Shatter In the most suspenseful book I read all year Stephen King a psychologist faces off against a killer who destroys his victims from the inside out Joe O Loughlin is in familiar territory standing on a

  • Title: Shatter
  • Author: Michael Robotham
  • ISBN: 9780316187428
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the most suspenseful book I read all year Stephen King , a psychologist faces off against a killer who destroys his victims from the inside out.Joe O Loughlin is in familiar territory standing on a bridge high above a flooded gorge, trying to stop a distraught woman from jumping You don t understand, she whispers, and lets go Joe is haunted by his failure to saveIn the most suspenseful book I read all year Stephen King , a psychologist faces off against a killer who destroys his victims from the inside out.Joe O Loughlin is in familiar territory standing on a bridge high above a flooded gorge, trying to stop a distraught woman from jumping You don t understand, she whispers, and lets go Joe is haunted by his failure to save the woman, until her teenage daughter finds him and reveals that her mother would never have committed suicide not like that She was terrified of heights.What could have driven her to commit such a desperate act Whose voice What evil Having devoted his career to repairing damaged minds, Joe must now confront an adversary who tears them apart With pitch perfect dialogue, believable characters, and astonishingly unpredictable plot twists, Shatter is guaranteed to keep even the most avid thriller readers riveted long into the night.

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    1. Michael Robotham

      Edgar finalist and Gold Dagger winning author, Michael Robotham was born in Australia in November 1960 and grew up in small country towns that had dogs than people and flies than dogs He escaped in 1979 and became a cadet journalist on an afternoon newspaper in Sydney.For the next fourteen years he worked for newspapers in Australia, Europe, Africa and America As a senior feature writer for the UK s Mail on Sunday he was among the first people to view the letters and diaries of Czar Nicholas II and his wife Empress Alexandra, unearthed in the Moscow State Archives in 1991 He also gained access to Stalin s Hitler files, which had been missing for nearly fifty years until a cleaner stumbled upon a cardboard box that had been misplaced and misfiled.In 1993 he quit journalism to become a ghostwriter, collaborating with politicians, pop stars, psychologists, adventurers and showbusiness personalities to write their autobiographies Twelve of these non fiction titles have been bestsellers with combined sales of than 2 million copies.His first novel THE SUSPECT , a psychological thriller, was chosen by the world s largest consortium of book clubs as only the fifth International Book of the Month , making it the top recommendation to 28 million book club members in fifteen countries It has been translated into twenty two, including some he s barely heard of.His second novel THE DROWNING MAN first published as LOST won the Ned Kelly Award for the Crime Novel of the Year in 2005, given by the Australian Crime Writers Association It was also shortlisted for the 2006 Barry Award for the BEST BRITISH NOVEL published in the US in 2005.Michael s subsequent novels THE NIGHT FERRY and SHATTER were both shortlisted for the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger in the UK in 2007 and 2008 SHATTER went on to win the 2008 Ned Kelly Award for Australia s best crime novel and was also shortlisted in the inaugural ITV3 Thriller Awards and for South Africa s Boeke Prize SAY YOU RE SORRY was shortlisted for the 2013 Gold Dagger by the CWA judges and his stand alone novel LIFE OR DEATH won the 2015 CWA Gold Dagger for best crime novel of the year.His latest book CLOSE YOUR EYES will be published in 2015 and 2016 Michael has recently swapped his pit of despair basement office on Sydney s northern beaches for a cabana of cruelty where he funds the extravagant lifestyles of a wife and three daughters.

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    1. I continue to be amazed by Michael Robotham. His writing style thoroughly engages me. His characters are fully developed. He proves that an exciting tension-filled story doesn't need blood and gore. It all takes place in the mind.Robotham scatters pieces of truth, half truths, and lies throughout and applies them to both the good guys and the bad guys. Joe O'Laughlin and Vincent Ruiz have developed a wonderful friendship, and their humor and sarcasm offsets the tension when it's needed. Even sec [...]

    2. This author gets better and better! I raced through this book with my heart in my mouth, so scared about what might be going to happen! The main character is no super hero, suffering as he does from Parkinson's disease. And life is not always kind to him in many ways. Nevertheless he struggles to help others even when the result is that he really does not help himself.I enjoyed this very much indeed. The killer was very, very scary, the tension was extreme and the other characters were all peopl [...]

    3. Best one of the series so far! Another audiobook during yet another long car trip. Spent 2.5hrs. sitting in a traffic jam and didn't care. This book was that good! The culprit was fascinating. The friendship between Joe and Ruiz is brilliant, love their banter. The only thing that annoyed me in this one was Joe's wife. Her attitude and behavior were irritating. Brilliant writing, fantastic series.

    4. When Professor Joseph O’Loughlin was asked to assist on the Clifton Suspension Bridge with talking to a woman who was going to jump, he had no idea the trauma and life changing events that he would set in place by agreeing. Unable to stop the woman, her tears and desperation buried deep in his mind, he was shocked to find the woman’s sixteen year old daughter at his door a few days later. Darcy did her best to convince Joe that her mother wouldn’t have committed suicide – she was terrifi [...]

    5. Australian author Michael Robotham has concocted a chilling and unputdownable psychological thriller. The book title refers to the method in which the villian, 'shatters' the victim's minds. It also shattered my sleep patterns. Once started, I could not stop - all 460+ pages in one (very late) night.The main protagonist is psychologist, Professor Joe O'Loughlin. Joe is highly skilled at reading people, yet he is flawed. He is suffering from an incureable disease, his wife is seemingly having an [...]

    6. This is a SOLID 4 star read, but i am throwing in another star for the fabulous continuation of a great series!! If you haven't read this series, star with Suspect which was AMAZING. Then continue from there. With this series it is best to start at book one, for the main characters continue to grow with each story line.

    7. I really do like the writing here. Joe has grown on me as a character and I'm hoping to get to know him much better! This is a very dark read at times and I did wonder if it went over the top occasionally. However there is also humour here to. I found the idea of Gideon as a character and a concept very powerful indeed. I cannot find it in me to like JulieanneI have a couple more of this series to read during the course of the year hopefully and I'm looking forward to them.

    8. The great thing about finding a series of books that have been around for a number of years and the first book you read in the series you really enjoyed,is, you don't have to wait a year before you can get your hands on the next one. That is just how I feel about the Joe O'loughlin series from Michael Robotham. The villain in this story is about as disgusting a character as you would never want to meet. As I listened to Shatter, I like listening to audio books when I'm out pounding the footpath, [...]

    9. "Shattered, shatteredLove and hope and sex and dreamsAre still surviving on the streetLook at me, I'm in tatters!"Jagger/Richards, 1978Built upon intriguing psychological supports and jammed front to back with suspense, the story centers on a protagonist clinical psychologist who seems true and real, his gruff and witty sometimes-sidekick, a believable family that plays into the storyline and other characters who capture the imagination.Mr. Robotham is greatly gifted in writing dialogue, into wh [...]

    10. The garden is soggy and smells of decay. A rope swing is broken, frayed at one end, dangling halfway between a branch and the ground. I cross beneath it, skirting the garden furniture, and stand before a wooden shed. The door is padlocked. Crouching on my haunches, I press a pick into the keyhole and feel it bounce over the pins. The first lock I ever learned to pick was like this one. I practised for hours sitting in front of the TV. Behavioural psychologist Professor Joe O’Loughlin is a part [...]

    11. I was in New York when I bought this book at Barnes and Nobles. (I'm from Minnesota). I really had no book in mind and just wanted to find something to read. I actually chose this over a book I've been dying to read but didn't necessarily want to buy just yet. I was searching around for a good murder mystery which is my favorite genre, and found this book after reading the backs of dozens of other books. I have to say, what made me choose this was that on the front (different cover than the one [...]

    12. "First, he'll break your heart. Then he'll destroy your mind."I read this book on the strength of those two sentences. This is one of the better thriller/serial killer novels out there, and I compare it to Thomas Harris' Hannibal Lecter series. A psychologist, Joe O'Loughlin, is called to help a distraught woman down from a bridge. However, rather than working with him, she jumps to her death. That she was talking to someone on a cell phone only adds to the mystery of why she killed herself--esp [...]

    13. Synopsis: Joe O'Loughlin is in familiar territory-standing on a bridge high above a flooded gorge, trying to stop a distraught woman from jumping. "You don't understand," she whispers, and lets go. Joe is haunted by his failure to save the woman, until her teenage daughter finds him and reveals that her mother would never have committed suicide-not like that. She was terrified of heights. What could have driven her to commit such a desperate act? Whose voice? What evil? Having devoted his career [...]

    14. Another reviewer (on this website) was referred to this novel when she requested a recommendation for a book that was a “good, solid, well written, sharp, cutting edge” thriller. I cannot add one more adjective that would describe this suspense novel any better. I think that I enjoyed it more because the main protagonist isn’t a detective. He is a forensic psychologist with Parkinson’s disease. His name is Joe O’Laughlin and he is a flawed but most likable man with a personal story as [...]

    15. Robotham is little known here, but absolutely first rate, both as a writer and as a crime writer. All of his books are deeply satisfying.

    16. Joe O’Loughlin, who we met in Robotham’s first book, is back, this time teaching college psychology as his Parkinson’s advances. He’s asked by police to help talk down a woman who is perched on the Clifton Suspension Bridge, naked except for her Jimmy Choo shoes and with the word “slut” written across her stomach in lipstick. Even stranger, she’s talking into a cell phone. O’Loughlin is unable to save her; she jumps to her death. A few days later, her business partner is found de [...]

    17. Once again, Michael Robotham has defined what’s meant by the often loosely applied term “page-turner.” I literally could not put this book down – I was turning the pages and burning the midnight oil because I simply had to know what happened next.Written in stark, but laden prose, that beautifully captures a range of human emotions, conditions and relationships, Shatter is another in the Joseph O’Loughlin series and is a triumph of the genre. Commencing with Professor Joe being unwilli [...]

    18. This book is dumb as hell so far! WTF, Stephen King?? Frikken psychological-thriller-protagonists who have Cynical World Weary Outlooks expressed in dumbass witty-ass comments. HAR HAR HAR, sooo super-not-funny. But there is grossness in it! And it promises to let me swoop through it quick as shit! Which are the main two priorities right now. For me.Oh, plus, James keeps calling it SHARTER, which, do you know what SHART means? I learned it from some movie I think I am supposed to be embarrassed [...]

    19. This was a really interesting book diving into the mind of a killer who kills without touching the victims. It was a real psychological thriller really enjoyed finding out the motive and breaking down each of the crimes. I didn't care for The main character but this book was more around the plot and not really the characters. It was quite interesting I would've liked a little bit more mystery and suspense but overall it was quite good.

    20. This is the 3rd novel in the Joseph O'Loughlin series. However, it works splendidly as a stand-alone.This has to be the most unique serial killer I ever encountered in the pages of a novel. He kills without lifting a finger against them, without leaving a mark on their bodies. It is their minds that he wants to break

    21. Wow!!!! This has been my absolute favorite book in this series so far. I can honestly say I haven't read a book like this before. I'm truly curious to see how this author will follow this one up!

    22. I'm in that glorious period when the next book is a Platonic ideal, built up in my imagination, but I haven't actually started the work of writing it yet. I'm plotting, and finding character names, and staring at geography and, in this particular instance, watching boxed sets of 'Spiral', the fantastic French police thriller series that's like Lewis on steroids, laced with a strong Burgundy and a lot more sex. Yes, I am in love with Laure. And yes, my beloved knows this In amongst all of this, I [...]

    23. Dein Wille Geschehe war das erste Buch, welches ich von Michael Robotham entdeckte. Ich sah das Cover, und dachte schon "sieht spannend aus", ich las den Klappentext, und dachte nur "das musst du lesen". Ich hab es direkt an dem Tag mitgenommen und angefangen zu lesen. Man wird erst einmal eingeführt und erfährt ein wenig über den Psychologen Joe O'Loughlin, schon während des Falls taucht dann auch der Detective Inspector Vincent Ruiz auf, es wird erklärt wie sich die beiden kennen gelernt [...]

    24. The protagonist of Robotham's series is Joe O'laughlin, a psychologist who becomes involved in another crime when he is brought by police to help a woman threatening to jump from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. It is ironic that Joe meets his match in another man who can not only plumb the depths of human motivation but also bend and ultimately shatter minds. The chapters about the investigations by Joe and the police are interspersed with chapters revealing the machinations of the cri [...]

    25. Joe O'Loughlin is a psychologist, suffering with Parkinson's disease. The police ask for his help with attempting to disuade a woman from committing suicide. She's on a bridge and threatening to jump. Shortly after he arrives and tries to talk her out of her attempt, she says, "You don't understand" and she jumps.Joe is a good man, he cares for others and is troubled that he couldn't save the woman. A bit later a sixteen year old comes to his home, Darcy Wheeler, tells him that it was her mother [...]

    26. SHATTER (Phys. Suspense-Joe O’Loughlin-England-Cont) – VGRobotham, Michael – 4th bookSphere, 2008, UK Hardcover – IBN: 9781847441775First Sentence: There is a moment when all hope disappears, all pride is gone, all expectations, all faith, all desire.Clinical psychologist Joseph O’Loughlin is asked to help talk a potential suicide down from a bridge. He fails but before she jumps, he notices he is on a cell phone and is believes the person on the other end instructed her to jump. His b [...]

    27. Since I had some idea what happens in this book from reading one of the later ones first, I didn't think this would be that suspenseful. But I was wrong. I read until I couldn't keep my eyes open last night trying to finish it and picked it up again first thing this morning--before my morning coffee! When you read as many murder mysteries as I do, they all begin to blur together. Not so with Michael Robotham's novels--especially the ones told from the perspective of the psychologist Joseph O'Lou [...]

    28. I chose this book based solely on its cover which isn't the one shown here but instead the one with the picture of the lady appearing to wanting to jump off a building. It jutst grabbed my eye at the book store. The cover said Steven king said it was the most suspenseful book he read all year. The back had a quote that said even readers like me that can guess everything before it happens won't know what is going to happen next. That sold me. I read all 500 pages in a days time with a toddler and [...]

    29. I enjoyed this quick read about a former military man going batshit after his wife and daughter disappeared. He decides to take out his anger on her friends by forcing them to kill themselves. He mentally tortures these women by making them believe that he had kidnapped their daughters and was doing horrible things to them.A couple things that I had a major problem with in this book. I could guess where the story was going early on. I felt myself getting frustrated when my guesses about the plot [...]

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