Plesiosaur Peril A group of plesiosaurs ocean dwelling cousins of the dinosaurs keeps safe by swimming in a family pod But then one baby plesiosaur swims too far from its mother and attracts the attention of something

  • Title: Plesiosaur Peril
  • Author: Daniel Loxton Jim W.W. Smith
  • ISBN: 9781554536337
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A group of plesiosaurs ocean dwelling cousins of the dinosaurs keeps safe by swimming in a family pod But then one baby plesiosaur swims too far from its mother and attracts the attention of something very large and very hungry, and the struggle for survival is on A unique blend of digital artwork and landscape photography illustrates this thrilling encounter.

    • Plesiosaur Peril >> Daniel Loxton Jim W.W. Smith
      455 Daniel Loxton Jim W.W. Smith
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    About "Daniel Loxton Jim W.W. Smith"

    1. Daniel Loxton Jim W.W. Smith

      Daniel Loxton is a Canadian writer, illustrator, and skeptic He is the Editor of Junior Skeptic magazine, a kids science section bound into the Skeptics Society s Skeptic magazine He writes and illustrates most issues of Junior Skeptic.

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    1. "Everything was new to the baby Crytoclidus. The sea was full of sights and smells and tastes." We follow a baby plesiosaur and her pod as they explore their prehistoric environment. There is danger that lurks in her ocean. What will happen when the baby plesiosaur wanders too far from her pod? This children's dinosaur book is written with as much scientific accuracy as possible and is still child friendly. Using scientific names and blending facts we know about these creatures including what th [...]

    2. A young Cryptoclidus and her mother swim through the seas looking for food and keeping an eye out for other predators. When the baby wanders off too far from her pod, she is attacked by a Liopleurodon who is much larger than she is. As fast as she can move, she tries to stay out of his reach, but only the intervention of her mother and others of her species distract him enough to buy her time to escape. The text and computer-generated illustrations draw readers into this story of dinosaur peril [...]

    3. When a baby Cryptoclidus strays from its pod, it earns the attention of a hungry Liopleurodon. The baby must think fast -- and swim even faster -- in order to avoid becoming a meal. An author's note at the end provides more background on both types of prehistoric ocean-dwellers.With its action-packed story, this book is a perfect blend of adventure and information, tailor-made for dinosaur lovers. The artwork is wonderful as well; its blend of photographs and illustrations brings the ancient cre [...]

    4. I'm going to start with how much I love the illustrations. They are so detailed and realistic that it really caught my kids attention. They were completely fascinated with this book. Story itself was very interesting especially to one who doesn't know much about dinosaurs. it was very fun getting my kids to repeat words like Cryptoclidus. Not only did we get to learn about dinosaurs but also about how some of them lived. I loved how the story was about a mother protecting her baby dinosaur too, [...]

    5. Really wonderful semi-non-fiction children's book about plesiosaurs and liopleurodons. AMAZING life like illustrations turn this book from interesting to outstanding. Great information about prehistoric ocean life and these two dinosaurs is interspersed with a story about a baby plesiosaur that wanders away from its mother. Minor tension might upset very little ones, but this should be a big hit for the dinosaur lover in your house. Best for Pre-K - 3rd grade. Reviewed Netgalley ARC.

    6. What a great little book! And how can kids NOT love a story about a young dinosaur that is suspenseful, as well as, riddled with facts? They'll spend just as much time (if not more) perusing the awesome illustrations. I, myself, went back through several times just to look at them again. Now I'll have to find the other books in this series.

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