Zero to Five Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science and What I ve Learned So Far You could read parenting books on sleep eating potty training discipline and brain development Or you could read Zero to Five Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science Tracy Cutchlow cuts to

  • Title: Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far)
  • Author: Tracy Cutchlow Betty Udesen
  • ISBN: 9780983263364
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Spiral-bound
  • You could read 34 parenting books on sleep, eating, potty training, discipline, and brain development Or you could read Zero to Five 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science Tracy Cutchlow cuts to the chase, summarizing the best scientific research in bite sized chunks One tip per page beautiful photographs cool easy.Combining the warmth of a best friend withYou could read 34 parenting books on sleep, eating, potty training, discipline, and brain development Or you could read Zero to Five 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science Tracy Cutchlow cuts to the chase, summarizing the best scientific research in bite sized chunks One tip per page beautiful photographs cool easy.Combining the warmth of a best friend with her simple, clear style, Tracy addresses questions such as Should I talk to my pregnant belly newborn Is that going to feel weird Yes, and absolutely How do I help baby sleep well Start with the 45 minute rule How can I instill a love of learning in my child With specific types of praise and criticism What boosts my child s success in school It s not what you think My kindergartner loves videos and cell phone games That s cool, right If you play, too What tamps down temper tantrums Naming emotions out loud My sweet baby just hit a playmate lied to me about un potting the plant talked back Now what OK, this is a whole section of the book How do I get through an entire day of this With help Lots of help Zero to Five is here to help Make it your guide to the crazy wonderful journey that is parenting.

    • Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) By Tracy Cutchlow Betty Udesen
      318 Tracy Cutchlow Betty Udesen
    • thumbnail Title: Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) By Tracy Cutchlow Betty Udesen
      Posted by:Tracy Cutchlow Betty Udesen
      Published :2019-08-19T13:25:00+00:00

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    1. Tracy Cutchlow Betty Udesen

      I m the author of Zero to Five 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science I was editor of Brain Rules for Baby, Brain Rules, and Brain Rules for Aging Well As a journalist, I worked at The Seattle Times, The Oregonian, and MSN I m mom to one precocious kindergartner My husband and I live in Seattle You can find my writing on parenting in publications from The Huffington Post to the Washington Post Subscribe to my parenting tips at zerotofive sign up and join 10,000 parents and parenting professionals finding calm and confidence

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    1. This has been my favorite baby prep book so far. It's based on science, gives advice I can totally get behind, was easy to read all at once (and will be easy to flip to specific sections later), and has a beautiful layout & photos. I'll be recommending this book to everyone!

    2. So I've read this very slowly over the last few weeks. It should be titled "Some Facts, Some Opinions, Some Based on Science, Some Loosely Backed Somewhat by Science". That being said, it is a book filled with good ideas on what to do with your babies. It does get a little condescending and gives input into your marriage, adult friendships, and the speed of your life. Most of the tips in this book are pretty obvious or well known, even if they aren't often followed, like no tv for your babies an [...]

    3. ZERO TO FIVE is a book that should be one of many in a series. You could consider this an essential book for all new moms and dads. Easy to read, which is really important when you are pregnant and tired and or nauseated or have a newborn and lack sleep or a toddler you can’t keep up with, Zero to Five is one of those books that will be shared with other new moms and maybe even will be the Doctor Spock of this generation. Wish they had books like this when we were new parents! It could be call [...]

    4. An easy read with lots of good tips, but also some misinformation, based on what I've learned as an early childhood educator and (briefly) parent. Although many tips in the book include general references to scientific studies, there is not enough explanation of where she is getting her information to even investigate the differences I noted (Co-sleeping, for example, is said here to be specifically detrimental to the quality of both baby and mother's sleep. I was unable to locate anything on th [...]

    5. This will be the book I give at a baby shower. Zero to Five is full of tons of great information from preparing for baby,to talking & connecting, sleep, eat, and potty, as well as discipline and play. She covers so many topics concisely, that it makes this book a good reference. But I love the pictures and layout, you never feel like you are reading a parenting book let alone with so much information.

    6. Chock full of positive parenting tips and quite a few "sneaky librarian" tips for encouraging early literacy by harnessing the power of fun and the amazing curiosity of the developing brain. This book feels like a good talk with an old friend, it bolsters you, realigns you and educates you with a gentle hand.Put this on your baby shower gift basket list

    7. I really love this book. It has helped me come up with ways to help raise my child better than I was brought up. I look forward to testing out many of the strategies for the little bumps along the road in our lives.

    8. Very good in places, more 3 or 4 stars, because it reminds you of helpful tips and has a few of its own. Sadly, this is padded out with photos of kids, dull text and irritating light type which is difficult to read on a Kindle. Part of the problem lies in the fact that the meatier sections tend to be in the second half, by which time you're probably a little frustrated with it already.

    9. Nice little book with tips on how to raise children who will develop a sense of empathy, growth mindset and resilience. There are other books that drill down deeper into each of those traits, but this tome is a good gateway into those topics. Highly recommend.

    10. Disclaimer and Caveat: I received a free copy of this book through First Reads giveaways.Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let me begin with the rave review. When I first saw that the author was a fairly new mother of one child, and a journalist, I had very low expectations. I teach psychology and child development at the college level and often have to undo what students have learned from Mom, from self-proclaimed author-experts, from sources that hold wishful thinking and ought-to-be [...]

    11. I won this book through a giveaway. During the time, I had signed up for several different books without really looking at the titles or descriptions. This is how I signed up for an incoming mother book without being an incoming mother! However, as the oldest of 2 siblings and the oldest of 6 close cousins, I've been around babies and the mothers of babies enough to understand why this book is necessary. The tips and tricks are just genius. I've seen ways my own mother has raised her children, [...]

    12. Received this from publisher in accompaniment to Brain Rules for Baby.The book covers different stages in the different chapters.Some points the book makes are as follows:- Preparation during pregnancy should revolve around peace and quiet, friendships, and lowering of stress.- Newborns: love, comfort, and talking.- Sleeping, eating, and potty training.- Play - different toys and types of music that is best - what makes a good playroom - creativity and self-control- Connectivity - asking for hel [...]

    13. I've read many parenting books and this one is by far my favorite. A lot of parenting information in other books and on websites revolve around opinions, but this book is all based on recent studies done by the scientific community and goes into details with how things work. For instance, when reading or singing to the womb is effective and how researchers know that babies recognize what they hear. It's an easy read. The color coded guideline on the side lets you know which pages are age appropr [...]

    14. I received this book earlier this month and have enjoyed it. I told my daughter who has a daughter who just turned 2 on July 4, 2014 and is pregnant with her 2 daughter that is due this Dec. that she should read this. I know it will help cause it gives plenty of tips on several different things that each parent or grand parent will encounter. Thank you Tracey Cutchlow for your book.I highly recommend this book to any parents to be it doesn't matter ratter you are giving birth, gave birth, adopti [...]

    15. I have to say that this is one of the most enjoyable books about parenting that I have ever read! The whole time I was reading the book I felt as though I was talking with a good friend sharing experiences, ideas and tips. I found the facts stated about various studies to be not only informative, but very interesting as well! I appreciated that the layout of the pages made for an easy read no matter the length of time I had available. It also has an interactive feel with beautiful color photogra [...]

    16. Zero to Five is a great fit book for busy parents with hearts that desire to understand and best nurture their child from pregnancy through the pre-school years. Easy to engage in small snippets of time, this book presents the bottom-line of scientific studies in bite-size, yet salient and applicable nuggets that a parent could implement that day. The layout is reader-friendly and makes it easy to see quick ideas of how to implement the data if time is really short. I personally read and greatly [...]

    17. Concise and simple advice for confused first-time parents like myself. A bit tricky to read at times because it is organized by concept rather than age, but actually very helpful to think about parenting more holistically rather than just "what do I need to know RIGHT NOW."Probably not that useful for folks who have a lot of experience with kids under 5, and a bit light for the MSRP - but this is the probably the best "overview" book I have read, precisely because the information is straight-for [...]

    18. I enjoyed receiving a signed copy of this book through First Reads. This book as great tips on things to try in each section. It's definitely a great book for beginner parents or those who want to become parents. The book takes you from pregnancy up to age five. Anyone can relate to and benefit from this book and I can guarantee that I'll keep referring back to this book. Since I've got a degree in early childhood development some of the mentioned topics of discussions I already knew, but there [...]

    19. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.Written by a first-time mom, this book has 70 tips on parenting, and the information is backed by scientific research. The info is presented concisely and is nicely accompanied by photos. Great for on-the-go reading. Some of the tips are so intuitive that it seems silly they're in a guidebook at all. But this is still a useful publication.

    20. BEST I have seen so far from skimming and reading parts of basic practical, reassuring, easy-to-read Parenting resources. Not too technical, but based on science, gives evidence for and tips on pre-literacy skills of singing, talking, reading, and playing (did not see writing, but have not closely read yet). The only thing I would recommend in next edition is Include an INDEX -- very helpful. Fortunately the table of contents is fairly detailed. But as a librarian, I'd appreciate

    21. This was a unique book in a fun format. The spiral-bound book offers plenty of photos and is neatly organized. It is divided into multiple sections (such as "prepare", which discusses pregnancy) and offers tips and scientific facts. It didn't offer too much more knowledge than I already had on the topic, but this would be a great book for someone wanting quick and to-the-point information on parenting/babies.

    22. This book has absolutely everything you could imagine to read about children. My favorite part is the way it is broken down by age group for each section. The ages are easy to identify with the tabs on each page. I like that is can be used as a reference book. If there is a particular area you are working on or struggling with, you can easily turn to that section for more information. I would definitely recommend this to new parents or parents wanting some helpful ideas on raising a child.

    23. This is one that I'll buy for the bookshelf. It's organized by theme (e.g eating, sleeping, play) and each concept is distilled down to a page or two, which makes it an attractive reference. The author is clearly committed to being evidence-based, but some of the concepts probably have more compelling supporting research than others (given how social sciences work). Regardless, it's an overall sweet and helpful book.

    24. I started reading this when my son was 18 months old. It would have been beneficial to read it before now, but it is also not too late. This book does not come from a biblical perspective at all, however it does have some valuable insights and I am sure we will be using different aspects of it in our childrearing.

    25. This was wonderful! I wish this had been published before my baby was born. I loved the easy to reference format, the scientific studies, the attitude of the author; they all made for an excellent resource for families. I plan to reference this book for years to come.This has become my new go-to baby shower gift!

    26. I especially enjoyed the author's concise summaries of research. Citations were clear, and I found it easy to do additional reading on my own. As a grand parent, I appreciated current thought on toddlers' media exposure and naming emotions. I have used recommendations in both categories already! Photos frequently made me smile.

    27. I'm not sure I would use this as my only parenting resource, but I liked the way the information was presented. It's easy to read and skim to appropriate parts. A lot of the information can probably be found in other sources, but probably not all together. I received this book through a First Reads giveaway.

    28. A great resource for both parents and early educators / caregivers. We have told lots of folks about this book and would recommend it to any new or expectant parent. While not every single thing is how we would handle it, the rationales are simple and consistent throughout. Goes well with John Medina's Brain Rules for Baby.

    29. Great read that we will revisit a lot. I want to be the kind of parent they describe here - it's all about respecting kids and giving them the supportive, secure and nurturing environment they need to discover their true selves and the world.

    30. This book is packed full of good information. I thought that the author did a great job of not pushing her parent advice on the reader. I picked this book up as after I had my second child and found useful and helpful information.

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