Big Big Love Revised A Sex and Relationships Guide for People of Size and Those Who Love Them Love Romance and Great Big Sexuality for Everyone Big Big Love is the only one stop shopping handbook on relationships sexuality and big sexy confidence for people of all genders sizes and sexua

  • Title: Big Big Love, Revised: A Sex and Relationships Guide for People of Size (and Those Who Love Them)
  • Author: Hanne Blank
  • ISBN: 9781587610851
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love, Romance, and Great Big Sexuality for Everyone Big Big Love is the only one stop shopping handbook on relationships, sexuality, and big sexy confidence for people of all genders, sizes, and sexual orientations who know that a fantastic love life doesn t necessarily have anything to do with the number on the bathroom scale Covering everything from dating to sex toysLove, Romance, and Great Big Sexuality for Everyone Big Big Love is the only one stop shopping handbook on relationships, sexuality, and big sexy confidence for people of all genders, sizes, and sexual orientations who know that a fantastic love life doesn t necessarily have anything to do with the number on the bathroom scale Covering everything from dating to sex toys to getting on top, this guide also features tips on navigating tricky topics like making peace with your belly, coping with weight related prejudice, and creating a happy, satisfying sex life in a culture where no body is ever perfect enough This freshly illustrated update of the 2000 cult classic features new interviews with body acceptance activists, health coaches, psychologists, and , plus hundreds of quotes from fat folks and those who love them selected from a survey conducted exclusively for the book From taking your clothes off to BDSM to fat admiration to tips for successful long term relationships, Big Big Love s savvy, sane advice can help you tackle every hot button issue you may confront in the bedroom and in love.

    • Big Big Love, Revised: A Sex and Relationships Guide for People of Size (and Those Who Love Them) By Hanne Blank
      337 Hanne Blank
    • thumbnail Title: Big Big Love, Revised: A Sex and Relationships Guide for People of Size (and Those Who Love Them) By Hanne Blank
      Posted by:Hanne Blank
      Published :2019-04-06T05:28:26+00:00

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    1. Hanne Blank

      Hanne Blank is a writer and historian Periodicals which have featured her work include Penthouse, In These Times, Southwest Art, Lilith, Bitch Feminist Response to Pop Culture, the Balti CityPaper, the Boston Phoenix, Santa Fean Magazine, and others Her short fiction and essays are frequently anthologized.Ms Blank s work has been reviewed in The New York Times, The Chicago Sun Times, The Washington Post, The Village Voice, NYLON, Entertainment Weekly , and many other periodicals, and she has been widely interviewed on radio and television in Australia, the US, UK, and Canada, including being featured on National Public Radio, BBC 4, and on the acclaimed Canadian program SexTV As a public speaker and educator, Ms Blank has appeared on the campuses of many universities and colleges, as well as at national and regional conferences of various types and centers for adult learning She has been the Scholar of the Institute at the Institute for Teaching and Research on Women, Towson University, Maryland, and has taught at the university level at institutions including Brandeis University, Tufts University, and Whitworth College Formally trained as a classical musician,as well as an historian, she has been a Fellow of the Tanglewood Music Center, and was the 1991 recipient of the George Whitfield Chadwick medal.Although Ms Blank is a dyed in the wool Midwesterner, she currently lives and works in Balti, Maryland, where she shares a 170 year old stone house on a dirt road in the middle of the city with her spouse, two cats, and the world s cutest Japanese Akita.

    306 thoughts on “Big Big Love, Revised: A Sex and Relationships Guide for People of Size (and Those Who Love Them)”

    1. This was such lovely, insightful read. I poured through this thing in a minute and really adore her humor and conversational style, though repetitious in spots to catch the chapter-here-chapter-there reader jumping between topics. Equally self-revelatory and probing into the sex lives of other fat people and the FAs/ FFAs who desire fat bodies for any number of reasons - from deeply romantic love to the more problematic and spectacular aspects of fetish, dominance over and humiliation of fat bod [...]

    2. While the title of this book pinpoints the audience as "people of size and those who love them", I believe everyone could benefit from reading this book as it focuses on equity for all. This book opened my eyes to the challenges that people of size (or fat people as I'm going to use from now on in this review because I own that phrase for myself) have in the world. While this book is marketed as a sexual manual, it is so much more than that. The first half of the book focuses on issues and chall [...]

    3. Good basic coverage of a variety of subjects relating to fat sexuality, subdivided into copious subheadings within each chapter--this book is really well organised. It also backs up its fat-positive message with loving descriptions of how fat bodies look and feel to convey a real-feeling appreciation of fat sensuality, as well as a fuckton of info pertaining to fat sexuality. Add in the specific position suggestions and realistic-style drawings and you get a feeling of overall frankness and comf [...]

    4. I have to be perfectly honest and say that I was disappointed with the revised edition of this book. I read the original version over a decade ago, when I was first coming out as transgender and just starting to unlearn the anti-feminist and body-negative messages with which I grew up. The book was SO powerful for me then, explicitly acknowledging transgender people within the context of the very important messages about size acceptance and celebration. I was so excited about this new edition be [...]

    5. I loved this book so much that when I first started reading it, ages ago, I wrote a review based solely on the introduction alone. This is, without a doubt, a book I think everyone should read, because it will give you a huge dose of humility, whether you realize it or not. Fat acceptance is not something widely practiced in Western culture, and Blank covers everything in this book, from acceptance to health, sex and relationships, self love and abuse. The book is filled with anonymous quotes fr [...]

    6. A worthy read for anyone really. Loads of good stuff in here on body positivity. I especially love the idea that Hanne Blank puts forth that no one does "having a body" wrong. She lambasts all the cultural influences that hold up good sex, good relationships, money, success, career satisfaction and happiness as rewards for having a body the RIGHT way. And she wisely advises against putting your life on hold until some fantasy of bodily perfection is reached. Again, great advice for anyone. I pic [...]

    7. Blank does a good job of striking a balance between educator and activist as she talks about various topics and concerns around fat sexuality. But I got to the end of the book and couldn't help but think, really? Don't you figure this stuff out simply by being a moderately thoughtful fat person going about your life? Do I really need an entire book designed to validate my sexuality and that of those who are attracted to me? I guess it's a great book if you need that, and in that case, I'm very g [...]

    8. Interesting and informative. The author spends a lot of time on how to learn to accept and love your body, which is refreshing.

    9. Extra star just for existing. I saw this in the store months ago and finally got it from the library.The author took great pains, initially, to include every sexuality (LGBTI), including asexuals. I guess the more inclusive the better, and that is also to be expected from a Ten Speed Press book. The majority of Big Big Love focused on accepting oneself exactly as they are. Hazza! Wouldn't it be wonderful if more books and media started from that point? There was also a chapter titled "For Fat Ad [...]

    10. I came to this book as I was trying to figure out why sex with other people didn't appeal to me ("internalized fatphobia leading to seeing myself as sexually undesirable and therefore unconsciously turning myself off of sex" was a hypothesis) and this book helped me see that sex with fat people and as a fat person, can be awesome and creative and hot and passionate. Also, that I'm still uninterested and asexual. Regardless, this year I went back to it for research purposes and was irked by the F [...]

    11. Excellent read. Not sure why it took me FOREVER to get through this, but alas. Here I am. It is a bit of a beginner's book for anyone new to the fat acceptance movement or for someone who is at the beginning stages of trying to love their fat body (or love someone who has a fat body). This book really is full of great information, affirmations, and really just full of love. Every once and a while you just need a reminder that fat people deserve as much and love, and more importantly respect as e [...]

    12. This book is excellent, truly. It has a wealth of resources, information, and wisdom for people of all shapes and sizes. My only complaint is that I wish I had read it about 10 years ago, before I had to figure it all out for myself, by myself. This book would be great for people who have recently gained weight, are feeling insecure, and aren't sure where to start looking for information about how body changes can affect sexuality. It's especially good for those who are new to the fat acceptance [...]

    13. This was an amazing read. In addition to being a great reference for fat folks sex (it even had sections for those of us who don't fall into your generic hetero categories), it had a chapter dedicated to Fat Admirers/Chubby Chasers that articulated a lot of feelings I've had on the subject for a long time. I won't word vomit it all here, but I transcribed one of the sections and talked about my feelings over yonder.I've read and re-read this book twice now, and it's definitely going to remain a [...]

    14. Hanne Blank has written a thoughtful, engaging book which deals with a difficult set of issues: how can a person feel sexy, want to be sexual, and engage in healthy, consensual sexual relationships in a society that considers fatness the antithesis of sexiness?With practical tips on positions and witty one-liners to put detractors in their place, an ample resource guide, and warm, wonderful advice about owning one's sexual feelings while being bombarded by images and medical advice calculated to [...]

    15. I was very, very interested in reading Big Big Love, Revised: A Sex and Relationships Guide for People of Size (and Those Who Love Them) by Hanne Blank. I am a scorpio, after all. Contrary to popular belief, big people fuck and it's not a freak show."Sweet, tender, luscious sex. Sweaty, feral, sheet-ripping sex. Shivery, jiggly, gasping sex."But we feel vulnerable and often denied of our sexual nature. But it is possible to be fat and have a positive sex life, just like how you can be fat and ha [...]

    16. It turns out that this book is out-of-print (oop). I'm currently on auction & used book sites gawping at the exhorbitant sums being charged/bid, and apparently paid, for this $15 paperback. If I were the author, to whom the rights have reverted since Greenery Press let it go officially oop, I'd self-publish a couple of hundred copies and slowly make them available on the auction sites at the $50 a pop that it's currently pulling in, LOL.Fat activism sites have recommended this book, which is [...]

    17. I liked Blank's frank way of discussing sex, and it was helpful to read about the other fat people with fulfilling sex lives, and how some people just can't bring themselves to admit their attraction to fat people. I think I've known some people like that personally, but wasn't sure if my hunches were accurate. Now I think they probably were So I definitely got something out of Big Big Love, even if it wasn't the mind blowing experience I hoped for.

    18. Love this whole Heath at Every Size movement. I have always been a "take me as I am right now and let me decide how to be better" or fuck off sort of gal anyway, but it's a hard thing to always put into practice.cially when you're smart enough to see and accept your own flaws. I've read 2 of Blank's books now, and I admit I skim quite a bit, but I find the strength and movement behind her ideas refreshing.

    19. I thought this book was good, but maybe better for someone who's newer to fat politics. I found it a little flat - not much in it that felt new and fascinating or groundbreaking. it was really well-written and well-organized, and a clear and accessible text. Hanne's conviction that fat people are deserving of love and sex just shines right through. what a beautiful thing.

    20. A lot of generalizations, making this applicable to anyone. Okay, but then you're misleading the target audience. This is more of a self-help book for fat confidence, in my opinion. I was expecting more insight into fat sex positions & sexual activities than this offered. The resource guide is pretty awesome & I'm hoping that will make up for the ways the book was a disappointment for me.

    21. Really rather good! I wasn't entirely sure what all I was getting into, but I like Blank's voice, her attention to detail and the amount of work she puts into her research; really, I wasn't surprised at how much I liked this book. It's also a great resource, and a fantastic overview into what it could be to really love oneself and/or other bigger people, smile.

    22. I loved this book for the LOVE I felt for myself after reading the testimonies of people who love to love fat bodies. It's not a fetish. It's not a kink. It's a person, whose body is very lovable. This is a good, self-affirming read.

    23. This is going to take me some time to fully wrap my head around, and I'll likely want to revisit it in the future. Overall though it was fascinating and is a deeper look into fat sexuality and what that means.

    24. An emotional read that tells it like it is. Any body who endeavors to read this should come out the other side a better version of themselves. I love this Hanne Blank and her speaking the truth about reality. Great book. Read it.

    25. I was reading this more for the positive body image stuff than the strictly sexual stuff. It definitely helped me but I'd have liked to see more comments and stories from the results of the survey.

    26. For people of size, this book is a wonderful helpful way of boosting your self-worth. It helps to know that there are possibilities out there for all of us. Love this.

    27. Informative and wonderful book about sex, love and life as a fat person and/or someone who loves a fat person. How to make things easier in and out of bed without feeling embarrassed.

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