Big Nate Game On Big Nate is big news And the best news is that Big Nate Game On is in full color Big Nate books have sold than million copies and been on the New York Times best seller list for than a year To six

  • Title: Big Nate: Game On!
  • Author: Lincoln Peirce
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Big Nate is big news And the best news is that Big Nate Game On is in full color Big Nate books have sold than 4.5 million copies and been on the New York Times best seller list for than a year.To sixth grader Nate Wright, life is one big game So when he suits up for any sport, he does it with an unmistakable swagger From fine tuning his trash talking skilBig Nate is big news And the best news is that Big Nate Game On is in full color Big Nate books have sold than 4.5 million copies and been on the New York Times best seller list for than a year.To sixth grader Nate Wright, life is one big game So when he suits up for any sport, he does it with an unmistakable swagger From fine tuning his trash talking skills on the basketball court to his cocky tude in the soccer goal, Nate can be a bigger challenge to his teammates than their opponents Enjoy Nate and his friends mostly hapless sports encounters through not always highlight reel moments in the all color Big Nate Game On Includes poster.

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    1. Lincoln Peirce

      Lincoln Peirce is a cartoon artist from Portland, Maine He lives with his wife and two children, and occasionally gives lectures to students about cartoon creating Peirce writes the comic strip Big Nate Peirce s comic strip, Big Nate, is featured as an island on the famous children s website, Poptropica Big Nate appears as the first cartoon on The Maine Sunday Telegram in the comics section.He studied art at Colby College in Maine were he began cartooning He also studied at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture before teaching art and coaching basketball at a New York highschool for 3 years He currently plays hockey with an old men s league and describes it as his best sport as a child In an interview with the Washington Post, Peirce stated that his last name is pronounced purse and is not a misspelling of pierce Lincoln Peirce was a member of the Surviving as a Print Cartoonist Panel at the Maine Comics Art Festival with fellow cartoonists Corey Pandolph Barkeater Lake, Toby Robot Satan, The Elderberries , Norm Feuri Retail, Gill and with Mike Lynch moderating On the panel Lincoln revealed he is currently working with some animation and licensing projects including the addition of a Big Nate island to the online game Poptropica.

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    1. The Big Nate series is definitely one of my favorite series, along side Diary of a Wimpy kid, and the Middle School series. All these are very similar series, I recommend them all! Just so you know, the Big Nate books don't have chapters, there are different stories every 5 pages. This book is about Nate, and his friends playing sports. In my opinion, I thought it was ok. There were a couple of stories from other Big Nate books in it.

    2. It was a good short read book you could read in a day if you really wanted to. it is a combination of many short stories. they are all very interesting book it can get repetitive and very annoying at times but if you push thought it you have read three or four short stories.

    3. This is a short quirky comic book that would be perfect to kill time. The even though the art style is plain it is charming at the same time. The book is about Nate playing three sports, basketball, baseball, and soccer. Although what makes Nate's sports life different from anybody else is how he takes the sport on. He has ways to make the ordinary sports games into something more funny or fun. There are many other books about Nate and I would want to continue to read them. Even if there isn't m [...]

    4. I thought his book was very funny. It is a good book for people who like comedy and comics. i would recommend this book to anyone.

    5. BIG NATE – Game OnI recently read another Big Nate book called Game On. It was pretty much just as good as the other ones in the series. It was funny as usual. The thing that was different about this one is that it was like three books in one. It was about sports and was divided into three parts: basketball, baseball, and soccer. I thought it was funny because the author had the main character do hilarious things while he was playing the sports. This book was also different because if wasn’t [...]

    6. I thought that this book was very good. It was very funny and it is a very quick read. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the other books in this series.

    7. For 3-4th graders. Lots of pictures in with the text. Content/values are better than Wimpy Kid series. Lexile 300 - Reading Counts: 5 points

    8. Big Nate (Game On) is a well written book with very funny characters. I got a got laugh out of this book and Nate is hilarious. At the begging of this book being all so funny didn't help though and his basketball team wasn't good. While Nate was on the court he would either get distracted or try some fancy move that usually didn't work all because he wanted to be funny so to say. I rate this book a four star.

    9. This book was about Nate. In the book he was always causing trouble. There was not one point were he wasn't. There was 3 parts in the book. The first part was basketball season. He had to be at least the best player, but he lost his smack talk. He didn't know what to say smack talk was his game. He was very good at smack talking, not only could he not smack talk his coach even yelled at him . So here and there he would lose the ball or get it stolen by the other team and they would score easy. H [...]

    10. As I look into the Barnes N' Noble shelves, I see the glorious sky blue book glistening in the light. Glorious, you must say. Indeed.One of Lincoln's best books, and those are hard to find. The story is about Nate, a middle grade student, who participates in many sports. However, his team has a streak of losing. He takes in his trash-talking skills on the basketball court and his cocky tone in the soccer goal. Does he have what it takes to make him stand out?Apparently not. One of my favorite co [...]

    11. A fun, entertaining, and humorous look at life through the eyes of a boy whose traits and sports experiences might just mirror a few of our own.This was my first introduction to "Big Nate" and I enjoyed it. Game On is all about sports and competition, and the crazy, kookie things that come along with it: like smack talk, "bulking up", bad coaches, mismatched sponsorships, and more. The main "star" of our program - Big Nate - reminds me of one of my sons, and probably will remind you of your kids [...]

    12. The first four basketball seasons Nate joined all of them. He trash talks to distract the other players, and he shoots the hoop when they are distracted. Then one game the coach said,"Nate you keep your mouth shut out there today." Nate says,"Huh?" Coach says,"No trash talking." Nate panics because he can't trash talk. He says,"If I can't trash talk i'm going to lose my edge!" Coach says,"Sorry son no trash talking." The coach is not Nate's dad though. Then baseball seasons come there are three [...]

    13. This book was GREAT! AMAZING! HILARIOUS! This book made me laugh out loud a lot! I love reading about Big Nate and his friends. This book was about sports. My favorite part was when the baseball coach rake and it hit him in the face. The coolest part was during the baseball and Chester broke the sound barrier.Big Nate needed to work on his trash-talking. He wasn’t the greatest at the sports. He kept getting hurt but he kept trying. I’d recommend this to anyone who read Big Nate books and any [...]

    14. The book I chose for my graphic novel is Game On! Big Nate. This book would be good for any grade to read but I think since it is so long 4th or 5th graders would enjoy it most. This book is all about sports so I think the curriculum connection is social skills because he is learning to play with a team. Reading it I did not see any content concern. In a way this book has three chapters one about basketball, one about baseball and the last is about soccer. Nate learns more about these sports and [...]

    15. *4*I really enjoyed this Big Nate comic. I have learned to appreciate the comics more than the Big Nate novels.The writing in this comic is quite hilarious. It made me crack up a few times. I also really like how Peirce decided to make a bunch of stories and put them into one book but making it seem like one flowing story

    16. This is a funny book in comic book style. Nate is a goofball on sports teams trying to be funny and trash talk the other teams. He does baseball, soccer, and basketball. he is not the greatest at the sports so it makes it so much funnier. This is a humorous book and you like it in comic style i think you should pick it up.

    17. Once again, we get a doze of Nate's ego, Francis's Book Of Facts, and Teddy puns. This comic collection contain's all of the Big Nate sport comics ever printed! (As of the release of this book.) The only problem is, you get sick of it fast, and they aren't exactly Nate's best comics ever But still OK book.

    18. My library's OverDrive selection leaves MUCH to be desired. But I couldn't sleep (as ever) last night, needed something to read, and downloaded a buttload of Big Nate books. And I don't feel ashamed. These books are adorable, and this is basically a comic strip collection. No different than my life for Garfield. Love it.

    19. Hilarious! Nate is going on a adventure to be good at sports! From losing his trash-talking ability in basketball to getting repeatedly hit in the face with a soccer ball, this book is hands-down amazing. One of Lincoln Pierce's best books ever!

    20. This book was hilarious! This is definitely a book a kid would enjoy. Going from basketball trash talk to soccer stress will make you want laugh. This is an awesome book and i guarentee you will love it!

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    22. It's really funny.I loved the book and the series im try to read the my whole collection at least 2 times this year.

    23. One of the cutest characters (again)! Never read US comic-strip book like this before, and hell yeah, was it entertaining!

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