Scarred Beautiful Love believes in second chances Francis Heller lives with two truths Love hurts and beauty is only skin deep With midnight black hair moss colored eyes and traceable curves Fran is the picture of b

  • Title: Scarred Beautiful
  • Author: Beth Michele
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love believes in second chances Francis Heller lives with two truths Love hurts and beauty is only skin deep With midnight black hair, moss colored eyes, and traceable curves, Fran is the picture of beauty and confidenceon the outside But deep down she is tormented Not just by the jagged scars that line her body, but by the horrible memories that cloud her mind andLove believes in second chances Francis Heller lives with two truths Love hurts and beauty is only skin deep With midnight black hair, moss colored eyes, and traceable curves, Fran is the picture of beauty and confidenceon the outside But deep down she is tormented Not just by the jagged scars that line her body, but by the horrible memories that cloud her mind and haunt her dreams The ones that make her want to flee from herself and from the devastating pain The ones that cause her to placate herself with sex Anything to make her forget But for Fran, there s nowhere to hide from the darkness that swallows her whole Matt Dixon is the gorgeous brother of her best friend s fianc e He s suffered losses of his own and isn t willing to let anyone in until his unexpected encounter with Fran Heller, the girl who challenges him and causes him to take a second look, not only at her, but at his own life But Matt has scars of his own Together can they help each other discover that second chances really do exist That love doesn t have to hurt Or has the damage they ve both suffered cut too deep to ever heal

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    1. Beth Michele

      Beth Michele pen name for Beth Michele Luciano Beth Michele is an author of M F and M M Contemporary Romance She writes stories with heart, about love, life, and everything in between She is a Connecticut native who loves spending time with her husband and two children If you can t find her, though, she s probably hiding out with her laptop or kindle somewhere quiet, preferably a spot overlooking the ocean She loves Swedish Fish and Twizzlers, and makes a damn good hot chocolate every day of the year.

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    1. 2 starsFirst I would like to profusely thank the author for giving me a copy of this book to read. It has a beautiful cover, enticing and catchy blurb so what more can a girl ask for?Unfortunately, this book is not my cup of tea. If you are a fan of slow building romances or you just need a super cute and LIGHT read, then I would recommend this book to you. If not, you will probably feel like me when you're finished:So what exactly did I not like?>>How mundane the story is<<I don't k [...]

    2. I got one word for you AMAZEBALLS !!!!!!!Beth Michele truly knows how to write a story. She has the most amazing characters in this story and it is surely one you are not going to want to pass by.What can I say about this author and this story? Beth Michele has become one of my favorite author’s. I have read every book to date that she has released. Scarred Beautiful might just be my favorite thus far. Matt and Fran first met in Love Love, he is Brad’s brother and Fran is Gabby’s Best frie [...]

    3. What a sweet sweet book!Again my friend Beth writes these amazing books which make me want to fall in love all over againBooks that make you believe that fairytales are possible.Fran is a girl who is living but is not alive She has demons in her past and the scars to prove it.It keeps her away from being happy because no one will Love the ugliness right? When Fran gets sent on a conference to LA, a short business trip and a small vacation she didn't know that her life as she knew it and doubted [...]

    4. There was a boy and girl, their names were Matt and Fran. They meet each other when her mate and his brother became couple. One day, they meet again in the same hotel that both of them are staying for their conference. Fran lusts for the Matt. Matt likes Fran too. Then it's trouble in paradise, they help each other.Finally, demons are banish, couple are come together. And that was Scarred Beautiful. If you love fairytales, this book is yours.Happy readingD xo**ARC provided for tour**

    5. Wow! This book sweet and hot! Definitely my favorite of Beth Michele's books. Scarred Beautiful is a beautiful, funny, sad, sweet, happy, sexy and loving story.Matt and Fran each had their own scars. Neither were looking for a relationship. But when the time was right, they would discover they were meant to be. Matt and Fran met (in Love Love) when his brother, Brad, was in the hospital and Fran was there to support her best friend/Brad's girl, Gabby. But it wasn't quite their time. Approximatel [...]

    6. Beth Michele does it again!Beautifully written and engaging from the very first page, I genuinely believe that this is the best of Beth!Fran led a deeply troubled childhood, of which she still bares the Physical and Emotional scars. We are taken back and given a glimpse of how her scars came about. It was a raw and emotional insight which really made me sad for her both as a scared little girl and the independent woman she would become. Fran is a perfect example of how, if we let them, our scars [...]

    7. Beth Michele has done it again! She has made me fall hopelessly in love with another one of her books. This book was at top of my to read list. Another book I was patiently waiting for. It certainly paid off. This book stayed with me long after I read it. This book was sweet and Heartfelt. It made me smile more times than I could count. The characters were wonderful, ones I wouldn't mind spending the day with.Fran is the loveable best friend from Love Love. We learn in Scarred Beautiful that Fra [...]

    8. 3.5 StarsI loved the prologue and I like the way the story started and where it was all going. Then somewhere around 35%, I wasn’t sure what was going on with the characters. I started questioning the hero and heroine’s relationship.The writing was good. There was not a lot of inner dialogue. It was not wordy. My issue was with the characters. I hoped that Matt would be more alpha in the relationship. We get dual POVs in this story so you know Matt’s thoughts about himself, his friends, an [...]

    9. I think Scarred Beautiful is my favorite of Beth Michele's books. So far.After losing both his mom and his sister to breast cancer, Matt is left with half a heart and the internal scars left behind. He was forced to grow up fast and take on the responsibility of his younger brother. This led to an almost compulsive need for perfection.After suffering horrible childhood abuse, and the loss of a loved one, Fran is left with only half her heart, external scars at her father's hands, and a countless [...]

    10. 4.5 StarsFran is a young, smart, savvy business woman who is scarred. Physically and mentally. She fights against the raging currents in her mind to keep her memories buried. She has established core relationships with her friends and she is on the fast track for her career. The one time she allowed herself to love a man; her heart was broken into a million pieces. And just like Humpty Dumpty, no one could put Fran together again.“I forgive you…and now I want you to forgive yourself”She ha [...]

    11. ARC Was Given to Blog for Honest ReviewNothing makes me happier than when I am reading a book and I get more out of it than just a great story. Beth takes us on an emotional journey with such positive life lessons throughout, that you can’t help but come out of reading this book a new positive person; who vows to be every ounce of the strong, amazing woman you know you were meant to be.Now I know I usually talk about the main characters and how they affected me and the story, but I feel like I [...]

    12. I’m so happy about “Scarred Beautiful,” and now that it’s released, I finally get to post my review for it!As you might know by now, I’m not much for revealing story lines in books—as a reader I hate it when a review gives details I’d rather learn as I go. Which is why I’m diving right into the top six “wow”-factors that made me all giddy:1) Great writing. This is a big one for me.2) Fran’s smartass attitude and blunt appreciation of a hot guy. I kept laughing out loud at h [...]

    13. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This is a read that deals with abuse, so it's not for the heavy hearted unless you can take it. I've read such dark romance that I think I might be immune to these reads that brush upon the subject of abuse very lightly. I say that because this was just an alright read for me.We start with Fran Heller who has been living in New York but goes to Los Angeles for a convention for work. While there, she runs into her bes [...]

    14. What can I say about Scarred Beautiful?Well in one word… BREATHTAKING!I fell in love with this story from the first page and I was hooked. It is one of those un -putdownable books, it’s not often I fall in love with a book from page one but I really did with this one.The character and story line development are beautifully written and flow perfectly, the pace of the story is perfect, you don’t miss anything, you don’t have to re read anything.This book is filled with moments that made me [...]

    15. Melanie's 5 BIG Stars Review:Ok, I abso-friggin-lutely LOVED this book!!! The all caps are an understatement as to how much Fran and Matt's story compelled me from beginning to end. I have a ridiculous smile on my face and have to shake my head in disbelief at how lucky I got when I signed up for this blog tour.Scarred Beautiful has one of the most entertaining all around book cast I've ever encountered. Peyton, the snarky and sassy friend- the back and forth dialogue between her and Fran had me [...]

    16. ARC Was Given To Blog For An Honest ReviewThis is one of those stories that remind us of the lessons instilled in us growing up; beauty is only skin deep. It does not matter how beautiful you are on the outside if you have ugly inside of you. It is unfortunate that many of us measure ourselves on what other people think and sometimes do not believe we are just as beautiful as the models that we see on covers of magazines. We often let what is on the outside define us and we hide.What caught my a [...]

    17. I greatly appreciate an author’s ability to captivate my complete attention within the first few pages of a book. I love being taken over by a phenomenal read. I was absolutely hooked from the start of Scarred Beautiful and could not put it down until I read the final word. This was a truly outstanding romance with plenty of angst and tension mixed with dark elements and steamy passion.The prologue sets this story up with a moment in Fran Heller’s childhood. The words lead you to believe the [...]

    18. I was given this book as an ARC for an honest review.I gave this book 5 stars. This is the first book that I have read by Beth Michele.This is Fran and Matt's story. Fran is a beautiful young lady that is scarred on the inside as well as the outside. Her life has been anything but normal. She has been hurt by one of the people you are suppose to trust the most. And now Fran has her walls high, and is not going to let anyone in. Matt has lost two of the closest people in his life to him. He is hu [...]

    19. I first met Fran Heller as Gabby’s best friend in Beth Michele’s debut novel, Love Love. She was a feisty thing, but slightly broken on the inside from a traumatic and abusive childhood. In Scarred Beautiful, (a follow up to Love Love but can be read as a standalone) she’s still got that little bit of spark, but after experiencing another tragedy she’s closed herself off from most of the world, and has resigned herself to the fact that she’ll never be fully and truly happy. Despite bei [...]

    20. 4.5 stars!On the outside Fran is a young, successful, professional. Hidden underneath her layers Fran is scarred. Dealing with an abusive childhood and a sudden devastating loss, she is just trying to make it day to day without having more panic attacks. Meeting Matt an a conference in LA puts a spark back in her eyes that hasn't been there in a very long time. Matt has faced devastating losses as well. Yet, together they seem to find the joy in living again.I was pleasantly surprised with this [...]

    21. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you went on a business trip and found the love of your life? Doesn't that sound like something amazing? Well that is what happens to Fran. Fran travels to sunny Los Angeles, California for a business conference. There she runs into Matt, who she acquainted with, due to her best friend being engaged to Matt's brother. As luck would have it, Matt is also staying at the same hotel for the same conference. Fran is a super sweet, smart, down to earth gi [...]

    22. I was up and down while reading this book. It was cute and sweet and heavy at times. I was expecting the heaviness to be a huge weight to bare but it wasn't. It was almost a minute part of the story when I was expecting it to be huge. Small things here and there were dropped about the abuse Fran suffered but I kept wanting more. She seemed to be so messed up in her head, being away from family, losing her love in a sad way. The one person who saw past her uglinessMuch of this book is a group of [...]

    23. 4.5 Stars Beth Michele has a new book out and it is fabulous!!! SCARRED BEAUTIFUL is such a sweet, and sexy, and emotional read that I got completely consumed in and fell head over heels in love with the characters. Matt Dixon and Francis Heller meet by chance one night in hotel bar. Both living with their own personal scars that have threatened to ruin any kind of relationship they may have wanted in the past. Horrific events from Fran's childhood have left her body marred by jagged scars, wher [...]

    24. Fran has been hurt by the one man who should have always protected her. Her father was a heartless bastard that tortured her and beat her mother. The mental scarring is worse than the physical and the physical marks are enough to make a grown man cry. She knows she'll never get the happily ever after. She felt it once and it was ripped from her grasp. Now she only allows the physical escape. Emotions not allowed.Matt has the perfect life. He drives an Aston Martin. Lives in a plush house in a de [...]

    25. 4.5 starsSizzling Heat!Reading Beth Michele is like having that perfect piece of chocolate after a long day! I love they way she is really putting the "romance" back into contemporary romance novels. Scarred Beautiful took me by surprise and I loved every page, Beth Michele truly topped herself with this book! If you are thinking that Scarred Beautiful is going to be a dark romance, think again. This is novel about two adults who have had life leave them with scars, both emotionally and physical [...]

    26. **ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review**Scarred Beautiful is a heartwarming read that leaves you warm and fuzzy. I would also describe it as a nice sweet treat. The prologue is emotional and I loved the way the story began. Francis Heller is a successful design manager. Fran is confident and has a beautiful appearance, but she's hiding some painful scars both emotionally and physically that many people don't know about. Fran meets sexy Matt Dixon while on a business trip to [...]

    27. I was lucky to have this book gifted by Beth and what a gift it was! I devoured this book! Beth knows how to write romantic stories!Fran (Gabby's best friend from book love love) and Matt (Brad's brother) run into each other in a conference and their story begins.Fran is a really smart girl, feisty, who speaks her mind but also hides a vulnerable side. She has to live with a broken heart and a past that haunts her. Here comes Matt, the most caring, sensitive man. Matt is a little bit control fre [...]

    28. Scarred Beautiful is the companion novel to "Love, Love" and I had high expectations. The story of Gabby was truly beautiful and Fran was a big part of it as her best friend and family. I wanted to learn more about her.I liked Scarred Beautiful, mostly because the characters are fun and their personalities are well defined. BUT I can't help but feel a little disappointed when it comes to some decisions from the author; for example, Fran already had a rich backstory to explore and we didn't reall [...]

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