Hyenas Hyenas marks the always welcome return of Joe R Lansdale s most indelible fictional creations Hap Collins and Leonard Pine Once again the embattled but resilient duo find themselves enmeshed in a web

  • Title: Hyenas
  • Author: Joe R. Lansdale
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hyenas marks the always welcome return of Joe R Lansdale s most indelible fictional creations Hap Collins and Leonard Pine Once again, the embattled but resilient duo find themselves enmeshed in a web of danger, duplicity, and escalating mayhem The result is a tightly compressed novella that is at once harrowing, hilarious, and utterly impossible to put down.The storyHyenas marks the always welcome return of Joe R Lansdale s most indelible fictional creations Hap Collins and Leonard Pine Once again, the embattled but resilient duo find themselves enmeshed in a web of danger, duplicity, and escalating mayhem The result is a tightly compressed novella that is at once harrowing, hilarious, and utterly impossible to put down.The story begins with a barroom brawl that is both brutal and oddly comic The ensuing drama encompasses abduction, betrayal, robbery, and murder, ending with a lethal confrontation in an East Texas pasture Along the way, readers are treated to moments of raucous, casually profane humor and to scenes of vivid, crisply described violence, all related in that unmistakable Lansdale voice An essential addition to an already imposing body of work, Hyenas shows us both the author and his signature characters at their inimitable best It doesn t get better than this.Hyenas also includes the bonus Hap Collins short story, The Boy Who Became Invisible.

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    1. Joe R. Lansdale

      Champion Mojo Storyteller Joe R Lansdale is the author of over forty novels and numerous short stories His work has appeared in national anthologies, magazines, and collections, as well as numerous foreign publications He has written for comics, television, film, newspapers, and Internet sites His work has been collected in than two dozen short story collections, and he has edited or co edited over a dozen anthologies He has received the Edgar Award, eight Bram Stoker Awards, the Horror Writers Association Lifetime Achievement Award, the British Fantasy Award, the Grinzani Cavour Prize for Literature, the Herodotus Historical Fiction Award, the Inkpot Award for Contributions to Science Fiction and Fantasy, and many others His novella Bubba Ho Tep was adapted to film by Don Coscarelli, starring Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis His story Incident On and Off a Mountain Road was adapted to film for Showtime s Masters of Horror, and he adapted his short story Christmas with the Dead to film hisownself The film adaptation of his novel Cold in July was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, and the Sundance Channel has adapted his Hap Leonard novels for television He is currently co producing several films, among them The Bottoms, based on his Edgar Award winning novel, with Bill Paxton and Brad Wyman, and The Drive In, with Greg Nicotero He is Writer In Residence at Stephen F Austin State University, and is the founder of the martial arts system Shen Chuan Martial Science and its affiliate, Shen Chuan Family System He is a member of both the United States and International Martial Arts Halls of Fame He lives in Nacogdoches, Texas with his wife, dog, and two cats.

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    1. Leonard Pine doesn't take kindly to insults.  He won't tolerate them, certainly not in the dingy confines of the Big Frog Club in East Texas. He puts paid to the ones who spoke without thinking it through and he does it in style, neatly parting one thug's hair with a chair and shoving another miscreant's head through the bathroom wall. The third mouthy one is left in the road outside the bar with several of his teeth on his chest.Hap and Leonard are back, ready to create their own brand of mayh [...]

    2. That was short and sweet.Actually, it was very, very short and sweet.Hap and Leonard are up to their usual hijinks when they get hired by a man who thinks his younger brother has gotten mixed up with a crew of armed robbers. The guys come up with a plan to show the young man the error of his ways, but as always they get a lot more than they bargained for.This has all the stuff I could ask for in a Hap & Leonard novel. It’s funny, profane, action packed and generally great. Lansdale once ag [...]

    3. With only 100 pages and with 7 of that being a flashback Hap story at the end of the book I was worried that this book could actually give me a true Hap and Leonard fix or if I'd be left with just a tingle and not a climax. The book delivered. informed me this is the 10th Hap and Leonard adventure. This is an expensive way to try the Lansdale series as it was published by the small press Subterranean, and the cheapest version is $25 which is pretty steep for 100 pages. I would hope that at some [...]

    4. Hap drives over to the Big Frog Club to find the police questioning Leonard after Leonard put the hurt on three guys. One of the guys appreciates Leonard's toughness and hires him and Hap to get his younger brother away from a group of suspected bank robbers he's fallen in with. Can Hap and Leonard save Donny from the influence of Smoke Stack and the other thugs?Hyenas was a worthy addition to the Hap and Leonard canon. It has all the hallmarks of a good Hap and Leonard tale: humor, cursing, and [...]

    5. Of course I enjoyed this. I love me some Hap and Leonard when they're in kick butt mode.which is always. I'm also very glad I got this through inter-library loan because I'm cheap. This is my first muscleman Hap and Leonard cover. For some reason I've always pictured Hap as scrawny and Leonard as brawny. These cover models are one ripped tee shirt away from raunchy pulp imagery. Hmm, a perfect fit really :-)

    6. I read this in two sittings separated by a good night's sleep. I would have read it in one sitting but my wife told me I would have to chose between her or Hap & Leonard. With some hesitation, I chose my wife. Hyenas is a piece of short fiction (93 pages) featuring the East Texas odd couple, Hap & Leonard. The short fiction form works well for these two. It is comfortably tight and to the point with just enough room for the sharp wit and tense action author Joe Lansdale is noted for. The [...]

    7. Fun little interlude with Hap and Leonard--and Brett--but despite the great dialogue and action, the suspense seemed to be missing out in this one. Or at least missing its mark.

    8. *NB: I consider Hap & Leonard a five-star series. I love the books, love the characters. So the ratings you see here should be filtered within that scale. They're all five stars to me, but some are better than others, and my ratings are about that. If a part of you is saying "but that's not how works!" or " that's not how statistics work!" well, you're right. Nevertheless, this is the way I'm doing it.* The main story, a Hap and Leonard novella, was a little Vachssian, and didn't seem very [...]

    9. Hap and Leonard are back in the hardcover novella from small publisher Subterranean Press. There's also a Hap Collins short story about a childhood incident.Hap is called down to a bar where Leonard is in trouble. He arrives to find a swarm of cops, Leonard sitting on the curb holding a bloody rag to his head, and a man lying nearby whose face had been deconstructed by Leonard's fists.Three guys in the bar had ragged him about being queer and when he stood up, one hit him with a chair. They star [...]

    10. This Hap and Leonard book is like a snack you have between lunch and dinner. As a matter of fact, this one was so short that I started it at lunch and finished it before dinner, on the train home.Like all their other adventures, they get into trouble and the bad people die. But given the brevity of this book there wasn't any time for Brett and Hap to have copious amounts of sexual intercourse or for Hap and Leonardo to exchange pages of witty banter and profanity. Still fun.

    11. Still full of some rip-roaring fights even though this novella was much shorter than others in the series. I like how the guys outshine as do-gooders! The short at the end left me with such a creepy feeling. Good work should make the reader feel, and - damn - it did. Lesson learned. If it's this dark, don't read before falling asleep.

    12. Hyenas was a pretty typical Hap and Leonard story. Very enjoyable. However the short story following Hyenas "The Kid who Became Invisible" will be the most unforgettable story I've read in the last 10 years.

    13. I kind of flew through this book. This is possibly my favorite Hap and Leonard yet. Some of the discussions in here really hit home with me. Lansdale discusses morality in a very clean and attainable way.

    14. I've enjoyed all of this series by Joe Lansdale. This one is a novella, and actually could be a good place to start for someone unfamiliar with these books. (I would read the novels in order otherwise).Hap and Leonard remind me quite a bit of Robert B. Parker's Spencer and Hawk. Hap is more loquacious and less absolutist than Spencer and in some ways more real (and less hung up on the perfection of his girlfriend). Leonard is less perfect and self-contained than Hawk. And gayer, although that fa [...]

    15. What makes a good Hap & Leonard story is the weird confluence of events that starts in one place and takes you to on a roller coaster ride to a conclusion so far from the beginning that you have to look back to see how you got there. It doesn't usually feel convoluted (Captains Outrageous notwithstanding), and it's usually pretty tight. Since most Hap & Leonard stories are novels, this is a fine thing.A Hap & Leonard novella, though, is something a little different. It doesn't have t [...]

    16. This story ought to be titled "Hap and Leonard Get the Bad Guys and Teach Them a Lesson." Then again, every Hap and Leonard story could be titled that and that's not a bad thing at all. In other words, this is another stellar Hap and Leonard story, one that's a bit smaller in scope and in range, and that sees our boys helping a stranger's wayward brother get set right.We've seen this kind of story before, and, truthfully, this feels like with a little more characterization of the bad guys, this [...]

    17. Joe R. Lansdale's "Hap and Leonard" series is one of the finest in contemporary crime fiction, with equal parts bawdy humor and sudden violence propelling the stories along. Set in east Texas, Hap, a white, straight former hippie and Leonard, a black, gay military veteran make an unlikely buddy combo, but as this series has borne out, opposites attract and these characters have made for some wonderful stories. In this novella, Leonard is involved in a bar fight which he wins brutally and easily. [...]

    18. This entry in the series was as thin figuratively as it was literally. It's basically just a tarted up short story and it continues the trajectory (since Vanilla Ride) of turning the boys into cartoon versions of themselves. (Although I'm eating my words from Devil Red. Leonard did actually name check Vietnam as the war he served in this time.) I thought it started out a little pat and was thinking two stars. Then they got to the action and it went to three stars Then I read the short story tack [...]

    19. Hyenas, by Joe R. Lansdale, is an excellent novella. Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, two East Texas tough guys, try to help extricate a man’s younger brother from a gang of thieves who have persuaded him to join them. That’s what hap and Leonard do. They help people who are being victimized by criminal thugs. Hap and Leonard are uniquely qualified to do this sort of work because they are extremely adept at bare-knuckle, no-rules, hand-to-hand combat. They are also knowledgeable and skilled wit [...]

    20. Lansdale's my favorite author, and Hap and Leonard my favorite series. Hyenas, while by no means a bad book, probably leaves the least impression on me so far. It's by no means a bad book-every H&L entry to date is enjoyable. This one contains all the brutal action and laugh-out-loud humor of the others. I just wish that Lansdale had expanded this into a novel instead of a novella. The story is simple but lacks some of the twists of previous books. It's fun, but there's nothing noteworthy to [...]

    21. I like the series and I liked this short story. It contained everything that attracted me in the first place. Action, dialogue, laugh out loud humor and friendship. Sure it could have been a little longer but the essentials were all there. In some ways it was "a walk in the park" for these two. Nothing extraordinary but solid and dependable. If you like the series I'm pretty sure you will like this installment. The second story is more like a short memory than a real tale with a plot. It could h [...]

    22. I have been trying to decide on starting on the Hap and Leonard novels from the beginning, but I saw this on the new release shelf at the library, so I got it. I read it in one sitting, it is a well-paced short read. I agree that the short story at the ending is well-written and powerful, too. I really like Lansdale's books, I started with Sunset and Sawdust, and moved on to the Bottoms and Leather Maiden, which I liked the best so far. I am going to have to work my way though the rest of the H/ [...]

    23. Even though this book is VERY short (100 pages) it has two stories in it, the main one, "Hyenas" and a short story, "The Boy Who Became Invisible". In "Hyenas" Hap and Leonard are at it again, helping out a young man out of more trouble than he bargained for and learning a lesson in the progress, and "The Boy Who Became Invisible" is about Hap as a young boy and the consequences of what happens when you drive someone too farA VERY compelling read that will have you laugh and think. GREAT recomme [...]

    24. Following the suggestion a friend made when i finished the latest "Holmes on the Range" book, this Hap/Leonard short was excellent. Same gritty atmosphere and excellent dialogue along with the "fisticuffs" that make male buddy novels (and movies) so much fun. People thinking with their fists made for some unexpected moments that kept me on the edge om my seat. And the 4 or 5 page short at the end was a scary reminder that high schoolers can be cruel - but that payback is a bitch.

    25. My favorite series in what Publisher's Weekly calls "redneck noir" returns in this short novella, which finds Hap and Leonard rescuing the brother of one of Leonard's many fight victims. Since it's short, it doesn't have time for the series' comedic touches, but it does feature Hap and Leonard doing what they do best: getting involved in redneck shenanigans that are way over their heads.Also includes a Hap short story from his childhood, which is basically the Pearl Jam song "Jeremy."

    26. wow great story. Chuckled through most of it -- at Joe's phrasing. And the character interaction, not so much at their not-quite-witty reparté, either. Then I read the story at the end. There's no real hint, other than the town's name, that this is Hap. But the story (if you'll pardon the horrible pun) blew me away. Sad, very emotional. Really awe-inspiring that such can be done in so few words.

    27. Ugh! I so love these two but not in this novella by Joe R Lansdale. This seems way too predictable with dialog that was trying way too hard to be Hap and Leonard. Sorry Joe. Didn't realize this was the series introductiongood thing because I never would have read the subsequent adventures and would have missed some wild times.

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