Birdsong Published to international critical and popular acclaim this intensely romantic yet stunningly realistic novel spans three generations and the unimaginable gulf between the First World War and the pr

  • Title: Birdsong
  • Author: Sebastian Faulks
  • ISBN: 9780345802897
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • Published to international critical and popular acclaim, this intensely romantic yet stunningly realistic novel spans three generations and the unimaginable gulf between the First World War and the present As the young Englishman Stephen Wraysford passes through a tempestuous love affair with Isabelle Azaire in France and enters the dark, surreal world beneath the trenchePublished to international critical and popular acclaim, this intensely romantic yet stunningly realistic novel spans three generations and the unimaginable gulf between the First World War and the present As the young Englishman Stephen Wraysford passes through a tempestuous love affair with Isabelle Azaire in France and enters the dark, surreal world beneath the trenches of No Man s Land, Sebastian Faulks creates a world of fiction that is as tragic as A Farewell to Arms and as sensuous as The English Patient Crafted from the ruins of war and the indestructibility of love, Birdsong is a novel that will be read and marveled at for years to come.

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    1. Sebastian Faulks

      Sebastian Faulks was born in 1953, and grew up in Newbury, the son of a judge and a repertory actress He attended Wellington College and studied at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, although he didn t enjoy attending either institution Cambridge in the 70s was still quite male dominated, and he says that you had to cycle about 5 miles to meet a girl He was the first literary editor of The Independent , and then went on to become deputy editor of The Sunday Independent Sebastian Faulks was awarded the CBE in 2002 He and his family live in London.

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    1. "If I am fighting on behalf of anyone, I think it is for those who have died. Not for the living at home. For the dead, over here."What a beautiful and moving story!Birdsong is a powerful novel, spanning generations and taking us through the horrors of World War 1. Split into mainly 3 sections we begin with Stephen - a young man visiting Amiens in France, staying with a wealthy man and his family, the wife of whom he falls into an illicit love affair with. "I am driven by a greater force than I [...]

    2. It's as if the author is writing from personal experience. The way that the characters and the atmosphere are built by Sebastian Faulks is just amazing! The reader is taken in to that atmosphere, and shares the feelings of the main character, Stephen. You cannot fail to be totally captivated.Anyone who has served for any significant period in the Armed Forces will instantly relate to the use of black humour to cover the awful reality and horror. Faulks also manages to reflect on how every aspect [...]

    3. Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks is a moving, passionate, shocking, thought provoking and heartbreaking novel. A novel that manages to create a passionate and erotic love story combined with the horrors of war. Set before and during the Great War, Birdsong tells the story of Stephen, starting in pre-war France and taking us right through the war and through a terrible period of history. Faulks delivers a moving and shocking account of Stephen and his love affair and the trials and hardships of trenc [...]

    4. Sebastian Faulks' Birdsong is a kind of Harlequin romance with a literary slant. All the elements for pulp romance are there: "romantic" hero: soldier, refined gentleman; unhappy married woman; "romantic" locale: French suburbs, countryside; numerous, gratuitous sex scenes (I remember, horrifically, an excess of pulsating "members" and curtains of "flesh"). At the same time, Faulks strives to give it some literary taste, which I believe he largely fails to do. The time-jumping between pre-war, a [...]

    5. I have quite mixed feelings about this book. While I found the sections on the war proper quite devastating and very well done, I also found the framing device of the pre-war romance and more present day life far less effective and also less well written. My feelings may also be affected to some extent by other World War I literature that I have been reading as part of the Centennial over the past few months.I found that the frame story, actually a dual frame, diminished the war story tremendous [...]

    6. Not until almost the end when my 5-star became a certainty, and not until shortly before that when my first tear came. Yes, it was intense, as any book about a major war out to be. the intensity in this book did not manifest itself only through the gruesomeness the wreckage, and the atrocity associated with the war, but the emotional struggles beneath the surface of ordinary human beings being pulled out of the reality of their otherwise ordinary, though not necessarily perfect lives.It was Step [...]

    7. Onvan : Birdsong - Nevisande : Sebastian Faulks - ISBN : 679776818 - ISBN13 : 9780679776819 - Dar 483 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 1993

    8. There's a love affair, so passionate, but yet illicit and at first I thought that this is what was going to get to me in this novel. It did, but the most powerful, thought provoking thing about this book is what happened to the men in the trenches during WW I. The gruesome, gut wrenching realities for soldiers fighting this war are told in phrases so descriptive that you almost wish you hadn't read them - about the smell of blood, wounds and body parts, the claustrophobic, horrific conditions in [...]

    9. A very moving and haunting book. It captures the horrors of the first world war in such detail that it will stay with me for a very long time.

    10. "It was not his death that mattered; it was the way the world had been dislocated. It was not all the tens of thousands of deaths that mattered; it was the way they had proved that you could be human yet act in a way that was beyond nature."This ‘review’ might sound like a huge cliché, and for that I apologise. What I don’t apologise for is the sentiments behind it because I mean every word.I approached this book, the third time I have read it, with extreme caution. I felt like I was meet [...]

    11. Think of the words on that memorial, Wraysford. Think of those stinking towns and foul bloody villages whose names will be turned into some bogus glory by fat-arsed historians who have sat in London. We were there. As our punishment for God knows what, we were there, and our men died in each of those disgusting places. I hate their names. I hate the sound of them and the thought of them, which is why I will not bring myself to remind you.Wow! First published in 1994, Birdsong is a WWI era novel [...]

    12. Beautifully written. As the subtitle indicates, this is a "A Novel of Love and War". The part about THE war, I have to admit I had very little knowledge of WWI before I read this book, except for the bare minimum of how it started and how a great many young men died in the war. I also don't normally read books with many battle scenes and with war as the main theme, but once I started reading this one, I just couldn't put it down until I reached the last page. What moved me most was the detailed [...]

    13. Birdsong? More like Birdshit. I may have given this book one star, but I really give it 20 piles of steaming birdshit. I can't even contain the hatred I feel for this one. It's just horrible. Everything and I mean everything about it, is just horrible. It starts off as a supposed love story between a young Englishman Stephen Wraysford and some French harlot named Isabelle. But it's not a love story, it's a fuck story that includes bastard children, betrayal and whole lot of boring WWI shit throw [...]

    14. Another touching foray by Sebastian Faulks into life before and during WWI. Birdsong captures the drama of that era on both a national and a personal scale. It is the story of Stephen, a young Englishman, who arrives in Amiens in 1910. His life goes through a series of traumatic experiences, from the clandestine love affair that tears apart the family with whom he lives to the unprecedented experience of the war itself. His depiction of Stephen Wraysford's life during the war is very realistic, [...]

    15. I generally shy away from reading or watching stories about war. Not because they don’t interest me, but because they’re just too horrific for me to deal with most of the time. Zombies, ghosts, vampires, demons – bring em’ on! I’ve got nerves of steel. But young men and women, meeting across battlefields to slaughter each other by the thousands? That’s where the real horror lies. How could my own species be so coldly violent? So utterly nonchalant about the wholesale murder of childr [...]

    16. A hundred years have passed after World War I, one of the biggest atrocities in our history. The last surviving veteran passed away two years ago, taking the last living memory of those horrible years along with her. It is now up to us to keep alive the memories of those who have endured the war and of those who have not. It is up to us to remember. It is up to us to keep history from repeating itself."Birdsong" by Sebastian Faulks was my personal choice to commemorate the 100th anniversary of W [...]

    17. ETA to add link to segment aired on NPR 1/23/14 on digitized British World War I diaries. See below.Someone should have warned me. Someone should have known I am acutely claustrophobic and that opening the door to this book would be inviting in the specter of a panic attack. Picture me curled on the sofa or huddled beneath the covers, my breath shallow, my heart racing, my throat closing as soldiers worm their way through tunnels beneath the trenches. Feel the numbing of my extremities, the drai [...]

    18. This is one of the most haunting novels I have ever read about World War 1. The title comes from the the practice of coal miners bringing a "canary in the coal mine" to test for bad air. In WW 1 hundreds of British coal miners were drafted into the British Army to help build tunnels under the trenches in France. The main character leaves Britain and enters the War after a failed affaire descriptions of trench warfare, tunnel making, nerve gas, human carnage and the waste of war is a powerful ant [...]

    19. A short review can be found here and two passages from the book, below. Recommended.The night poured down in waves from the ridge above them and the guns at last fell silent. The earth began to move. To their right a man who had lain still since the first attack, eased himself upright, then fell again when his damaged leg would not take his weight. Other single men moved, and began to come up like worms from their shellholes, limping, crawling, dragging themselves out. Within minutes the hillsid [...]

    20. I believe there are novels that affect you long after you have closed the book and I do believe that this is one of them. It was fated for me to read this book (at least I believe it to be so) since as I walked into the library, this book was propped up on the shelf seeming to send a message saying take me home. I listened and am ever so grateful I did take this powerful book home and to heart.My grandfather (age sixteen) fought in the Argonne forrest and was gassed in WW 1. He was in the trench [...]

    21. "Birdsong" follows Englishman Stephen Wraysford from a prewar intense relationship with a married French woman to the battlefield of the Somme. The horror of World War I is shown in a realistic manner involving all the senses. In his own way each soldier must deal with the trauma of trench warfare, or digging in the dark, narrow, claustrophobic tunnels under enemy lines.There is a second thread to this book set in the 1970s involving Stephen's granddaughter, Elizabeth. She is trying to decipher [...]

    22. I waver between two or three stars for this book. The writing is serviceable, but often terminally pedestrian, and occasionally clumsy (“Stephen lifted searching eyes above the soup spoon as he sucked the liquid over his teeth”). The plotting is similarly ham-fisted, with its tepid “romances”, and unaffecting, though undoubtedly well-researched war scenes (“Stephen watched the men go on madly, stepping over the bodies of their friends, clearing one firebay at a time, jostling one anoth [...]

    23. Buddy Read with Silver Raindrop. :0)We will leave comments with each other below our reviews, for those who are interested.I have listened to only twenty minutes. I love the prose style, the narration of the audiobook by Peter Firth is excellent and the events already have me terribly curious. Steven is creeping around a house in his socks searching for who has screamed! The depiction of Amiens, where the house is located, is perfect. I have been there, so I know. Unfortunately the narrator pron [...]

    24. Cinco estrelas bem sólidas para a vertente histórica deste romance.A 1° Guerra Mundial que se desenrolou entre 1914 e 1918, foi aqui retratada quase exclusivamente sob o ponto de vista do exército Inglês, com muito poucas referências aos restantes aliados, mas de forma crua e rigorosa. O conflito que era para durar um ano arrastou-se por quatro, provocou milhares de vítimas, e levou homens a viverem como ratos nas trincheiras da França e da Flandres. Lutaram pelos seus países em condiç [...]

    25. This book is a bit of a mixed bag really. The romance is quickly introduced and proceeds with relative alacrity, but the essence of it left me unconvinced. The standout part of the whole novel is Wraysford's time in the trenches during the Great War. I have never read a book that has ever given me a clearer idea of what this battlefield was like, and the horrors that these men lived through and then carried with them. It is some of the most powerful writing I have seen, and the chilling coldness [...]

    26. Birdsong is one of those few books that haunt you even after you have read the last word. A quote from the first part of the book truly describes its writings. "The function of music is to liberate in the soul those feelings that normally we keep locked up in the heart". This book does the same. It opens up a plethora of emotions experienced by the reader with every passage in the book. This book focuses on the life of Stephen Wraysford, a World War I veteran, while channeling into the life of h [...]

    27. A devastating account of the slaughterhouse that was the trench war of 1914-1918, not only about the loss of innocence, but about the complete destruction of human mind and the impossible task of maintaining a shred of sanity when everybody around you is blown to pieces.The decision to start the epic with a passionate love story a few years before the war and to end it some 60 years later with a generation that has almost forgot the horror serves well to emphasize the brutality of the trench acc [...]

    28. From lovelorn soldiers, knee-deep in French mud, to privileged ladies taking tea in Blighty, Birdsong is a war story that appeals to both sexes. Class war/ real war; there are so many dimensions to this thunderous epic.Through unaffected prose, Faulks manipulates our emotions in a way that few authors can.My wife proclaims this to be her most favourite read, and were she to have typed this review, it would have attracted an easy five stars.

    29. Finishing this book is something like being dug out of a shell hole, or emerging from sleep still in the grip of one's nightmare. Faulks did a shatteringly good job of conveying the sheer incomprehensible horror of the trenches and mines. He was equally adept at blind, headlong, addictive physical passion. What kept this novel from five stars was the 1978-1979 material about Elizabeth Benson. While the snippet of her at Thiepval is moving, I get no sense of promises kept or the torch being passe [...]

    30. This is a masterful novel with lasting resonance for me about the impacts of war and resilience of human spirit. I think its achievement be at a level of "All Quiet on the Western Front". The narrative covers the life of an English man in France before the World War 1, his four years as a soldier, and a search by his granddaughter 60 years for knowledge of his life. It's hard for the reader to care about Stephen Wraysford in the first section. He is aloof and unemotional, with no family or relig [...]

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