Beyond Innocence Electra Shipley lies in a mite infested bunk weak from lack of food and seasickness Imprisoned and sentenced to seven years transportation she sails towards the penal colony of New South Wales Aust

  • Title: Beyond Innocence
  • Author: JoannaLloyd
  • ISBN: 9781440558245
  • Page: 125
  • Format: ebook
  • Electra Shipley lies in a mite infested bunk, weak from lack of food and seasickness Imprisoned and sentenced to seven years transportation, she sails towards the penal colony of New South Wales, Australia Despite the odds, she is determined to survive, to clear her name, and return to her life of wealth and ease in England.William Radcliffe has fled the betrayals of hiElectra Shipley lies in a mite infested bunk, weak from lack of food and seasickness Imprisoned and sentenced to seven years transportation, she sails towards the penal colony of New South Wales, Australia Despite the odds, she is determined to survive, to clear her name, and return to her life of wealth and ease in England.William Radcliffe has fled the betrayals of his father and fianc e to make a new life in the colony When a transport ship from England docks, William stumbles across much than mere trade cargo Haunted by the beautiful convict with wild hair and golden eyes, William decides a compliant and grateful convict wife might meet his needs without the complications of love Electra must now decide whether a loveless marriage with a colonial barbarian is preferable to imprisonment.William is unprepared for the deeply suppressed passion his new wife arouses within him Against his conviction never to love, he begins to desire Electra and the sexual tension between them sparks into a fierce physical attraction he longs to satisfy.But Electra has made enemies on the ship and a vicious act of revenge endangers her life and the lives of the people she has come to love Can Electra and William s love survive the perils of this land and its inhabitants, or will their pasts destroy their future

    • Beyond Innocence By JoannaLloyd
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      Born in Papua New Guinea, I, like many other ex pat s, were sent to boarding school in Australia After thirteen years in Sydney, I gravitated to the lush warmth of Far North Queensland Now that my two boys are safely married and raising their own families, I have the time to indulge my love of books and writing I have always had a voyeuristic fascination with people, how they think and why they act in certain ways This led to studies in Psychology and years of workplace and family law mediation All of which convinced me it is impossible to know what another is thinking and the most bizarre fiction could never emulate real life.What wonderful fodder for a writer When the iconic John Lennon wrote All you need is love , he knew that every living being seeks out love in some form My novels are about love romantic, passionate, parental, selfless and self serving I will spend the rest of my writing life exploring and writing about the many levels of love Maybe the day will come when I truly understand it.

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    1. I didn't want to go on with this one due to the poor writing and I don't think it's going to get any better. That's a shame, because I really liked the story about the convicts in Australia.One would think the writer would describe the new surroundings and the strange new continent, but nope, nothing about Australia. Maybe I was expecting too much, but if you want a good book about this theme, try Night in Eden.

    2. Joanna Lloyd creates a sweeping, epic historical romance in her tale of an innocent convict finding love while serving her sentence in Australia. With a diverse cast of characters both primary and secondary, Beyond Innocence takes the reader on an incredible journey of love triumphing over personal tragedy set in a world so well-developed—and researched—one has to read to believe.

    3. From the first paragraph, I was hooked. Ms. Lloyd sweeps you away into a world or unbearable despair and then unimaginable beauty when Electra Shipley arrives in penal New South Wales. The historical details are wonderful yet sometimes confronting which I love in historical novels and I do believe that Beyond Innocence borders on being a romance and an historical saga. If you wanted to know what it was like for women transported to the harsh climate of penal NSW two-hundred years ago, then this [...]

    4. 4.5. Stars Although this novel begins in the English Regency period, it is not a Regency romance, it’s more a saga. Author, Joanna Lloyd’s story moves from a London townhouse to a farm in the early Colonial days of Australia. It is in Australia where most of the story unfolds. Danger and troubles are heaped on heroine, Miss Electra Shipley, but she is no shrinking violet. While brought up as the daughter of a nobleman, she has not been cosseted. She is a practical, intelligent woman, brave a [...]

    5. Loved this book. An amazingly detailed historical romance from a debut author that captured the sights, smells, and tastes of a developing Australian nation perfectly.Joanna Lloyd captured the horror of the British colonization and transportation years so well that I was terrified for the characters in this book and praying they would survive. I felt an immediate empathy with Electra, Joanna's heroine, who was wrongly convicted in London, tossed into prison, and abused on a transport ship to Syd [...]

    6. Electra is shocked when she is suddenly arrested, snatched from her secure home and sent to Newgate Prison. She cannot believe her own uncle has accused her nor does her finance race to her rescues. Convicted to the colonies, she finds herself being deported to Australia. Many unsavory characters sail with her. At the same time, she has a knack of making friends.Upon arrival, she very soon finds her status changed from that of convict to wife but she no longer trusts anyone to love her. Her husb [...]

    7. Whilst not usually being an ardent fan of historical fiction this one got me in! I was swiftly press ganged into colonial Australia and the passionate plight of plucky heroine Electra. I was barracking for her as she battled the vicissitudes of the British justice system, the ignorance and prejudices of early Australian society and the convoluted mysteries of the human heart. The author’s careful and thorough research portrayed Electra as clearly a woman of her time. However I was able to rela [...]

    8. Joanna Lloyd weaves a lovely, gripping tale of false imprisonment, romantic betrayal, and redemption. Electra Shipley is a clever, strong, feisty heroine. William Radcliffe is the type of hero I love—sexy, determined, willing to give space if needed but not afraid to go after what he wants. They make a great team when pitted against all the obstacles in their way, and it makes the ending all the more special.

    9. great to see a historically accurate romance set in Australia. Love feisty Australian heroines who know who they are and what they believe in! Hope to read more Australian romance from Joanna Lloyd.

    10. TerrificLoved this adventure they bbc y took me on with them. The twist and turns will keep you reading just to see whatHappens next

    11. It's 1819 and Electra, an English lady, used to live her life in luxury, but something unfortunate happens to her and her life changes drastically. All of a sudden she's a prisoner and is being shipped away. She's on her way to New South Wales where she's supposed to remain for the duration of her seven-year sentence. Things are looking bad, but then she meets William. He's escaped his father and ex-fiancee and has come to Australia to make a new life for himself. The beautiful fierce and fiery [...]

    12. Historical Romance at its Best!Johanna Lloyd’s debut novel, Beyond Innocence, could easily be considered a modern-day classic. Her strong, spirited heroine Electra is brought to life in this powerful, detailed story set in both London and colonial Australia as she struggles to clear her name of a crime she did not commit. Ms. Lloyd awakens a range of emotions in her readers as they follow Electra through betrayals, imprisonment upon the high seas, and a marriage of convenience that ultimately [...]

    13. Electra has been shipped to Australia, a penal colony. She has been wrongly accused, but must clear her name. Despite the luxury of her previous wealth and status in England, this character shows gumption and compassion. She is given the choice to remain imprisoned or marry “colonial barbarian”. William is the hero and has more patience with Electra than a dozen saints. He is fleshed out with his own demons. His wooing of Electra is so passionate that I was rooting for him the entire novel.T [...]

    14. This story begins in England with our heroine falsely accused of thief by her own uncle. She is shipped along with other convicts to Australia. There she meets the love of her life but her imprisonment and experiences on the convict have convinced her to trust no one and soon emotional obstacles ate thrown between the couple as her husband also did not have good family relations, his ex finance having married his father!As Electra makes friends with the aborigines and find people to support her [...]

    15. I just loved this. It grabbed me from the very beginning. Electra is convicted of a crime she didn't commit, spends time in Newgate and is transported as a convict to the New South Wales colony where she has to spend 7 years and her options are pretty limited. She has to endure many hardships. But she is able to make a new life and she meets new people, makes friends and meets William. I really liked Electra. Even with everything she goes through, she keeps her fiery spirit. I loved the other ch [...]

    16. An epic story of Australia in the early part of the nineteenth century, BEYOND INNOCENCE follows the travails and ultimate triumphs of Electra, a young and strong-willed noblewoman wrongly convicted of crimes in England and transported to Australia for indentured servitude. Ms. Lloyd's novel is vast in scope and will appeal to readers of historical fiction as well as romance. Her research is impeccable, and I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves a long, yet amazingly fast-paced yarn [...]

    17. 4 and ½ Stars! Australia in the early 19th Century…a handsome sheep rancher and his prisoner bride!A well researched, well written historical romance, and a fabulous debut novel for Lloyd—a story set in the time when England shipped off its prisoners to New South Wales in Australia.The story begins in London in 1819 as Electra Shipley, daughter of Vicomte Gascombe, is arrested for felony theft, set up by her evil uncle, who took her father’s title after his death. Convicted by the testimo [...]

    18. A very readable and engrossing historical romance set during the colonial English settlement of New South Wales, Australia. Electra, a gentlewoman of social standing in England, is accused of embezzlement and sentenced to 7 years transportation to Australia in punishment. Hardship upon hardship follows, all painted in very believable and stark colours by Lloyd. Yet, although a convict's life must have been quite as bleak as that depicted, we never lose hope for the heroine. After all, as a roman [...]

    19. Falsely convicted of embezzlement, Electra is sentenced to be transported to Australia to serve a 7-year sentence as a convict. The book touches on the corrupt judicial system, the horrors of Newgate Prison and prison ships, and the treatment the Aborigines faced.Electra has one chance to avoid being treated as a slave for 7 years- if someone agrees to marry her. William has no desire to wed after being betrayed by his fiance years ago, but there's something about this convict woman that intrigu [...]

    20. O, how I love clear, crisp writing and great story telling! Emotions run as deep as strength, grit, and determination in this novel, and, coupled with the richly and lovingly depicted backdrop of colonial Australia and all her people, I closed this book and with a sigh and a smile and a desire to visit the southern hemisphere. Beyond Innocence is well worth the read. Well done. I purchased this book online and have given this review freely and without monetary compensation.

    21. First, drama occupied painstaking lengths, whenever the hero & heroine generated misunderstanding and mistrust, the heroine chose to talk any others but the hero.Second, where's the so-called revenge? The heroine was framed, instead of a tropic retaliation, the perpetrator proved she's innocence by betraying his identity easily.Third, giggle excessively used by the author. *grimace*Fourth, More than half male characters kept attacking the heroine. Heart tired.

    22. I rated this historical romance a 4.5*.This starts in historical England and really shows how little women had a say in their lives and how corrupt many of the legal proceedings were.There were a whole lot of trust issues between the heroine and the hero. This is also set in a part of the world that I've read very little about so it made it a little bit more interesting too. This was another new author for me, so that was nice too.

    23. I really enjoyed this book.I didn't realize the time period in which this story is written. I was brought into the time era as the story progressed. Some of the "words" we're a bit difficult to understand due to the ethnic background of the characters, but did not hinder the storyline.

    24. Great Read!This book was a great read and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading other books by Joanna Lloyd.

    25. Truly enjoyed reading this book. Good, strong, original plot. Great romance, sensual and wonderful characters. Woukd definitely recommend, and have already.

    26. I learned a lot about Australian history from this novel. This was a page turner, and I enjoyed following the characters' struggles.

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