About Hana Hana Johal is an English immigrant who settled in New Zealand with her husband and two children Cruelly widowed in her thirties Hana has raised her teenagers alone Now older and wiser she has becom

  • Title: About Hana
  • Author: K.T. Bowes
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  • Hana Johal is an English immigrant, who settled in New Zealand with her husband and two children Cruelly widowed in her thirties, Hana has raised her teenagers alone Now older and wiser, she has become bored with her predictable life working in an all boys school in the Waikato region of the North Island She begins the new school year with a desire for excitement, wishHana Johal is an English immigrant, who settled in New Zealand with her husband and two children Cruelly widowed in her thirties, Hana has raised her teenagers alone Now older and wiser, she has become bored with her predictable life working in an all boys school in the Waikato region of the North Island She begins the new school year with a desire for excitement, wishing quickly that she hadn t been so rash While the attempted mugging seemed random at first, it becomes clear that Hana is being particularly targeted but she has no idea why or by whom Falling in love with a new colleague had not been part of her plan either and brings complications of its own, especially when she discovers that they met once before back in London, on one of the worst days of Hana s life.

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    About "K.T. Bowes"

    1. K.T. Bowes

      Married and bringing up four children during her twenties and thirties, there was no time for writing in the busyness of life The odd decent bit of art was produced and a few made up stories for the children, but nothing worth publishing.K T Bowes emigrated to New Zealand in 2006 with her husband and children with a one way ticket and a suitcase each Driving past a church school one day during the early pains of immigration, the idea for the Waikato Presbyterian School for Boys was conceived and Hana Johal s character was born quite by chance, while Bowes waited for her own children to get off the school bus one rainy afternoon K T grew to love Hana s character, frustrating as she sometimes is and the series evolved fairly quickly, proving popular internationally.There are seven books in the series, The Hana Du Rose Mysteries and About Hana is the first of these K T has also written 2 teen novels, Free From the Tracks and Sophia s Dilemma , both of which have 5 rated reviews from Readers Favorite Teen novel, A Trail of Lies was published in June 2014 and won Best In Genre Awards through Authors Cave and a Readers Favorite 5 review Artifact is a best selling UK based novel as is Demons On Her Shoulder The From Russia, With Love series has proved popular All of K T Bowes first in series novels are free to readers on and Smashwords.K T Bowes loves painting Folk Art when she isn t writing and much to her husband s misery, painting wooden furniture and decorating it even when he quite liked it the way it was She enjoys horse riding but unfortunately keeps falling off and having to visit the emergency room so has taken up road running instead She lives above the city of Hamilton close to the Waikato River and the Hakarimata Ranges, which frequently offer the setting for her books.

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    1. This book was a surprising read for me; funny, detailed and incredibly relational to an immigrant audience. I have just downloaded the next one and will continue to read on. The element of mystery outlined in this book is intriguing.

    2. Review of KT BowesAbout Hana: A New Zealand Mystery Romance (Book 1) When a woman’s life is unfulfilling, uninteresting, lonely, and dull and mugging is the last thing she expects. But when it happens repeatedly, each time more intense than the last she is ready to lose her mind, pack up her belongs and get the hell out of town—wouldn’t you? Hana has lost her husband, her kids are grown, and she has to go through this torment by herself. However, it’s the romance that ensues with the han [...]

    3. A well-written mystery romance set in the glorious New Zealand countryside involving a widowed school admin clerk and a newly appointed English teacher with a murky past.The author has mixed comedy and suspense with credible characters to produce an engaging though sometimes confusing read. The annoying confusion comes about because sometimes we do not know if we are in the past or the present and often context does not help. However, this is only a minor detraction from a thoroughly enjoyable s [...]

    4. Oh Hana! So beautiful and such a handful. No confidence; always seeing the glass emptying - not even half full. Impetuous and madding. Why do I love you? The book is a romance mystery with a lot of troubled romance and occasional mysterious violence. What do dangerous people want from Hana?I'm diving right into the next book.

    5. This book was okay but I was disappointed that things weren't sorted out at the end.If you want a complete book, this is not the one for you.As much as I'd like to find out what the Asian and blond men were after I don't think I can be bothered to read another 2 books to get to the bottom of it.

    6. Great readLooking forward to the next book in this series. Characters fully developed and the mystery has me trying to figure it all out.

    7. A clean readCould have been 5 stars, but for the ending. A wonderful long book and still it left me wanting the answer that comes in the next book of this series

    8. Yep, I gave this one my rare 5 stars, and it earns every single one. This is a fantastic romance book, set in New Zealand. Great characters, and an awesome story. This is a book you'll definitely want to read. No sex scenes, no violence. Just great characters and an awesome story.

    9. Reviewed on behalf of Readers' FavoriteAbout Hana by KT Bowes is a women’s fiction novel chronicling the trials and tribulations of Hana Johal. The first installment of a three book serial, continuing on to several other sequels, the reader is introduced to our heroine, a support assistant at a local New Zealand All Boys Christian school. Hana navigates life the best she can after the premature death of her husband, Vik. Just when she thinks she has a handle on it all, Logan Du Rose turns up a [...]

    10. This is a story I had a hard time getting into. Part of the problem was I didn’t have the time to read the book at my normal reading pace. So, it took me over a month to read it, making it seem like it took forever. Even with that consideration, this was still a slow, paced book. I felt there were a lot of unnecessary scenes. But once I was finished, while I was reflecting on my review, it dawned on me how much Hana, Logan, Pete, Bodie and the other characters had slowly crept into my mind. I [...]

    11. This book had me in stitches, on the edge of my seat and right there beside the characters for every moment. Luckily, Ms Bowes doesn't write graphic sex scenes or I'd be blushing something terrible. In fact, this book easily qualifies as sweet romance.Anyone who's ever worked in a high school or college admissions office will instantly sympathise with Hana's job in the careers/guidance office at a New Zealand, all-boys high school. She's lost her husband in a tragic car accident and both her chi [...]

    12. In the background of well depicted activities of a Boys school in Newzealand, with various pranks by students and the usual interaction among faculty of the school, this story of Hana and Logan, two teachers of the school, keeps you entertained throughout. Hana, who had lost her husband in an accident, finds Logan attractive when he joins as English teacher. He also is attracted towards her, and the relationship starts building. Hana recalls her life as wife of an Indian sikh and compares it wit [...]

    13. This novel began as a short story and evolved into something huge. I absolutely love Hana Johal and if she were a real person, I would definitely want to be friends with her. Perhaps that was what I did in essence - created the perfect friend - someone with a good heart, a sense of fairness and solid moral values. Many of her greatest attributes are probably a mimic of a good friend I had in England - and still have. Emigration is a lonely walk and despite being in your chosen country for many y [...]

    14. I downloaded About Hana as a free book from . This was a slow read for me, not because it was a bad book-- quite the opposite-- but it was so rich with detail, it was a slower read I order to absorb the writing. About Hana was a book I selected through one of my book clubs. Normally, I read fast-paced, dialog-driven novels with (hopefully) complex plots and a bit of mystery. This book had a totally different pace with a slower build. The mystery and romance were present, but the dialog is not wh [...]

    15. The book opens epically!We find ourselves watching the sun rise through Logan Du Rose's eyes. Sitting atop his horse on a mountain, he drinks in the colors and scents of the rugged terrain of New Zealand. KT Bowes continues to draws us in using her masterful skill at painting visuals with words, each page a well crafted sensory experience.We meet Hana, a guidance counselor who works at a boys school, a widow who has lost her husband tragically, and mother to grown children. Innocuous incidents o [...]

    16. The story is entertaining enough, develops well and made me want to keep reading to see how it all continues on as characters are added and subtracted, BUT, and I feel qualified to continue in this vein because I have read all 6 books so far, the editing and proof-reading is atrocious. Punctuation that disrupts the flow of the thought, spelling errors, words dropped out of sentences, and that's for starters. In book 5 (at about 71% on my Kindle) I found myself re-reading a paragraph, not because [...]

    17. If you are looking for a book series that will become a second life to you, this is the one to get. The pace is leisurely, but handled very well. You want to read on from chapter to chapter because you like the characters, not necessarily because there's a cliff-hanger every chapter. The New Zealand landscape and culture become like additional characters; they are so richly depicted. This gives the book a very different flavor than the break-neck style of most American novels. Hana is older and [...]

    18. I'll go with a 3.5 and round up to 4. Not normally my genre of choice, I'm still glad I picked this one up. I found the writing to be very descriptive and beautiful. Despite the fact that most of the world's deadliest animals make their home down under, the scenes left me wanting to visit both New Zealand and Australia, not to mention I want to go hear someone refer to the trunk as the boot. :) The reason for the 3.5 start and not 5 is mostly because I didn't feel anything was really resolved. I [...]

    19. It started out with me thinking it was just a funny crazy story about teachers and the school. Later in came the mystery of the book.Once it loured you in then with all that , it got more interesting. Better toward the end then once she got remarried it seemed to start to bore me more. It ended abruptly leaving me hanging. what happened , why was the Asian man after her. I dont like reading series books because I cant always find or buy them so Im left hanging . When I read a book I feel it shou [...]

    20. Hana's AdventuresThe lovely story is set in New Zealand. Hana is young, beautiful, and widowed. While the new teacher is handsome and mysterious, Hana doesn't feel ready for a relationship.Logan fell for an unknown woman. After twenty-six years, he realizes his case of love at first sight is not going to materialize into a real relationship. He's not ready for what happens when his path crosses Hana's unsuspecting one.Prolific and talented K. T. Bowes does it again! About Hana is a wonderful boo [...]

    21. I stayed up late to read this e-book. I not only enjoyed the New Zealand culture, which is new and interesting to me, but also found the kindness in the relationship between the two main characters very appealing. Enough so, I do want to read the other stories about Hana and Logan. More editing in 2015 when I read it could have been helpful as I found myself adding or changing words to make the story flow better.Thank you, K T Bowes!

    22. Heart warming story line with mystery at every corner. Bowles expresses raw feelings of Hana in a way that transposed those feelings onto the heart of the reader creating feelings of empathy. Loved the book.I found the story very exciting and have shared it with several friends. I look forward to reading more of this series.

    23. I really want to visit New Zealand one day. About Hana is well-written. It was a hard book to put down because I kept wanting to find out more. The characters are well-defined. It's about love, loss, and starting over. How she must deal with what she's been dealt in life. It's a little romantic story which I loved.I am looking forward to reading more in the series. Job well-done.

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