Dior by Dior This autobiography gives a fascinating and detailed insight into the workings of a great fashion house while revealing the private man behind the high profile establishment

  • Title: Dior by Dior
  • Author: Christian Dior
  • ISBN: 9781851775170
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • This autobiography gives a fascinating and detailed insight into the workings of a great fashion house, while revealing the private man behind the high profile establishment.

    • Dior by Dior BY Christian Dior
      259 Christian Dior
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    About "Christian Dior"

    1. Christian Dior

      Christian Dior was an influential French fashion designer, probably best known as the founder of one of the world s top fashion houses Dior He was born in Granville, Normandy, a seaside town off the coast of France Dior flagship boutiques are found in Paris, Milan, Rome, London, New York, Beverly Hills, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Boston, Honolulu, San Francisco,S o Paulo, Seoul, Madrid, Barcelona, New Delhi, and Shanghai.

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    1. Though some consider this book's lack of personal anecdotes a shortcoming, I consider it its greatest strength. When one thinks of Dior they think of the grandest fashion house to ever exist, not of the man who gave it its name. A detailed, comprehensive, sometimes humorous look into the world of couture, Dior by Dior is a fascinating read for all interested in the world of high fashion.

    2. like not love not much biographyrather a very detailed description of the creative process of couture you are warned about this at the start of the book. Christian Dior is surely great inspiration but he didn't make me rush to the book before coffee in the morning Alexander McQueen managed.

    3. Christian Dior wrote this 'memoir' in the early 50's and it's very interesting, but not for obvious reasons.One, he pretty much goes right into the world of Dior, by talking about the models and what they do, the fashion shows and how they are set up, and the role of clients - plus a rant or two regarding thief in the fashion world. What the book doesn't talk about is his private life - which I know nothing about. You get his view point on Los Angeles (doesn't like it too much), San Francisco (l [...]

    4. Brilliant book detailing the process of the Haute Couture House and the man behind the clothing. I am a designer myself and found it incredibly interesting to read about the intricate thought processes and workings of producing not just a collection but the Dior Brand.

    5. For any woman obsessed with the fashion of the House of Dior, this is an insightful and fascinating read.

    6. Richly packaged in gray, white and pink "Dior by Dior: The Autobiography of Christian Dior" is the one book every fashion lover should read and everyone else can learn from if they care to. Grouped into four parts chronicling the beginning of the couture house to the personal thoughts of the designer the journey Dior described in 1957 is just as relevant to me now as I navigate through a challenging era as a fashion/feature writer. Like him I have a vision of how well people can look if they're [...]

    7. Maybe reading this book in the midst of finishing up a collection was not the smartest thing to do but then again it felt like talking to M. Dior one-on-one. It was a great comfort. The process of creating clothing, designing fashion is the same regardless if you have 1,000 member atelier or it's just one or two people working around a sewing machine and sketch pad. The creative process is a beautiful struggle as this book so wonderfully describes.

    8. I've been reading books about the fashion industry recently to get some inspiration. I recently read Vivienne Westwood's autobiography and Grace Coddington's. Dior's autobiography isn't as good of a read as the aforementioned two. This could be due to the date that it was written and the book is translated from French, even so it was interesting to learn about the great couturist and after reading about his wonderful success and all the opulence and glamour it initially sounded like it had all l [...]

    9. What a wonderfully-written book! The account of Dior's childhood and family is very intriguing (his family fortune came from fertilizer! ) but what is ingenious is the way the writing places its greatest emphasis on Paris in the 20's. The era of Picasso, Jean Cocteau, expatriates, parties and the rich exchange of ideas is what drives the book and ultimately Dior's own life. Additionally, all this is set amidst the backdrop of Paris--a city of timelessness, endless discovery and possibility, as D [...]

    10. Grāmata, kuru izlasīju, bet man nepatika. Biju gaidījusi krietni vairāk, un saņēmu čiks. Gribējās vairāk bildīšu, tā, lai man nebūtu jāguglē katras kleitas nosaukums Googlē, lai zinātu, par ko iet runa. Arī tie attēli ir iebāzti pilnīgi nesakarīgā grāmatas vietā, kur tiem nemaz nav jāatrodas. Grāmata atstāj nepabeigta darba sajūtu. 5/10.

    11. I loved this book. It was very insightful into the world of a famous couturier, but also into the life of the 1950's era when people were looking for more luxury. I really liked to read Dior's views on how he saw women, France, America, England and Scotland and his passion for dresses, people and culture.

    12. I read this book for an independent study one of my students will be completing next school year. It gives marvelous insight into Dior's early life, Occupied France of WW II, and a brief glimpse behind the curtain of early Soviet Russia.

    13. Fascinating insight into the great designers mindA rather well written and fascinating description of life in high fashion from the pen of one of the greats. I do not know if Dior had a ghost writer assist, but this text is eminently readable.

    14. Almost unreadable. It's a shame really because it really does give a glimpse into the era he became famous in but it was mired in mucky writing.

    15. I don't have any strong feelings about this book, but from it Cristian Dior seemed as a good-natured man, who was ardent about his work. That earned my greatest respect.

    16. Written many years ago at the height of his fame, something he is very conscious of throughout the book. Fascinating insight into the world of haute couture in the 1950s

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