Book of Life Emotional baggage begrudged enemies and bitterness come when the honeymoon of Emily Max Wes Greg and Jane s friendships fade Will the love survive or is it all just a game

  • Title: Book of Life
  • Author: Abra Ebner
  • ISBN: 9781468041477
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • Emotional baggage, begrudged enemies, and bitterness come when the honeymoon of Emily, Max, Wes, Greg, and Jane s friendships fade Will the love survive, or is it all just a game

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      185 Abra Ebner
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      It is than probable that I am not understood but I fear, indeed, that it is in no manner possible to convey to the mind of the merely general reader, an adequate idea of that nervous intensity of interest with which, in my case, the powers of meditation not to speak technically busied and buried themselves, in the contemplation of even the most ordinary objects of the universe Edagr A PoeI live with my two cats and Husband of three years I love to travel, ride horses, write, read, draw, drink wine, cook, each chocolate, and design Never figured I d become a writer but did, and no matter the day it s always good because of it My somewhat unhealthy facination with the idea that we all die adds an oddly sweet twist to my love stories Ever since I was old enough to understand this, I haven t been able to stop thinking of it, and what happens after To me, I don t want to lose the love I ve built in this life Writing books ensure that this will never happen.Check out my newest book, Knight Angels, available now for early release through and Barnes and Noble Other venues to follow

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    1. This has been a much anticipated part of this story for me. The fate of Max, Emily, Jake, Wes, Avery and Jane have been hanging in the balance for months! The build up to the final encounter between Max and Greg was surrounded by drama between Wes, Emily and Jake. The addisiton of Stella to the triangle was painful at times. I felt Emily and Wes desereved to be happy, but felt obligated to each other. Max was told to forget Jane and save Avery. I felt that Srixon got off too easy for his part in [...]

    2. It was good in the sense, we learn what happens and we concluded the mysteries of book two but I have to say other than that, the book kind of sucked. It seemed kind of pathetic, like the author found an easy way out. I can't say that I liked it, I wanted more but we were given very little and yes, we got a happy ending but what a crap way of coming about it. It was a yawn unfortunately.

    3. Loved this series so much!! The concept of being reborn when still searching for your true love is amazing. The author did a great job expanding on this idea and showing how a happy ending is always close by.

    4. This book was fabulous. I loved every single way that Abra ended the book for the characters. Amazing imagination.

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