of Tom. It happened so often that I assumed it was a turn off the century Briti [...]

    5. A great thing about BookBub free books is you can find a new character you really enjoy. Such is the case with Sam Blackstone, a Scotland Yard detective in a series set around the turn of the twentieth century. Although a series, I definitely enjoyed this mystery as a stand-alone novel and definitely will seek out more books about Blackstone. I liked the way several stories tied together in the end from Salt mines in Marston to brothels in London. It is always interesting to see how crimes were [...]

    6. Very good mystery -- Victorian era. Three disparate investigations divide three investigators who normally work together. . . ere are murdered girls from good families, an investigation into child prostitution, and a suspected smuggling ring. This is the 6th in the series and I actually hadn't read the earlier ones but I plan to now. Still there was no discontinuity or confusion even starting the series in the middle.

    7. Blackstone, a detective in late 19th century England, and his colleagues and female doctor have to figure out a series of murders of girls, a smuggling ring, and the death of a friend. The descriptions show 19th century England quite nicely, and the characters are quite appealing. I am glad I stumbled over this series.

    8. Twists and TurnsA thoroughly good read. It starts slowly and suddenly you are entrapped. The woman coroner is a nice touch for that era. Very reminiscent of Inspector Pitt mysteries. I am looking forward to the next book and seeing if Blackstone and Ellie continue to make a great team.

    9. Very good English Murder Mystery with two different plots that tie in together nicely at the end. So many times the characters can't hold your interest but in this case it was managed nicely. I found this a perfect read and setting for an England set in a period time frame. I recommend reading the book.

    10. Inspector Blackstone is sent north away from London to caught the sadistic killer of young girls who's mutilated bodies are found in several different counties.Shall look for others in the series starting with the first tale.

    11. A bit of a surpriseNicely written, and very suspenseful. Had me so twisted around I didn't know which end was up, but as it moved forward, everything made perfect sense. I totally enoyed it, from start to finish.

    12. Great storyI loved the details in this story. It kept my attention and was a fast read. I would definitely recommend . I plan on reading other books by this author.

    13. There are lots of scanner and editing errors in this edition, but the story is superb! In the style of Conan-Doyle, this is a first rate main character and story.

    14. InterestingOne of the new series that I have tried, and found readable. I will check out more of the series.

    15. Good story line.Enjoyed this book very much.Good detail on setting, language, and location. The author closed the tale with a surprising ending that capped a very good effort.

    16. Oustanding!Though I am a Yank,i find that a good English author is hard to beat. Truly enjoyed this book a lot.

    17. Enjoyable, although I did figure the mystery out fairly quickly. I enjoyed the characters, so I'll keep an eye out for other books in the series at the library.

    18. Great crime novelI loved how this had twist a and turns that linked up in the end. Great read start to finish.

    19. Heart of darknessGood read from the beginning to the end. The characters are timeless although the time, the early 20th century, is intriguing

    20. Was not impressed at all. Write up was more interesting than the book. Just missing the makings of a passable book.

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